Sometimes he wondered. Wondered about what could have been different, what if he still had his Light, what if he was killed, what if Valfor was still loyal to his cause, what if he had succeeded- obtaining the benevolent darkness- and that was naught but a dream, but he can still fulfill the other part if his dream - right?

Except there is no right or wrong. He cannot falter now. Too much has been done, the conquering of Elin Forest, the sealing of Rhinne.. Yes, too much has been done. Ephenia, dearest Ephenia who had stayed with him from the start to the end- how is she? No longer can he visit her, least the temperamental time magic would fluctuate and cause the world to collapse- and that would be bad, for the world would be destroyed, you see?

It wouldn't have turned out that way if the Heroes didn't meddle with time. Ahh, but to them, it would be a small price to pay, wouldn't it? As long as he's dead to them, they would do almost anything. It was a pity.. If only they joined his forces, the world would already be in his grasp! And Luminous! Such a tiny shard of light, and already so powerful! If only he was more sane in the past, before killing that brat's 'Lucia'...

Pah. He will conquer the Mapleworld, sooner or later! No one, will be able to stop him! Not the Heroes, Rhinne's brats, nor the commanders that left his forces..!

He would not allow it.