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"People talking"

'People thinking'

"Bijuu talking"

'Bijuu thinking'


*In Naruto's mindscape*

Naruto had been drifting in nothingness, for how long he did not know nor did he care. All he knew was that he felt nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing, tasted nothing and smelled nothing. In a way, this strange oblivion was comforting. All of his worries and woes gone; no fear, no pain, just nothing. Unfortunately for him, this velvet darkness ended quite suddenly as he felt nothing but scorching pain wrack his body in unimaginable ways. Liquid magma filled his veins and his mind started to tear apart as he lost all rational thought and could only soundlessly scream into the void. Begging it for it all just to end.

*The riverbank*

"ARGH!" was the demonic yell of the silver haired boy as his body had spasms and convulsed violently. Eventually he stopped moving and just laid there in the cool mud, panting as the pain drained away and rational thought came back to him. Naruto stayed in that position for several minutes as he started to slightly move his limbs in order to regain the feel of using them. After half an hour of this he decided to risk trying to stand up. In a herculean effort, Naruto succeeded in standing up. He looked around himself and saw that he was on riverbank surrounded by a thick grove of trees.

"You went quite a distance kit. If it weren't for the fact you got snagged on a log which kept you afloat, you would have died."


"Don't yell you idiot. I needed a way to talk to you without pulling you into your mind so I established this little link. Just think your thoughts towards me."


"That's better. Now, before you start shooting off questions let me explain what has happened. I put you in a death like state for the past three days so the restrictions on this seal could loosen enough for me to work my magic. And all that pain you felt was your body's reaction to all the changes it underwent."

'Did I at least get something out of all that suffering?'

"Of course. Now keep your trap shut while I get into the details of what has become of you. I supercharged your regenerative abilities and senses, your natural affinities have been strengthened and a few have even been added. Be careful with your strength too, your muscle mass is such that you'll become much stronger than any human has the right to be as you grow older. Now here's the strange part. Remember when I said your body was warping because of the corruptive powers of my soul without a chakra buffer?" Naruto nodded slowly (though Kyuubi couldn't see it, he figured Naruto would) as a bit of fear crept into him. "Well one of the changes it caused I couldn't undo. But I was able to change it enough so it would benefit you. Your body now naturally produces a strange kind of metal that is a bit like your chakra made solid. Without my changes, this would have rather nasty side effects like intense pain and insanity… Now though, you can fully use this metal however you wish. You can even create it consciously and make it obey your whims. It'll take time to get fully used to this so get ready to train. Questions?"

'Am I still human? And what do I do now?' Naruto asked with a sense of sadness at possibly proving the villagers right when it came to what manner of organism he was.

"Human? Maybe. Kit, I honestly don't know what the hell you are anymore. But that 'Am I a monster?' bullshit won't matter if you're dead. Right now you need food and shelter. So find a cave or a hollowed out tree while I explain the fine art of hunting." Kyuubi said with a surprising amount of joy at the thought of hunting. Naruto obeyed and walked further into the woods, a sense of melancholy surrounding him as he idly wondered when he would ever see his friends again (and whether they would accept what he had become for that matter).

*In the general area where Naruto was thrown into the river*

Kushina was frantically pacing the area while several Inuzuka and Aburame trackers were looking for any trace of Naruto so they could do their jobs. Unfortunately they could not find any even after several hours of looking. And considering the swiftness and depth of the river, it was unlikely they would find Naruto as a corpse much less alive. After having an impromptu debate as to who would be the one to break their findings to the obviously distraught mother, an Aburame male finally volunteered just to get this over with.


"Have you found any trace of my Naruto-chan?" she immediately asked.

"I'm afraid there is no way for us to track him. And in all likelihood, he is no longer among the living. I am sorry." The Aburame said with a subtle tone of sadness in his voice. The Aburame clan, while not exactly throwing its compound gates open for Naruto before, still respected and admired him for what he contained. They could sympathize with being outcasts for containing something others fervently disliked.

"No. No no no no! You have to find something! Naruto-chan can't be gone! He just can't!" Kushina said, her voice getting more hysterical as she broke down into sobs. The search ended with the sorrowful sounds of Kushina's tears. To her, it felt like a hole had opened in her heart. One that would never heal.

*6 years later, Yu no Kuni (Land of Hot water)*

Naruto had spent the last six years learning various skills and becoming rather dangerous in his own right. He was now fourteen years old and had recently created a fine chokuto for himself out of his self produced chakra metal. It was roughly three and a half feet long, without a guard and the blade was completely silver in color. Its handle was wrapped in a fine dark grey silk that Naruto had managed to find a good price on. It had become his prized possession. He was currently in Yu no Kuni looking for anyone willing to offer him a job; after a few years of training under Kyuubi's watch, Naruto was told to go out and gain experience in combat in order to further his education. Now he hunted C and lower B-class rogue nin and was a favorite bounty hunter in the collection offices. He even took on any random job that paid well which led to him making acquaintances with many people.

As he walked through a rather small town in Yu no Kuni he wondered on another recent addition he had managed; his left arm was now covered up to the elbow in his chakra metal (Hayden's arm from Dark Sector when he first got the technocyte virus). This was the fruit of his labor at finally figuring out how to create his chakra metal in such a way that it could become a second skin and still give him the protection he wanted. It amazed him how pliable his chakra metal was and the untold possibilities it presented (though at the moment he could only produce enough to cover some of his left arm). Losing himself in his thoughts, Naruto accidentally ran into someone.

"Oof!" He groaned out as he fell on his ass. Getting up slowly he looked at the person he ran into. It was an incredibly beautiful girl; skin as white as snow with dark hair that framed her face wonderfully and a pair of honey brown eyes that expressed a deep kindness. She had a slender figure and wore a light pink yukata that fit her air of innocence and kindness well. "I-I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." Naruto said a bit nervously as he held his hand out to help her up. It had been a while since he had seen someone so pretty and he was in the middle of puberty…

"It's alright. I'm at fault too." The pretty girl said with a soft voice as she accepted his help to stand up.

"My name is Naruto, what about yours?" Naruto said, it never hurt to be friendly after all…

"Well Naruto-san, my name is Haku." The now named Haku said cordially as she dusted herself off. She then started to walk away before turning around and saying "It was nice meeting you Naruto-san." Before walking away.

"… Well that led to nothing." Naruto said as a small frown found itself on his face. These past six years had been a bit lonely for Naruto since he had constantly traveled and only had a sarcastic, mean spirited fox to keep him company most of the time. He really wished he had at the least a traveling companion.

"Hah. You should be happy I even deign to speak with you kit." The previously mentioned fox said as it had a brief chuckle at Naruto's expense. Naruto's frown grew as he sighed and started to walk further into the small town. After walking a few dozen feet he heard something that stopped him in his tracks; several obvious low-lives were conspiratorially whispering to one another while uttering dark chuckles.

"Heheh, I think I just found us some entertainment for tonight boys." The biggest of the low-lives said as his cronies listened eagerly. "Real innocent-lookin thing, inna light pink yukata heading out of town. It would be rude not to introduce ourselves…" He said with a disgusting grin stretching across his face. If there was one thing Naruto would never let slide it was rape. Traveling for so long (and at such a young age) he had seen many things he wished would fade from memory and even had a few attempts on his own person (he made sure to fix the potential deviants problem with decency with a healthy dose of death). Deciding to follow these bastards and get rid of them in a more private place, he discreetly tailed them as they walked off in the direction Haku went.

*In a secluded spot outside of town*

Haku was calmly walking along a narrow road cutting through a serene forest before stopping and turning around as she heard the steps of a duo of thuggish looking men coming behind her.

"Hello, little lady. Don't mind us, we just want to make sure you get to wherever you're going safely…" the leader thug said as he and one of his cronies advanced menacingly. As Haku was staring at the thugs and taking an involuntary step backwards, she bumped into a thug who had sneaked behind her while she was distracted. The thug quickly grabbed her arms as she started to struggle. Deciding that he had seen enough, the hidden Naruto unsheathed his blade and was about to step in when suddenly he felt killing intent far beyond what he had ever felt before.

"You know, I heard you bastards were pigs but damn. At least I now know why everyone wants you dead." Said a deep, gravelly voice that seemed to come from everywhere, Naruto was surprised that he wasn't able to find the source. Intrigued, he continued to watch.

"Come out you bastard! W-what are you chicken?" One of the thugs yelled out in a fake show of bravado as he was thoroughly freaked out. Only silence ensued as each thug started to succumb to panic; the two thugs who were advancing on Haku were back to back looking for the source of the voice as the thug who had grabbed Haku let her go and was constantly moving around looking for the slightest disturbance in his surroundings.

"You know, I have always loved the look on a smug bastard's face when he realizes he's about to be gutted like swine." The voice said again as the thugs became even more hysterical. In a blindingly fast burst of movement, Haku disappeared into the surrounding forest as a giant blade cut the thug who had previously held her in half diagonally. The one holding the giant sword was a tall, short haired man with bandages wrapped around his face. "HAHAHAH! It's been too long since Kubikiribocho has had a drink. Thank you for your help in quenching that thirst." The tall man said before hefting the blade and placing it on his shoulder casually.

"Now then, who's next?" He said as a hint of glee entered his voice. The two living thugs quickly started running away from the obviously dangerous man as a smile became visible from beneath the bandages wrapped around his lower face. In a single fluid movement, he reached the fleeing thugs and swung his giant blade in a graceful arc that cut both their legs off below the knees. Effectively stopping them getting any further. "Who said you could leave?"

"Please let us go! We have connections! We could give you anything you want! Just please don't kill us!" The leader thug said as he tried to crawl away.

"Our big boss is a gangster who controls this area! I-if you kill us he'll take you down!" the other thug said as he too tried to crawl away.

"Who do you think hired me to get rid of you idiots? A surprisingly high price for such easy marks… You must have really pissed him off." The tall man said as he slowly lifted the blade up his head.

"Wait! NO!" Both thugs managed to yell out before having both their heads cut off in a single swing. A look of horror still on their faces. The swordsman quickly took out a scroll and sealed the severed heads into it before repeating the process with the first thug to die. Haku soon came out of the forest, a look of apathy on her face as she stared at the carnage.

"Hey, kid. You mind coming out now? It's kinda creeping me out how you've just been watching this entire time." The swordsman idly said as he stood up from what he was doing and turned to stare directly at where Naruto was hidden. Deciding to test his luck, Naruto slowly revealed himself to the pair. "Huh, you're the kid who Haku ran into earlier. Well, what do you want?"

"I wish for you to teach me in the arts of the shinobi." Naruto said humbly as he bowed his head. As he watched the swordsman earlier he had realized who he was; the infamous Zabuza Momochi. Naruto had heard rumors about him and his skills in the shinobi arts from fellow bounty hunters and a few nin he ran into and gave a few ryo to get info on targets he should go for and those to avoid.

"Hmph." Was Zabuza's reply before rushing Naruto and swinging his massive blade downward in order to cleave him in twain. Naruto hastily lifted up his chakra metal covered forearm and blocked the blow. Seeing his arm and the fact Naruto had the strength to block his attack made Zabuza rethink Naruto's request. Jumping backwards and sheathing his blade, Zabuza looked at Naruto with an 'explain right the hell now' look.

"Call it a kekkai genkai. I can naturally produce metal and change it to how I want it to be. Like this second skin on my arm. Tough enough to block your blow but thin enough not to slow me down or be obvious to others if I cover it with something."

"Hmm, I won't go easy on you, kid. And I'll kill you if you even think about betraying me." Zabuza said after taking several moments to think, before turning around and walking off.

"Well aren't you just a bright ray of sunshine." Naruto said as he started to follow. Haku started to walk alongside him and gave him a smile while offering her hand for a handshake. Naruto happily accepted it and marveled at how soft her hand was…

"Looks like we'll be working together from now on. Eh, Haku-chan?

"Naruto-san, you do know that I am a boy?" Haku said as he continued smiling at Naruto.

"… Of course you are." Naruto sighed out and looked forward awkwardly. And continued to walk at a moderate pace, questioning the existence of a loving god.

"Hey kit?"

'I fucking swear, if you start laughing I'm coming in there and ripping out your nine tails.'

"… Are you fucking stupid? Use those advanced senses on Haku."

'… I hate you. But I also want to thank you…' Naruto responded after taking several moments using his advanced sense of smell to pick out scents wafting off Haku that could only come from a female.

"Keep your thanks."

'But why would she lie about being female?'

"Fuck if I know. Ask her one day. Until then, treat her like a dude so she doesn't realize you know." 'This'll be hilarious if it works out how I hope it will…'

'*Sigh* I may as well. I wonder what'll happen now?' Naruto idly wondered as he heard the loud snores coming from Kyuubi. 'Lazy fucking fox.' At least now Naruto had someone to talk to that wasn't a giant bastard of a fox…

*2 years later, shore of Nami no Kuni*

The past few years under Zabuza's tutelage had been great for Naruto. He now stood at an even six foot and was leanly muscled from constant brutal training. He had grown his hair out to reach his mid back while he trimmed his bangs so they only reached jaw length. His looks had also matured a bit with his face becoming more angular, combined with his electric blue eyes made Naruto incredibly handsome and popular wherever they went (much to Haku's secret chagrin). He wore his chokuto across his back on his right side and was garbed in all black standard Anbu attire. Though the vest, armguards and shin guards were all a dull silver with an insignia of a fox standing above a lotus (Naruto's personal symbol) prominently displayed on each. His left arm though, was completely wrapped in bandages, including the entirety of the shoulder.

With Zabuza's brutal but effective training, Naruto's mastery of his chakra and suiton manipulation (turned out he had futon, suiton and raiton chakra natures but Zabuza was only really skilled in suiton) was through the roof. He now had the entirety of his left arm and shoulder constantly under a shell of his chakra metal and had even managed to find a way to create a special glaive that would spring from the chakra metal near instantly when needed (Hayden's arm when he has all his powers). With Zabuza's knowledge, Naruto fully explored the possibilities of his chakra metal and now had several tricks up his sleeve for when the situation warranted it…

Haku herself was garbed in a fake hunter nin outfit (canon outfit) with a mask to complete the look. Although her chest had gone from a modest b to a much larger c cup. This was negated a bit by the fact that she continued her charade of being a boy to Naruto so she would always bind her chest. Frankly, it amused Naruto how much she tried to hide her gender and the fact she thought she succeeded.

The reason that both of them were on the shore of Nami no Kuni was because they had just received a message from Zabuza about a new job (having taken a separate job beforehand while Zabuza met with an acquaintance). Currently, they were waiting for him to appear and tell them about what they were going to do.

"Why are you so angry with me Haku?"

"I'm not angry." Haku said with a cute pout while looking away from Naruto.

"Of course not. You've been in a bad mood ever since we parted with Amaru-chan." Naruto said. He and Haku had taken a job where they dealt with an invading force of Sora no Kuni nin (Land of Sky) for a prominent town in Hi no Kuni that couldn't get Konoha nin in time. In the process, Naruto met, befriended and saved the life of a girl named Amaru. For several days the three of them had traveled together and when they parted Amaru kissed Naruto on the cheek and told him that if he ever got hurt to find her and she would take care of him. Haku had refused to speak to Naruto for the rest of that day.

"Hmph, I don't know what she has to do with anything." Haku said and stayed quiet. Naruto merely chuckled as they both waited for roughly half an hour before Zabuza finally showed up.

"Hey- What's wrong with you Haku?" Zabuza started before looking at the angrily pouting Haku and losing what he was about to say. Haku merely gave him a look telling him to keep his mouth shut and get on with job details. Knowing Haku's temperament best when she was angry, Zabuza obliged.

"Erm, w-well we have a really easy job this time. There's this bridge builder named Tazuna…"


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