Better That We Break

Author: - Lirial89

Fandom: - Harry Potter / Underworld

Pairing: - Harry/Lucien

Rating: - Mature

Disclaimer: - I own nothing, not the characters or the worlds they inhabit

Warnings: -

Set: - After Order of the Phoenix. Before the first Underworld movie. Set in 2013.

Summery: - When Harry is attacked by Fenrir Greyback during the summer before sixth year he flees Britain for America. Eventually meeting his new family and getting involved in the conflict between the Lycans and Vampires... not to mention falling fot the leader of the Lycans.

Slow build.

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Chapter One – Trainwreck

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Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. ~Stephen King

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Harry lay back on his bed, staring silently up at the ceiling as he thought over the past year and what the coming year would bring. He thought about Sirius's death and his attempt at one of the Unforgiveables, he wondered why he'd reacted so badly to the death of a man he'd known of for a year and had spent a grand total of less than a month with. Why had he acted the way he had the year before? Baiting a teacher? Allowing himself to be tortured by her? Forming a club and calling it 'Dumbledore's Army'?

He didn't even like the old bastard!

Harry was a survivor first and foremost. He had let the whole 'Boy-Who-Lived' garbage get to him and alter the way he thought and acted. He was smart but he'd let Ron drag him down academically while Harry secretly studied other more interesting topics and spells. The more Harry thought about it the more he disliked the person Hogwarts had forced him to become.

He thought about his friends Ron and Hermione. Did he actually like them or was he just attached to them because they were the first people to like him? Ron was a fair weathered friend, possessive and isolating while at the same time he resented Harry for his fame and his money… not the Ron knew how much money he actually had but he did stand by Harry when it mattered most…

Hermione was bossy and controlling and smothering in her attention but she'd always stuck by him… Harry thought that maybe she'd been just as lonely as Harry had been before Hogwarts.

He found Ginny disturbing in general with the way she stared at him with hungry eyes like she wanted to eat him up and he got the idea that she and her shrieking banshee of a mother were sizing him up for wedding clothes.

He liked the twins, they were fun and for the most part good hearted. Blindingly clever and brilliant inventors.

He wished that he'd been closer to Neville over the last five years. Neville reminded Harry of himself before Hogwarts… of course Neville had grown into himself over the last year. Neville was stronger than Harry had thought, was loyal and honest which Harry had found was a rare thing.

Luna was brilliant and amazing and Harry thought that she might be some sort of seer, or maybe she just saw the world differently to the rest of them. Harry liked her easy going attitude and her honest, unflinching belief.

He thought about Sirius who had given him to Hagrid instead of owning up to his duty to Harry. Who had been arrested three days after the death of Harry's parents, who had sort revenge over looking after his godson… twice. Sirius who had spent twelve years in what was the most horrific prison in the world when he was thrown in there without a trial. Who had tried to feed a hated classmate to a werewolf because Snape pissed him off. Who had been an unrepentant bully during his school years along with his father and Remus Lupin. Who despite all that had loved him.

Harry thought of Remus Lupin who had ignored Harry's existence for twelve years, who had taught Harry for nearly a year before admitting that he knew James Potter. Remus who hated himself for being a werewolf. Who taught at a school for children and then forgot his Wolfsbane potion, nearly killing them. Who blamed Harry for Sirius's death.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts when a large brown owl swooped through his open window landing next to Hedwig on her perch, Hedwig eyed it but didn't snap at the other bird which was a upgrade from how she usually acted with owls who came near him. Harry got off the bed and untied the envelope from the other owl's leg, he opened it and pulled out the note.

'Mr. Harry Potter,

Considering the circumstances of your last summer and the attack upon you by two dementors as well as the acknowledged return of the Dark Lord and your status I feel as it would be best to give you unlimited wand rights for the summer.

Good Luck,

Amelia Bones,

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement'

"Huh," Harry said quietly as he read it again, he looked at the owl that Madam Bones had sent. "Can you take a note back for me?" He asked and the owl bobbed it's head. He glanced at his watch 7:34am, Harry pulled out a piece of notepaper and quickly scribbled down a reply.

'Dear Madam Bones,

Thankyou for your consideration, it is very much appreciated.

I'm sure Headmaster Dumbledore has already told you all of this already but given that the Minister Cornelius Fudge hid the return of Voldemort for a year before he was forced to acknowledge Voldemort's resurrection by his appearance in the Ministry of Magic…

So here it goes.

Before the night of the third task I had met Voldemort twice over my years at Hogwarts. The first year Voldemort was living in the back or Professor Quirrell's head, he was trying to steal the Philosophers Stone that Nicholas Flamel had asked Dumbledore to remove from Gringotts and look after at the school; that is why the third floor corridor was out of bounds in my first year if we – and I quote – 'didn't want to die a most painful death', that's what Dumbledore told us at the opening feast that year. During the year Voldemort/Quirrell tried to kill me several times, let a troll into the castle during Halloween, was killing unicorns to drink their blood – which myself, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy discovered when we were sent into the Forbidden Forest for a detention late one night and ordered to find a dead unicorn – at the end of the year Voldemort made his bid for the Stone.

We tried to tell Professor McGonagall that the stone was in danger (we thought Snape was after it) but she didn't want to listen and threatened us with detention if we kept annoying her with our 'baseless' ideas. So that night myself, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger went to the third floor, unlocked the door with a simple 'alohamora' which held Fluffy the Cerberus (which we'd discovered earlier the year), a harp had put him to sleep and we jumped down the trapdoor. We fell on some Devil's Snare but luckily it was one of the first magical plants Hogwarts teaches us about in our first year, we burnt the plant and continued onto a room filled with flying keys, we grabbed the right one and opened the next door to a room that held a giant chess set and we had to play our way across. Ron got hurt badly enough to knock himself out here. Hermione and I finished the chess game and went into the next room which held a dead troll. The next room held a logic puzzle made of potions and poisons, Hermione figured it out but there was only enough left for one of us to go through the enchanted fire.

On the other side of the flames was Voldemort/Quirrell. We talked, he threatened… and then he shoved me in front of the Mirror of Erised (which I had already seen during the Christmas holidays as I explored the castle. The Stone appeared in my pocket and Voldemort/Quirrell tried to kill me, he grabbed me and it hurt me but it made his hands blister so before he could go for his wand I grabbed his face and he burned up. I blacked out then and woke two days later in the hospital wing, Dumbledore told me that the Flamel's had let him destroy their Stone so it couldn't be used to bring Voldemort back.

Second year Lucius Malfoy slipped the enchanted diary of Tom Marvelo Riddle also known as 'I am Lord Voldemort' – I think it's hysterical that the Pureblood fanatics are being led by a halfblood with a squib for a mother (Merope Gaunt) and a muggle for a father (Tom Riddle) – into Ginny Weasley's book supplies when we went school shopping that year. The Diary possessed Ginny over the year compelling her to kill the school roosters, paint nasty things on the walls, open the Chamber of Secrets and command the Basilisk to attack the students, several of which were petrified over the year.

At the end of the year Ron Weasley and I dragged Lockhart down to the Chamber of Secrets when a sign was painted on one of the walls 'Her body will lay in the Chamber forever', he tried to obliviate us with Ron's wand which got broken earlier that year, the spell backfired, frying Lockhart and caused a tunnel collapse. I was on one side of the collapse, Ron and Lockhart on the other side. I continued on and found Ginny laying unconscious on the ground and a teenage boy standing over her.

He told me he was Tom Riddle, wrote his name in glowing letters and then he waved my wand and they rearranged to form the words 'I am Lord Voldemort'. He told me that he'd created the diary when he was sixteen and that the memory of himself that he'd put into the diary was gaining form and power from Ginny's lifeforce. He called the basilisk to himself and told it to attack me. Fawkes appeared and dropped the sorting hat onto my head and then clawed out the basilisk's eyes out, Gryffindor's sword appeared in the hat and after a terrifying chase I managed to stab the sword through the roof of it's mouth, killing it but not before one of the fangs pierced my arm. Voldemort gloated about my impending death and I figured that if I was going to die I'd take him out with me. I pulled the fang out of my arm and stabbed it into the diary. The bond between him and Ginny broke and she woke up when his constructed body exploded.

Third year didn't have Voldemort but we did discover Peter Pettigrew was alive and had been living as first Percy Weasley's pet rat and then Ron's for twelve years he was the one who betrayed my parents to Voldemort and killed the thirteen muggles that Sirius Black was blamed for. Also did you know that Sirius Black never got a trial? He was just thrown in prison for 12 year with the dementors…

Fourth year I was entered into the Triwizard Tournament by Bartimus Crouch Junior who was pretending to be Alistair Moody all year. At the final task Cedric Diggory and I made it to the cup at roughly at same time, we decided that a joint win for Hogwarts was better than either of us winning it alone. We took the cup together but it was a portkey that took us to a graveyard.

Pettigrew killed Cedric and bound me to a gravestone, he performed a ritual, Voldemort got his body back and called his Deatheaters to him. …I'm sorry I can't bring myself to write about this but I'll send you all the relevant memories for you to see the truth.

Fifth year Minister Fudge assigned Umbridge to Hogwarts and she spent her time refuting that Voldemort was back and torturing us. I'll send you the memories for this too.

Thankyou for the wand rights Madam Bones, I'm truly grateful for it but given that Voldemort is back and hates Muggleborns maybe you should consider giving all muggleborns a chance to defend themselves? Just a thought.

And may I suggest a couple of questions to ask captured Deatheaters under veritaserum? – Did you take the Dark Mark willingly? Is it possible to receive the Dark Mark while under the Imperious? What did you have to do to receive the Dark Mark? What crimes have you committed? Who else do you know that is a Deatheater? Do you know the location of any Deatheaters or safehouses?

I know you probably already ask these questions but it doesn't hurt to check.

Thankyou again Madam Bones,

Harry J. Potter'

Harry pulled out a couple of empty potion vials and put them on his desk, he grabbed his wand from his bedside table and put it to his temple, concentrating on specific memories Harry extracted copies and placed them in the vials in order of first to last. Harry labelled the vials with a permanent marker, he spelled them unbreakable and tucked them into a drawstring pouch before tying it and the letter to the owl's leg. Harry watched it fly off as he petted Hedwig gently, he shook his head after a moment and turned away from the window to get dressed, Harry pulled on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt before shoving his feet into socks and shoes. He slipped his wand holster onto his forearm and watched as it shimmered before going invisible and slid his wallet into his back pocket. Harry grabbed his novel and headed out of his room, he quietly went down the stairs and after grabbing a couple of apples from the kitchen Harry left the house.

He ignored the faint shimmer in the air that told him someone was waiting on the edge of the property disillusioned and walked passed them as he headed to the park, Harry didn't have much respect for the 'Order of the Phoenix' and it's total worship of Dumbledore. Harry was three meters passed the guard when he shed his spell and was revealed to be Remus Lupin.

"Harry," He said with disapproval and reproach dripping from his tone, Harry rolled his eyes before he turned around to look at the werewolf with a raised eyebrow. "Professor Dumbledore asked you to stay on the property,"

Harry thought about his answer before deciding he didn't care what Remus thought of him anymore, it was a freeing feeling. "I don't care," He said flatly. "I'm going to the park, I'm going to read my book and eat my apples. The wards around that house - according to Dumbledore - cover the neighbourhood so according to him I'm perfectly safe if I'm at the park,"

Remus frowned at him and Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes again. "Harry, I have to insist that you go back inside-."

"No," Harry snapped and kept walking, ignoring the sound of Remus's footsteps behind him.

"Harry, I understand that you're upset about Sirius's death and that you blame yoursel-." Harry cut him off.

"No, I don't blame myself," He corrected him, not turning around. "I told Snape, I tried to contact Sirius through the floo but that damned house elf lied to me, I thought he was being tortured by Voldemort, I was going to go alone but my friends insisted on following me. Not my fault, I did my best,"

Harry could feel his glare against his back and ignored him for the rest of the walk. Five minutes later Harry was taking a seat on one of the benches there. He continued to ignore his father's friends as he started to read.

Twenty minutes later Harry was seized from behind and wrenched out of his seat, he yelped as he was yanked against a broad chest, clawed hands holding him tight.

"Greyback!" Remus snarled as he leapt backwards, wand clutched in his hand and he stared at the other man in loathing.

"Hello Cub, I have to thank you for this," He said, voice dark and gravelly. "I never would have found the boy if not for you, tracking you has always been so easy," Greyback grinned maliciously at Remus from his position behind Harry. "Think of this as a gift Remus, a wolf for your depleted pack," He growled mockingly and his partially shifted jaw locked on to Harry's shoulder, digging past his thin t-shirt and into flesh and muscle, the infection that was lycanthropy taking hold immediately.

Harry cried out in shock and pain and when Greyback shoved him away the teen fell to the ground next to where his book had fallen. "There, a wolf to replace the dog!" He laughed and with all his attention on Remus, Harry released his wand, raised it and pointed it at the man who had bitten him and whispered with all his hatred 'Reducto!' and watched with numb satisfaction as Greyback's head disintegrated in a shower of red mist.

Harry painfully got to his feet and ran his wand over his shoulder as he murmured healing and blood clotting spells, a few more spells had his t-shirt repaired and the blood vanished, another wave of his wand and he transfigured Greyback's body into a stick. After all that he steeled his courage and looked to where Remus was standing in stunned horror, the disgust and something that was close to hatred in the older man's eyes as he met Harry's made him flinch and when Remus took a step back and shook his head Harry forced his pain down and glared at his father's old friend.

"You were my father's friend, you abandoned me for twelve years after he died, you were too much of a coward to stand up for me or my rights, you hate yourself for being a werewolf," He said flatly and took dark satisfaction in Remus Lupin's flinch, he bent to pick up his book and straightened, looking his old teacher in the eye. "I think my dad would be ashamed of you. I don't need you and I won't hate myself," And with that Harry apparated back to his room at the Dursley's.

"Boy! What was that noise?!" Petunia screeched from the bottom of the stairs.

"I fell Aunt Petunia," He called back as he hastily stuffed his things into his bottomless backpack, sorting them as he went. Yes to his new clothes and shoes, no to Dudley's old ones; yes to his text books and other magic books, no to his essay's and Lockhart's self-promoters; yes to his chess set, invisibility cloak and the Marauder's map, no to his Weasley jumpers and the other junk he'd picked up over the years. He closed his eyes briefly and rubbed a hand over where he'd been bitten not fifteen minutes before. A werewolf, he was a werewolf now…

Harry got to his knees and reached under the wardrobe to pull out his smaller bottomless bag which was filled with all the books he'd copied or stolen from the Black Library and the ones previously in his vaults along with his family heirlooms and magical treasures and the stacks of muggle money he'd exchanged over the last couple of years and shoved it in one of the pockets of the other one bag, after a brief hesitation he grabbed his blankets and pillow off the bed and shoved them in his bag.

He paused and looked at Hedwig who was watching him with concern. "I don't know where I'll end up but you're welcome to come with me if you want or you can be free," Harry offered his closest friend who barked reproachfully at him and started to shift. Her snowy white feathers turned pitch black with a glossy finish and her form thinned and stretched until she was in the form of a Raven. Harry blinked at her silently for a moment before shaking his head. "Right… ok you're a raven now… as long as you're happy," Harry looked in the mirror and quickly spelled his hair a dark blond, a mild glamour took care of his scar and no one had seen his new glasses so as long as no one was looking closely at him he'd pass by unrecognised as 'Harry Potter'. "I'm going to apparate to Diagon Alley, can you came with me or do want to meet me later tonight?" He asked Hedwig who tilted her head and cawed quietly before launching herself at Harry, landing on his shoulder and dragged her beak through his messy hair briefly, Harry smiled. "Ok, hold on tight," He warned and with a much quieter pop than he arrived with he disappeared from Privet Drive for the last time.

They appeared in the designated apparation point and with purposeful strides Harry made his way to the bank, Hedwig flying off his shoulder as he got to the steps leading up to the bank, he watched as she landed safely on the awning of one of the shops before he headed up the stairs and nodded to the two armed guards. He took his place in line and waited quietly for his turn at a counter, Harry swayed slightly as he waited, the shock and blood loss catching up to him steadily.

Harry shook his head firmly to clear his mind of the fog that was clouding his mind, he stepped forward and put his key on the teller's counter. The goblin looked at it and back at Harry, sharp eyes seeing through his glamour. "Visiting your vault or your manager?" Said the teller passing the key back to Harry who slipped it into his pocket.

"Manager please," Harry said politely, the summer of his third year had been very productive. He was led down familiar hallways until he was ushered into his account manager's office. "Account Manager Orac," Harry said with a small smile and a bow of his head.

"What can I do for you Mr Potter?" Orac said baring his teeth in a smile.

"I was bitten by a werewolf about thirty minutes ago," Harry told him frankly, Gringotts took confidentiality seriously and Harry had a good working relationship with his account manager.

Orac sat forward in his seat. "I see, what can I do to help?"

"The Ministry has seized the accounts of werewolves before so I'm sorry to say but I need to withdraw all my funds from all my accounts with Gringotts, I want the galleons transferred into British pounds please," Harry took a shaky breath and continued. "I'd like to return all the goblin made items in my vaults to Gringotts in return I'd like you to destroy any and all curses on the items in the vaults before selling the items, all proceeds to go to St Mungo's and the Wizarding orphanage," Orac was making notes as Harry spoke. "As a werewolf cannot own property I'd like for you to organise the sale of all properties I own on the open market, Gringotts will get twenty percent of the profits of each property, the rest to be split between St Mungo's and the orphanage again, any books in the properties are to be sent to me and the rest of the contents sold with the profits to the orphanage." Harry rubbed a slightly shaking hand through his hair and sighed. "My stock in the Daily Prophet is to go to Hermione Granger, the shares in the Chuddley Cannons are to go to Ronald Weasley, the shares in Zonko's and Weasley Wizarding Wheezes to go to the Weasley twins Fred and George, the shares in the Magical Menagerie go to Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom gets my shares in Magical Herbs and Fungi, the rest can be sold and then the profits given to the orphanage,"

Orac finished writing that down and eyed Harry thoughtfully before he pressed a rune on the desk and spoke into a clear, round crystal in Gobbledygook. "I have one of the younger goblins exchanging your money for you." He said calmly and gave Harry a deep head bow. "We thank you for your return of our heirlooms, in the spirit they were returned in may I offer Gringotts' mail service? Mail wards will be placed on you and all mail sent to you will be rerouted here, I will give you a mailbox to take with you, it works like a two way box. You place a letter in the box and it will be sent here, we then send it on to it's destination; the letter sent to you will arrive here we'll check them for poisons, potions, curses, hexes, tracking charms and portkeys, we also strip them of these and send you an analysis of what was sent,"

Harry raised his eyebrows at the offer. "And how much will this service cost?" Harry asked, whatever they wanted he'd pay, he couldn't afford not to.

"Nothing," Orac told him with a sharp smile. "For the next thirty years this service is free because of your generosity,"

"I… thankyou," Harry said after a moment. "I'd like that very much," Orac stood from behind his desk and walked over to a gold and crystal cabinet and opened one of the doors pulling out two wooden boxes edged in gold and silver runes with a large golden, ornate and capital G in the centre of the lid.

"Three drops of blood on each 'G'," Orac instructed as he put the boxes on the desk and passed Harry a long thin needle, Harry pricked his finger and squeezed the required number drops onto each box. Orac put a drop on his blood onto them as well and the runes flashed brightly, Orac pushed one of the boxes over to Harry who slipped it into his bag. "Do you know where you're going?" He asked the sixteen year old.

Harry shrugged. "Australia, America, Canada… they allow werewolves to immigrate and the laws aren't as… restrictive and I don't have to learn a new language, I just have to get to one of them before everyone finds out that I got bitten,"

Orac nodded his understanding and wrote something on a spare piece of paper and handed it to Harry. "The address of the American Consul and the name of the Magical Ambassador there," A knock on the door interrupted them and a goblin opened the door and quietly walked over to the desk, he put down a small moleskin pouch on the desk and a sheet of parchment, he bowed quickly and exited the office. Orac picked up the parchment and looked it over. "Your accounts with us are now closed," He passed Harry the parchment and the teen looked it over and choked on his tongue at the figure written on the parchment. Orac chuckled at Harry's expression. "Well no matter what comes next you are financially secure,"

Harry cleared his throat. "Yes…" He said faintly. "There is that," He shook his head firmly and tore his eyes off the startling figure on the parchment, looking back at the goblin. "Thankyou for all the help you've given me," Harry told him with audible gratitude.

"You're welcome Mr Potter," Orac reached over to shake Harry's hand. "May you prosper and may your enemies suffer,"

"May your gold grow," Harry returned before tucking the moleskin bag and parchment into his backpack, swinging it over his shoulder and exiting the office and Gringotts. As he headed down the steps to get to ground level Hedwig swooped down and landed firmly on his left shoulder. "Can you meet me at…" Harry glanced at the address and rattled it off the Hedwig. "I need to talk to someone there and walking around the muggle world with a raven will get me noticed," Hedwig bobbed her head and nibbled Harry's hair before launching herself up and flying away. "God I love that bird," He murmured to himself as he made his way down the alley, forcing himself to ignore Moody and Kingsley as they made their way to the bank, he noted that they looked worried and annoyed and he quickly slipped through the Leaky Cauldron and out into the street.

It didn't take long for him to hail a taxi and give him the address to the embassy, Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on not shaking apart as the cabbie drove him through the busy streets. "We're here kid," He said after an indeterminable amount of time and Harry started out of his doze. "It'll be twenty pounds," Harry passed him the money and climbed out, he could see his reflection in the glass and noted that his hair was black again. He rubbed over his shoulder where he could still feel Greyback's teeth in him and eyed the imposing building for a moment before he took a deep breath and walked into the lobby of the building.

"Can I help you?" The young woman behind the reception desk asked politely and Harry gave her a strained smile.

"Yes, is Ryan Kennerly available to meet me?" Harry asked politely and she studied him curiously.

"I'll check, who do I tell him is asking?"

"Harry Potter,"

Harry glanced around the tasteful lobby as the receptionist pressed the numbers required to get his extension. "Mr Kennerly? This is Julia at reception, I've got a young man who would like to see you, his name is Harry Potter," There was a pause before she spoke again. "Mr Kennerly? Are you still there? … Yes sir, I'll bring him up," She hung up the phone and looked at Harry. "If you'll follow me Mr Potter?"

Julia led Harry up the staircase two levels and down a hall she tapped on a door and it opened to show a handsome man who looked to be in his late forties with dark hair speckled with silver, he gave Harry a genuinely pleased smile. "Mr Potter, it's a pleasure to meet you," He shook Harry's hand and ushered him into the spacious office, he looked at Julia. "Would you be a dear and organise a refreshment tray for us? Coffee for me and Mr Potter?"

"Oh, um, orange juice if you have it," Harry requested and once she was gone Ryan smiled at him again and shook Harry's hand again. "Thankyou for meeting me at such short notice,"

The ambassador showed him over to one of the comfortable couches and sat across from the teen. "It's my pleasure to see you Mr Potter,"

"Harry," He corrected. "I'm just Harry," Ryan gave him a pleased smile.

"Then you must call me Ryan," They exchanged small talk before Julia returned carrying a tray with a mug, a glass, a plate of cookies and a plate of sandwich triangles. "Now what brings you all this way without a minder?" Harry didn't take insult at the minder comment, he'd been lucky to escape Privet Drive without being stopped.

Harry put his glass down and rubbed a hand through his hair with a sigh. "About an hour ago I was bitten by the werewolf Fenir Greyback," He said quietly and dropped his hands to his knees.

"Ah," Said Ryan quietly and stood, he made his way around the small table and sat next to Harry and after the briefest of hesitations he wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulder, pulling the teen into his side. "You need to escape Britain," He concluded and politely ignored the tears that escaped Harry's eyes and the shaking of his slight body. Ryan just held Harry until his shaking subsided before passing him a tissue. "We quite regularly help werewolves to escape the oppressive laws here," He smiled gently at Harry. "You will not be a problem,"

"Thankyou," Harry whispered, the relief making him weak.

"Does anyone know about you being bitten?"

"Uh, two people, Remus Lupin, he's Dumbledore's pet werewolf and my – former account manager at Gringotts,"

"You mean three – including Greyback," Ryan corrected and Harry shook his head and looked away.

"No, he's dead, while he was taunting Lupin I managed to get my wand out and I sent a reducto at his head,"

Ryan blinked at that before smiling sadly. "Good work Harry," Harry looked at him with wide startled eyes. "Greyback was a monster, he regularly attacked and infected children, it's a shame that you were forced to take a life but not that he's dead,"

"Oh…" Harry murmured.

"Now, let's get one of the doctors in here to make sure you're ok,"

Harry smiled with reluctant, bitter twist of his lips. "Apart from now being a werewolf," Harry said and Ryan squeezed Harry's shoulders again before sending off a text message on his phone.

"I've got a few questions I need to ask before I can process your new citizenship," Harry swallowed through his tight throat and nodded. "I assume you want to be emancipated?"


"What about money? Are you financially stable?"

Harry nodded and bent down to get the parchment from Gringotts out of his bag. "I emptied my accounts at Gringotts before I came here," He passed over the parchment and watched Ryan choke on the sip of coffee he'd taken. "Yeah, that was my response, my account manager is excellent at investing."

Ryan nodded dumbly. "How do you know this is his doing?"

"Oh I gave him control of one of the larger accounts I had and told him that he could take ten percent of any profit he made off the gold," Ryan blinked at him and Harry shrugged. "In three years he increased it by at least seven times,"

Ryan laughed appreciatively. "What's his name? I'll have to ask him to manage some of my money,"

"Orac, Account Manager Orac, he's really good if he likes you," Harry promised.

A knock sounded on the door and Ryan called for them to enter, a man maybe a few years younger than Ryan walked in carrying a leather doctor's bag. "Ah, Harry this is Doctor Michael Straun, he'll be the one examining you. Mike this is Harry Potter he's seeking asylum with us,"

The doctor shook Harry's hand and gave him a reassuring smile. "Nice to meet you Harry, would you like to do this privately?" He offered and Harry shook his head, he was just tired and scared. "Very well, a few diagnosis charms and then we'll proceed," A few minutes later he looked away from his scans to Harry his gave neutral. "My sympathies, I can confirm that the lycanthropy has taken hold, you'll start getting flashes of the life of the one who bit you and on the next full moon you'll shift," He murmured and fished around in his medical bag pulling out two vials of a clear reddish brown colour. "Blood replenisher potions," Dr Straun clarified and with a wince Harry drank them both down, like most potions they tasted terrible. "Also these three… and this one," He instructed and Harry tossed them back one by one until they were gone and then took a mouthful of his orange juice to wash the taste out of his mouth. "You were the one to repair your shoulder?"

"Yeah, I get hurt a lot at school so I've been learning what I could teach myself about healing," Harry explained and Dr Straun nodded in understanding.

"You did a good job for someone self trained, you should consider becoming a doctor," Dr Straun praised and Harry blushed lightly. "I think that's all the good I can do you at the moment, take care of yourself," And with that he left Harry blinked after him and rubbed the back of his neck.

Ryan clapped his hands together drawing Harry's attention. "Now that that's done, a few more questions, did you want to change your name?"

Harry nodded. "It's highly likely that someone will be sent to track me down, why make it easy for them,"

"Good, any idea what you want to change your name to?"

"Um, I'd like to keep Harry, well Harrison actually – for a middle name… Daniel and what are the most common last names in America?"

Ryan thought about it before rattling off a string of names. "Jones, Smith, Lewis, Scott, Higgins, Taylor…" He offered and Harry thought about it.

"Jones," Harry said after a minute. "Jones will work,"

"And a new birthdate?"

"Um, would August or September be better?"

Ryan's head tilted as he thought it over. "I like September better,"

"Right," Harry nodded. "September… tenth 1997," Ryan wrote it on the form that he'd started filling out while Harry was being examined.

Ryan rested a hand on Harry's shoulder. "I'll get the forms processed today and we'll have you out of the country by tomorrow," He turned to one of the bookshelves that Harry could feel magic on and pulled off several book, which were instantly replaced by new copies, he passed them to Harry who looked at the titles – Magical Law, North America, Werewolf Edition; Magical Law, North America, General Edition; Magical Directory – North America 2013; Safe Grounds, A Guide Of Safe Places – Werewolf Edition; Magical Education Guidelines – North America Edition 2013. "These will help you settle in, I suggest tutors instead of a school, it will be harder for you to be tracked that way," Ryan told him and Harry nodded. "Come with me, we'll get you set up in a room for tonight," Harry followed him out of the office and into a luxurious room with an ensuite, Harry spent the rest of the day reading the books he'd been given.