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Leshawna couldn't stand it anymore. Since she made the unfortunate mistake of sleeping with Harold in the bathroom confessional on that airplane and she ended up paying the price. LeShawna had a baby girl who was 4 months old and even though she loved her daughter, she couldn't stand Harold and unfortunately for her that meant that she had to have Harold in her life for the rest of her life. Harold always stayed at her house every weekend while her mother was working and he drove her nuts.

"LeShawna did you ever consider painting Kiki's room a decent shade of orange?" Harold asked her. "Maybe like an orange red."

"Harold, shut up and actually do something useful." LeShawna glared at him. "Hold her."

"That's not my job, LeShawna." Harold crossed his arms. "Did you know that a baby needs to feel his mother's touch for at least the first 6 months."

"Harold if you don't take your daughter you're going to need your mothers touch after I punch you in the face!" Leshawna glared at Harold. "You're the worst father ever!"

"No I'm not." Harold told her. "What about Michael Jackson? Madonna? Britney Spears? Oh, if you want people we know what about Duncan? who would want Duncan as a father? I think that he would put underwear in his kids sandwich because he's an asshole."

"At least if Duncan was the father of my kid then he would be locked up and I wouldn't have to see him." LeShawna told him. "I don't know why you even come over here every weekend. You never do anything and you're just annoying."

"I'm not annoying." Harold rolled his eyes. "I'm just trying to give you helpful tips to raise our child in the best way possible! It's not my fault that you're an idiot and don't understand that."

"What did you just say to me?" LeShawna glared at Harold as she gave her daughter Kiki a bottle.

"I said you were an idiot Leshawna." Harold informed her. "Are you deaf too? Also, why aren't you breastfeeding? Breast fed babies are said to have higher grades in school and turn out to be smarter then non breastfed babies! I assume that you were not breastfed LeShawna? Is that why you're such an idiot?"

"That's it Harold!" LeShawna yelled. "I give up! I'm going to stay at my cousin's house! You stay here and you keep Kiki with you!"

"This is your house." Harold muttered. "Idiot."

LeShawna placed her daughter down in the playpen next to Harold on the couch and then grabbed her purse and stormed out the door leaving Harold in her house alone. Kiki started crying and Harold just tried to sit his daughter up and when she couldn't do it she started crying and Harold called her an idiot.

"Okay Kiki." Harold picked his daughter up and placed her on the floor. "Let's practice walking."

Kiki laid on the floor and continued to cry so Harold gave her a teething ring but because she was 4 months old she really didn't have teeth yet.

"You don't even have teeth?" Harold sighed. "Curse you for not being advanced enough to have your father's love. You must get this stupidity from LeShawna."

Harold wrote a note for LeShawna's mother on the table that LeShawna and her mother were both idiots and he was leaving his daughter at the house for one of them when they came home and that he would see them next weekend. When LeShawna's mother came home she found Kiki home alone and crying. She was pissed off at both LeShawna and Harold.

Okay, so this idea is from so many things! This idea has come to me from my own two stories 'I'm going to marry and underage contestant' and 'My unwanted son' and it's also slightly inspired by RedEyedWarrior's fic 'Surrogate Son' all 3 of these stories have one thing in common and that would be horrible parenting styles. So, I have no clue how people are going to take this story but I like originality and I know this idea is really original. This is what's going to happen, I'm going to take these weird couples that exist and even some official ones and I'm going to try my hardest to make them the worst parents ever! If you guys have suggestions I will consider them, if you just randomly spam me guest reviews that only say couple names and have no feedback at all then it's not happening. Simple as that.