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Emma was in class all day because being a lawyer was hard work. That meant that Noah was home with the twins and because of the unexpected arrival of the babies nine months ago, Noah was stuck with two newborn Daughters because fertility and twins ran in Emma's family. It seemed that Noah spent most of his free time watching babies while Emma attended classes and he finally had enough, he wanted to not stay at home with babies all day and watch mind numbing children's cartoons that Emma insisted putting on even though the kids most like wouldn't even remember it. He still loved Emma but he hated kids, he blamed himself for it though because he was the one who had sex with Emma in the Sauna during that challenge when they were on the Ridonculous Race. How was he supposed to know that romance would be in his future and he would need a condom? He had enough, tonight he was going to tell Emma it was over and he wanted his life back.

Emma walked into the house where she and Noah were staying at. She had her hands full of books and placed them on the kitchen table, making a loud thud as they hit it. This started crying from both the girls and Noah walked into the kitchen in response and he didn't look happy.

"Hey Sweetie." Emma sat down in the chair and opened the books. "How was your day?"

"I learned how to count to seven." Noah rolled his eyes. "I don't know why you want them to watch this crap, they're not even six months old. I'm the one stuck watching this garbage."

"That's why you're the bestest Daddy in the world." Emma smiled at him and used a tone you would with babies. "The girls love you and so do I! How many girls are lucky enough to have a guy in their life to watch the kids while they go to class."

"It's about to be one less." Noah told her. "I like you, maybe even love you but I feel like my mind is slowly going numb and dying from staying here all day with these kids."

"What are you saying?!" Emma demanded. "Don't you love the girls and me?!"

"You named one of them Nemma." Noah glared at her. "The other one is named Emoah."

"Those are cute names." Emma crossed her arms. "You're just mad at my success. You don't like staying here and playing Mom."

"I don't!" Noah yelled. "This wasn't planned and I'm just trying to be responsible! You're kind of unbearable and if you didn't get pregnant, I would have been so much happier and single!"

"It takes two people to make babies, Noah!" Emma yelled. "Why didn't you wear a condom?!"

"Who would think to bring a condom to a reality show?" Noah asked her. "I have things I want to do too. It's not all about you. I feel like my IQ level has gone to Katie and Sadie level."

"It was my fault too…" Emma sighed. "I should have never left my emotions get in the way of a game!"

"You also shouldn't have named your Daughters Nemma and Emoah." Noah rolled his eyes. "Did you just date me for the Total Drama fame?"

"That's ridiculous." Emma told him. "You think I only wanted to date you because of that?! I really like you. It's not my fault that we got carried away and had a baby."

"Babies." Noah corrected her. "We had twins, like you and your Sister."

"Yeah, it's their fault really." Emma told him. "They were with us and they didn't stop us! It's almost peer pressure."

"What are you saying?" Noah asked her. "That it's somehow not our fault that we made two babies?"

"It doesn't have to be." Emma grabbed Noah's hand. "We have Kitty and we have Owen..."

"You want to leave a child with Owen?" Noah asked her.

"Kitty will help too." Emma reminded him. "We could leave the kids with them for a while and we can go to school and do what we want to do…."

"We could watch that movie that we both love so much?" Noah suggested.

"The faster we drop Nemma and Emoah off with Kitty, the faster we can." Emma picked up Emoah and placed her in a car seat while Noah did the same with Nemma.

It turns out they weren't going to break up or take responsibility for their kids, instead they were going to watch movies and send the kids off with their friends and family. Maybe they'd come back for them or maybe Kitty would raise them for a week…or month…maybe a few months? They had each other and that was all that mattered.

There we go, I deem Emma and Noah both lovesick and horrible parents! I actually do love Nemma and I think they're cute together but let's be real, Noah is not himself when he's with Emma and I feel like their love could get in the way of things. Would they be bad parents? If they had sex on the show and had unexpected kids, I would say probably. What couple do you guys want next? Leave me a suggestion and if it gets used, I'll give you a shout-out in the next authors note!