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Immoroita, here! This fic is based on prompts. We do them in order. 100 prompts mean 100 chapters, which means 100 ways to cry your eyes out.

By the way, a little note – each of the chapter titles are taken from songs from various soundtracks. Heke.


Rating: T because I suck

Chapter Title: scars carved by fire

Author: Immoroita

Prompt: Eternal

Summary: The past is gone eternally.

It's kind of like a sick joke, really, that she's the one who's been chosen to clear out his room. They think it'll help her let go.

The thought makes her laugh – a horrible, hollow laugh that doesn't quite belong to her – as she sits in the middle of the crowded room. The shelves are overflowing with mementos from his old life in India. His trace is painted all across the walls, across the floor, across the ceiling. He seems to be whispering in her ear whenever she moves; she can feel his hand in hers as she picks up a worn old book written in a language that she doesn't understand.

His scent still lingers in the ragged, coffee-stained pages. She flips through the book slowly, reverently, taking care to touch them with her fingernails in order to preserve every single reminder of him.

She doesn't want to let him go. She can't let him go.

The wind blows in through the open window and flutters the pages. She looks down at the book with empty eyes that haven't been the same ever since –

She refuses to finish the thought and stashes the book into a cardboard box next to her. Everybody's treating her like a porcelain doll – everyone but Nine and Six, that is. They saw her take Five's eye out, saw her develop her new Legacy under the worst of circumstances. They saw her at what she regards her highest and lowest point and although they don't say anything about it, she can tell it terrifies them.

The wind blows again and an ivory elephant teeters on the edge of the shelf. She looks up just in time to see it fall in what seems like slow motion. Her telekinesis isn't fast enough to save it from crashing onto the ground.

The pieces cut her fingers and stain them with hemoglobin but she heals them quickly with her Legacy. Her fingers scrabble amongst the broken ivory and futilely try to put them back together.

There's nothing but blackness covering her eyes and she can't see any more and finally, she breaks down.

She lets tears fall from her eyes for the first time in weeks and leans her head against the wall, feeling the broken ivory leave deep scars across her palms.