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"People Talking"

'People thinking'

"Bijuu speaking

'Bijuu thinking'


*Konoha, eight years after the Kyuubi attack*

A small silver haired boy was running frantically through the forest that surrounded Konoha as he cautiously looked behind to see if his pursuers were still on his tail. He was a very cute child, well he would have been if he wasn't so malnourished and covered in wounds from a recent mob attack. This is our hero Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. Twin brother of Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze (well, as far as she knew…) and son of the yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. Why was Naruto running into a forest after a mob beating? The answer was quite simple; during the attack by the Kyuubi no Kitsune the sandiame Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto and Naruko. He sealed it's chakra into Naruko and its soul into Naruto. This allowed Minato and Kushina to survive the attack and raise their children.

While it seemed like a good ending, the ramifications of Sarutobi's sacrifice quickly settled in. While Naruko was seen as a hero for taking the Kyuubi's chakra (and thus getting a powerful boost from it that would make her an absolute powerhouse later in life), Naruto was seen as a living reminder of the Kyuubi since he housed its soul (it didn't help that his hair changed color and he gained whisker marks unlike Naruko who was a carbon copy of Kushina). Because of her perceived higher potential, Minato and Kushina took more of an interest in Naruko and thus slowly began neglecting Naruto. Nowadays Naruto could leave for a day and return home battered and bruised and his parents wouldn't even notice. The only person who really ever paid attention to Naruto in the Namikaze-Uzumaki household was Naruko who 'loved her onii-chan the mostest!' in her own words.

In order to deal with his loneliness Naruto sought out others for comfort leading to him befriending the Hyuga clan heir Hinata (he had helped her with a trio of bullies when her guardian wasn't around) and subsequently becoming a fixture at her clan compound (Hiashi and his wife Hitomi had a falling out with Minato and Kushina over Naruto's treatment). Hinata would try to spend as much time as possible with him and even her younger sister Hanabi would constantly try to garner his attention and affection. The other person to help Naruto with his loneliness was a young girl named Anko Mitarashi. She too was treated badly because of her being the student of the traitor Orochimaru. They met when Naruto witnessed a couple of drunken civilians throwing bottles and insults at her one day and Naruto, after getting his anger under control, started to throw rather heavy rocks at them (the civilians would wake up the next day with fractured skulls and no memory of the prior day). Anko was surprised by this gesture and took the young boy out for some dango. The two had been close ever since. On a sidenote, Anko was then introduced to Hitomi Hyuga who took her under her wing and thus Anko too became part of the Hyuga household over time.

Unfortunately, neither party could always look after Naruto so he was still attacked from time to time by mobs of civilians with the occasional shinobi thrown in. That was why he was in the forest, it served as a bit of a sanctuary for him (for some reason he found he could speak with the foxes that inhabited the area) since no one would follow him after a while. Too bad for Naruto, today would be different…

"I-I think I lost them." Naruto said while trying to stay upright as his body was wracked with huffs and pants. He never noticed the presence of the grey haired chunin, Mizuki. Mizuki hated Naruto with a passion since he blamed him for the death of his girlfriend eight years ago. It helped that the civilian council was paying him quite handsomely for what he was about to do too. Sneaking up behind the young boy, Mizuki knocked him unconscious with a brutal punch to the back of the head.

"Heh, not too strong now are you? You demonic piece of shit." Mizuki growled out as he picked up Naruto and walked further into the forest.

*Several hours later, at the edge of a swift running river*

"Time to be rid of you demon." Mizuki said as he smirked and threw the tied up Naruto into the river. Only staying long enough to watch him awaken in a panic due to the cold water and start frantically trying to get out of his bindings as he was swept away under the river, almost being assured a cruel death. Feeling immensely satisfied with himself, Mizuki started to travel back to the village in order to celebrate. He had quite a sum of money waiting for him after all.

*In the Council room, Konoha around noon the next day*

Minato Namikaze was staring into space as a civilian council member rambled on and on over some stupid ordinance they wanted. He managed to figure out the secret to defeating paperwork yet he still couldn't figure out how to deal with these assholes!? As he berated himself a bit more, the nagging feeling of something not being quite right kept coming to the forefront of his mind. Recently he had heard rumors of his son Naruto getting attacked by mobs and his own shinobi but he had dismissed that quickly enough. Who would be stupid enough to attack the Hokage's son? Besides, surely his own shinobi would have enough respect for him and the sandiame's sacrifice to regard Naruto as a hero like they did Naruko. As he thought on Naruto, Minato felt a wave of depression hit him. Not long ago he realized how much he had been neglecting Naruto and it was eating away at him. Kushina had also realized this and both had decided to fix this as soon as possible; in fact he had planned to personally start Naruto's shinobi training today after this meeting.

After several more hours the meeting finally ended and Minato rushed home in order to see his son. But the moment he entered his home he could hear his wife Kushina frantically running around and his daughter Naruko crying hysterically. Being incredibly alarmed he rushed to the living room of his home as he saw Kushina yelling at an Anbu.

"Kushi-chan? What's going on?"

"Mina-kun! Naruto-chan never came home yesterday! No one has seen him since yesterday either!" she blurted out in a rush as Naruko continued to cry herself hoarse. That foreboding feeling coming back in full force, Minato immediately ordered for the entire village to be turned inside out in the search for his son. This would prove to be the longest day he's had since the Kyuubi attack.

*With Naruto, washed up on the side of the river*

Naruto had somehow survived being washed away while tied up, although he was suffering from multiple broken bones from being thrown around like a ragdoll. He was now laying on the riverbank as he drifted in and out of consciousness. 'Why do they all hate me?' was his final thought before drifting off into unconsciousness.

*Naruto's mindscape*

Naruto awoke with a start as he viewed the sewer around him. 'But I thought I was on a riverbank…?' he confusedly thought as he continued down the sewer. As he walked for what felt like hours he felt a strange pull that made him wish to run with wild abandon towards it. Reining in this feeling he followed the pull until he came upon a massive cage in an even more massive cave with a seal on the middlemost bar.

"Hmm, it seems I have company." A deep, powerful voice sounded as Naruto frantically looked around but was met by nothing but the bars of the cage and the velvet darkness that obscured his vision when he tried to peer deeper into the cage.

"W-w-who's there!?" he frantically said, an edge of fear creeping into his voice.

"Look closer kit…" Naruto followed the strange voices' advice and strained his eyes to peer into the darkness until suddenly, a pair of massive malice filled eyes stared back at him. Understandably frightened, Naruto jumped backwards and tried to crawl away but hit the cave wall. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That was hilarious!" said the voice as the darkness started to lift and the form of a giant, red furred, nine-tailed fox was revealed.

"Kyuubi…" Naruto whispered in horrified awe. Everyone knew of Kyuubi and of the sandiame's sacrifice to take the fox with him. It seemed there was a bit more to it than that though... "Why are you here? Where is here? Tell me!" Naruto yelled.

"Such a mouthy brat. Calm down before I get angry..." Naruto instantly calmed down and tried not to enrage the giant fox by mouthing off. "…We are in your mind. I'm here because killing an immortal chakra beast is more complicated than just doing a few handsigns and hoping for the best. I've been sealed into you kit, well my soul was sealed into you while the chakra is in your former sister, we are now together until you kick the bucket."

"Are you why most of the villagers hate me? And what do you mean by 'former' sister?" Naruto asked in a heartbreaking tone.

"Yes to the hatred. And I say former because without my chakra as a buffer, my soul has been warping your body. Fundamentally changing it so that it will be able to take the strain of such a corruptive thing as I. Basically, you aren't exactly human anymore and your so-called 'family' isn't related to you anymore than a human is to an ape." Kyuubi said with obvious pride at the corruptive powers of a bijuu's soul.

"So I'm just a monster?" Naruto asked with hysteria starting to grip his heart as he felt his world crumbling around him.

"You should know better than to think of everything in such shades of black and white." Kyuubi said while curling up into a more comfortable position. Naruto realized the fox was right, he had never done anything that made him evil yet the 'upstanding' civilians of the leaf often attacked him.

"Y-yeah. Thanks Kyuubi. So what happens now?"

"Hmm, how about a deal kit? Your body is changing and I can guide those changes so that they will be beneficial instead of a massive gamble. I can also guide you in the arts of warfare and survival."

"I can understand the body changing thing but how do you know about the way humans fight?"

"I've been alive for a very long time kit. And let's leave it at that. So, do we have a deal?"

"Depends. What do you get out of this?" Naruto shrewdly asked.

"Heheh, smart move in asking kit. I would've turned you into an insane little murder machine that never rested otherwise. What I want is simple, there is a man out there that has caused me more problems than anyone else I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. You are to track him down and kill him. That is all."

"Seems rather simple… Okay, I agree to this deal." Naruto said after taking a moment to think on it.

"Good. Let us get started. Now I need you to die." Kyuubi said in a rather happy tone.

"What?" was Naruto's eloquent response before the world around him crumbled away and all he saw was darkness.

*Several days later, Konoha*

Minato hadn't slept in days as he ran himself ragged looking for any lead on Naruto. He even recalled his sensei Jiraiya from his normal spymaster duties to look for Naruto but alas there was nothing. Kushina herself found her time divided between consoling a now near permanently crying Naruko and looking for Naruto. Together, Kushina and Minato had found the ugly truth behind their neglect. Faced with the homicidal anger of two kage level shinobi anyone who was questioned confessed to how Naruto was treated by the village. At first the civilian council tried to object to this questioning of civilians but this was remedied when one council member opened his fat mouth and, in a colossal moment of stupidity, bragged about how they dealt with the 'demon' in honor of the late sandiame.

After a brutal slaughter of the civilian council, Minato started a purge of the civilians associated with the council and any shinobi with similar leanings. This uncovered quite a bit of corruption previously kept buried underneath layers of complex wording and loopholes in the law. He had never been so ashamed of his village. The once idealistic leader found himself growing cynical in his sleep deprived state and was wondering why he even bothered with these ungrateful piles of shit. But through all this he pushed on, and through judicious use of several unsavory methods, finally had his sights on a cowering Mizuki.

The two were alone in one of the dirtier rooms in the Torture and Interrogation department ('dirt' in this case referring to the mass amounts of dried blood covering the room and several instruments of the trade). Mizuki had been captured trying to flee with a minor fortune sealed into a scroll after Minato had ordered a lockdown of the village. After politely asking several civilians Mizuki was known to be friendly with, Minato now had a sneaking suspicion Mizuki had a rather large hand in his son's disappearance. Mizuki was now tied to a chair with his chakra sealed off.

"Mizuki, where did you get the money?" Minato asked, deciding to go with a straightforward approach.

"From my duties as a shinobi yondaime-sama." Mizuki said while trying to ape an air of calm and failing miserably as sweat poured off of him.

"Lies. You have not been on enough missions to see the amount of money you had on you. In fact, the only people in the village with that kind of money would either be the clan heads or the now dead civilian council."

"I-I-I inherited it?"

"From who?" At this Mizuki merely looked away and mumbled incoherently. Minato, deciding to give him some incentive on speaking, withdrew one of his signature tri-pronged kunai and quickly used it to sever the pinky and ring fingers on his left hand.

"AAAAHHH!" he yelled in pain as Minato adopted an apathetic look on his face.


"I-I don't know remember."

"Wrong." Minato said as he cut off the remaining fingers on Mizuki's left hand. Mizuki, understandably, screamed for several minutes as he felt the pain of losing all of the fingers on his left hand. "Talk." Minato once again said.

"I-I was paid by a civilian council member." Mizuki said as he squirmed in pain.

"For what?" Minato said as Mizuki once again went silent. This was fixed by Minato gathering katon chakra into his kunai and cauterizing the small stumps where his fingers used to be on his left hand.

"To be rid of the demon! Please! Just stop!"

"What. Did. You. Do. With. MY SON!?" Minato yelled out with a bestial fury, each word punctuated with a brutal bone breaking punch to Mizuki's ribs or arms.

"AAAH! I tied him up and threw him into a river!" Mizuki cried out. Hearing this, Minato took out a map and had Mizuki point out where he did this and describe the surroundings.

Satisfied with this information, Minato walked out of the room and left a message for Ibiki on Mizuki's further treatment; make him regret living.


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