A/N: After reading The Fall of Five, Immoroita and I decided to make the most of our feels by taking turns to create 100 prompted chapters of Navrina (that is, 7/8). You'll find all sorts of moods here, ranging from angsty to bittersweet to fluffy, all to do with our favourite Lorien Legacies couple. Since neither of us are terribly good at organisation or staying on top of schedules, expect for updates to be a bit spotty, but we'll try our best!

Rating: The entire fic will be T, just in case.

Chapter Title: a tiny love

Author: Starmz (odd chapters will be mine, and the even ones are Immoroita's)

Prompt: Mellow

Summary: Even before coming to Earth, those two were always the cutest.

There's something about the emptiness around them that's disconcerting. It's unnatural, and foreign to everyone on board to be separated from life in such a way.


Do you hear that?


Sure, there's the quiet hum of the ship's engines, and somebody coughs every now and then, but apart from that, it's silent. There's no indication of life at all, or there wouldn't be if the ship's display wasn't constantly providing updates on the life support systems.

It would've stayed that way, too, maybe forever, had Eight not picked up a paintbrush and dabbed at a solemn Seven's cheeks. This action became a catalyst, and then there was activity again. Laughter, pure and crystalline clear, rang through the air. Despite the fact that their race was in a state of war, they could forget about it for a while, and savour the simple moments.

For example, at the end of that first week, Eight was worn out from all the hyperactivity that most of the Garde - including himself - displayed. He'd become fast friends with Seven, and there was that one night when he fell asleep slumped against her. She smiled to herself and ran a hand through his bushy chocolate hair (a temptation she'd come close to indulging many, many times) before resting her head atop his and letting her dreams carry her where they may.

Then, after a month or so, they'd established themselves as inseparable. Since they were among the oldest Garde on the ship, they often roleplayed out quaint scenarios, such as Eight being the father and Seven the mother of various younger members. Usually, these roleplays involved many hugs, hand holds and cheek kisses. Occasionally the Cepan would take time out of their days to observe the two, and it was unanimously agreed that, if those two somehow managed to find each other on Earth again and rekindled such a relationship, they were most definitely meant for each other.

On the last day, as they were preparing to land, Eight disappeared. Not literally, but he had gradually become more and more closed off throughout the entire week, and Seven had started fretting. Concerned, she asked him several times if he was alright, and he'd always brushed her off. Seven pretended not to be offended, and instead went away to sketch some more. Eventually, he snapped at her, resulting in Seven huffing and hunching her shoulders, walking away to go chat (and cry) to Adel.

Just as they were about to land, Eight dangled a pendant of sorts in front of a sulking Seven. While crudely crafted, it was clear that a lot of effort had went into the strange ornament, and Seven could appreciate the sentiment. In fact, she understood right then and there why he'd been so withdrawn for the past week (a surprise present was a somewhat reasonable excuse, to her), and beamed at him. He shrugged and opened his arms, a clear invitation for a hug. As the two were both pretty affectionate with, well, everyone, not only was it an invitation for physical intimacy but also an apology.

Accepting as ever, Seven wrapped her arms around him, her brows furrowing as she whispered into his ear, "If you ever do that again, I will ..." She frowned, trying to find a suitable punishment. "... never talk to you ever again."

Eight's warm eyes widened, only to be replaced with an amused expression. "Aw, you know that you'd miss me too much."

Sighing, Seven released her hold, shaking her head. "Don't bet on it, Eight!"

Although he grinned at her, he nodded once to show that he understood. While Seven was by far one of the sweetest Garde members, it wouldn't do anyone good to dismiss her words.

It was then that the ship's hatch opened, a brilliant light blinding those aboard. The Cepan did one last, brief check before moving forwards. Seven went to follow hers, when a hand tugged her back.

"Hey, wait up! Don't forget 'bout me." Eight gave her that familiar, cheeky smile of his, and Seven felt that perhaps everything would be alright after all.