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*Garden within the Hyuga Clan compound*

'Shit shit shit!' Naruto frantically thought as he failed at trying to come up with a way to pacify the angry gazes being directed at him from Haku, Hinata and Hanabi. In his mind, Kyuubi was laughing hysterically.

"Well onii-sama, are you going to explain who she is?" Hanabi asked with a tone that threatened violence in the near future if the answer was unsatisfactory. Hinata and Haku on the other hand were intensely staring at one another and sizing up their (correctly) perceived rival.

Taking a deep breath and telling Kyuubi to shut his trap, Naruto finally found his voice as Hiashi and Hitomi both wondered on how he would try to explain this and keep himself intact.

"Hinata-chan, Hanabi-chan this is Haku." Naruto started with a placating tone as he gestured to Haku. "We met on my travels and she has been my trusted comrade for the past few years. She's saved my life several times you know." Naruto finished as he saw Hinata and Hanabi give Haku a begrudging nod for helping to make sure their Naruto-kun was at least somewhat safe. They may be thankful but that didn't mean they would allow Naruto to fall into another woman's hands!

"Hmmm, I think we can save the rest of Naruto's interesting tale for dinner tonight. Let's allow our houseguests to rest for a bit and become acquainted with their new living quarters." Hiashi regally said after debating whether he should allow his daughters to continue their interrogation. His decision being to allow Naruto and his companion some time to themselves before the ruthless questioning began… By both his daughters and his wife…

"Indeed. Now come along Hina-chan, Hana-chan. Naruto-chan has only just recovered from his injuries. You can all talk later." Hitomi said with a gentle smile on her face at being able to have her surrogate son back. Now she could finally get him into the family like she had wanted… Hinata and Hanabi both nodded before sending a final look towards Naruto and his 'friend' Haku. Making a small gesture, Hitomi had a pair of branch members escort Naruto and Haku to their rooms.

*An hour later, Namikaze compound*

"Stop Kushina." Minato said with a sad tone as he placed his hand on his wife's shoulder to keep her from busting into the Hyuga clan compound in order to abduct Naruto.

"But our son is there! He's finally back Minato! I-I can't just standby!" Kushina (currently outfitted as if she was about to destroy a fortress) said as her voice was starting to get a bit hysterical.

"Kushina, Naruto… Naruto doesn't want to see us at the moment. It would be best if we just leave him be for now. Let him get used to the village again and see how we can make it up to him from there." Minato said with an emotionless tone while his face betrayed the inner pain he was feeling at having to continue to stay at arm's length with Naruto. 'For now. I'm sure in time we'll be a family again.' Minato thought to himself once again. If he didn't stay strong, he doubted he would be able to go through with what he had planned…

"B-but…" Kushina tried to argue before breaking down and crying once again in Minato's arms. As Minato comforted his wife he absently thought on whether all these painful feelings would ever end. Or rather, did they deserve for it to end? He and Kushina had failed Naruto in possibly the most profound way possible and yet… No. That line of thought would fix nothing; he had to stay strong in order do what was needed in order to better this situation. He had to stick to his plan… But for now he would comfort his wife.

*Hyuga clan dining room*

Naruto was currently wearing a fine tan kimono gifted to him by the Hyuga as he sat to the left of Hitomi Hyuga (who was seated at the head of the rather broad table alongside her husband) with Haku (in a comfortable blue kimono) herself sitting on his left. As Naruto sat there he took note of the incredibly awkward silence filling the room (the Hyuga sisters themselves were sitting directly across from the metal and ice duo). Well, awkward for him since Hinata, Hanabi and Haku were all pointedly staring at him while Hitomi and Hiashi were eagerly waiting for the interrogation to begin.

"Ah, it seems the food has arrived." Hitomi jovially said as the branch members placed dinner before those sitting at the table. The group chorused a clear 'itadakimasu' and began to eat.

"So, it would be nice to hear about how you have been since your departure from the village Naruto-chan." Hitomi politely said as a way to start this conversation peacefully as they were all quietly enjoying their meal.

"Well, there isn't much to tell really…" Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head. "But I guess I may as well start from beginning. And so Naruto launched into a summarized version of his time outside the village (obviously cutting out his kekkai genkai and knowledge of Kyuubi, for now anyways…) with Haku adding details when he reached the portion of his tale that involved her. Although he noticed that when he mentioned Amaru and their final meeting, Haku, Hinata and Hanabi all gave him a rather angry glare… 'Why are they so angry about what she said?' Naruto thought to himself as Kyuubi snickered in his mind.

"And that's about it when it comes to my little adventure." Naruto finished as the Hyuga family looked baffled at the crazy adventures he had often found himself in.

"Wow onii-sama. That sounds soooo awesome!" Hanabi said with obvious adoration in her eyes (and for a moment Naruto actually thought he saw stars and hearts in her eyes, but he quickly rid himself of that notion). She had always looked up to her onii-sama and with his traveling experiences now laid out before her, she found herself idolizing him more.

"I'm glad you had fun with your friend Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she gave Haku a meaningful look at the word 'friend'. Hinata had loved Naruto too deeply and for too long to allow some newcomer any leeway with her man.

"Thanks Hinata-chan. It was rather fun now that I think back on it all." Naruto said as he completely missed the silent war happening between Hinata and Haku. Meanwhile Hitomi and Hiashi were keeping up stoic masks as they enjoyed the show.

"Of course Naruto-sama's best times were spent with me at his side. I took care of his needs and made sure he was always at his best. So yes, I am a very special kind of friend." Haku said with an incredibly polite tone as she stared into Hinata's eyes. The meaning behind her proclamation not being lost on the lavender eyed heiress.

"So, anything interesting happen while I've been away?" Naruto managed to ask a second before Hinata lost her cool and viciously attacked Haku.

"Eh? O-oh. Yes. Quite a bit actually…" The caught off guard Hinata said as she recounted what had occurred in the village. The biggest piece of news being the failed Uchiha rebellion; it seemed that the former clan head Fugaku went mad and tried to start a civil war but was brutally and efficiently taken down along with his followers by his son Itachi, who was then proclaimed clan head. She also mentioned the historic decision of Kumo to attend the Chunin exams happening in a few weeks…

"Huh, it seems things have been interesting these past eight years." Naruto said as he continued to talk with the Hyuga family for the remainder of the dinner. Haku on the other hand kept up with her icy politeness towards the Hyuga sisters; something that Naruto inevitably noticed but decided to discuss with her later…

*The next morning, Hokage's office*

"You wanted to see us Hokage-sama." Naruto said with an emotionless tone as he and Haku stood in front of Minato, who had a grave expression on his face. They had been summoned a few minutes after breakfast had ended (much to the dismay of the Hyuga family) and were told to immediately report in.

"Yes. I wanted to tell you two of your current position within Konoha." At this both Haku and Naruto stiffened as they readied themselves for the worst. "Haku-san, after much investigation we have found that you have no ties to the government of any foreign villages nor are you listed as a criminal. So you are free to leave Konoha when you wish to." Minato said as Naruto embraced Haku in a fierce hug that she gladly returned. "Ahem." Minato coughed into his hands as the hug the two shared lasted for a bit too long. "Naruto, however, is now conscripted into the Konoha shinobi corps and will be given a rank after being tested sometime tomorrow."

The silence that followed was deafening.




"What?" Naruto dumbly asked after several moments of silence.

"You are now a Konoha shinobi." Minato evenly said as he stared at a flabbergasted Naruto. Minato knew how Naruto would feel about this decision but as long as it kept his son in Konoha where he and his broken family could at least try to mend things then it would be worth the temporary (or so he thought) anger.

"You can't do this! What gives you the right to shackle me to this hell hole!?" Naruto yelled as the surprise quickly turned into white hot fury. Haku meanwhile was trying to wrap her mind around the situation.

"Like it or not Konoha is your home." Minato said simply as he did his best to keep gazing into Naruto's eyes. Unseen by either Haku or Naruto, Minato had surreptitiously formed a half ram sign…

"Fuck you!" Naruto said as he finally snapped and tried to launch himself at his former father only to suddenly find he had lost control of his body and could no longer move. Haku herself was suddenly surrounded by several Anbu who had their blades pointed at her as a warning.

"What the hell did you do?" Naruto questioned as he futilely tried to move.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I-I prepared this as a last ditch effort to keep you here. It's a tracking, paralysis and minor obedience seal that can be activated anywhere." Minato said as he could feel the waves of anger Naruto was emitting.

"When?" Naruto asked as his voice took on a strange metallic quality, the sclera of his eyes starting to take on a metallic grey hue…

"When you were in the hospital. I-I didn't want it to be this way Naruto. But I couldn't risk you leaving after we finally found you…" Minato said in a pleading tone as he stared intensely at his desk as he felt waves of shame wash over him. Doing so, however, made him completely miss what was happening to Naruto's eyes.

"Make no mistake Minato, I will get you back for this. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but I will get my pound of flesh from you one day." Naruto said in his strange tone as he closed his eyes and forcefully calmed himself. Well, calm enough so that he could get out of here and sneak away into the forest of death for some stress relief.

"I see…" Minato accepted with a broken tone. 'Stay strong Minato. This was necessary, his anger will fade eventually. Please let it fade…' After a few minutes and feeling that Naruto had calmed himself sufficiently, Minato released the seal and ordered his Anbu to go back to their hidden positions. Naruto then immediately left the office with a despondent Haku following closely. Minato sighed heavily as he realized that his attempt at fixing his family may have driven it further apart…

*Outside the office*

"Haku, tell everyone that I need to be alone for a while." Naruto quickly said as he found himself alone with his trusted companion.

"Alright. Naruto-sama…" Haku said as she gently laid a hand on Naruto's shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "… I want you to know that no matter how this pans out; I will always remain at your side." Naruto placed his hand over Haku's and returned the squeeze as he felt a strange heat fill his chest. The absolute devotion that Naruto could hear in her voice made his own lock up for some reason as he felt a new emotion fighting with the white hot anger. Unable to voice his feelings at the moment, he gave a simple nod and soon left, disappearing into the distance as Haku stared at the place he once occupied.

Letting out a soft sigh, Haku left for the Hyuga compound. Her mind filled with anger and worry over the current situation.

*Forest of death, half an hour later*

Naruto was running deep into the forest of death to the area Anko had warned him in his youth to avoid. Right now though, he really needed to vent this anger and what better way than by viciously killing things that wanted to devour him? The worrying thing however, was the metallic grey that had now completely covered his sclera like a coating of mercury…

"Calm down Naruto! This anger isn't yours anymore!" Kyuubi tried to reason with Naruto. At first the anger was all him but as Naruto started to lose himself to it, Kyuubi felt some other entity starting to influence his consciousness. Naruto ignored the titanic fox as he finally landed in the middle of a pack of tigers (at least a few dozen by Kyuubi's count), each being larger than a decently sized house.

"RAAAAAAAH!" Naruto roared in challenge as the tigers finally took notice of him. Before they could react, Naruto exploded into action as metal coated his fist that then smashed through the skull of the nearest tiger. The remaining tigers roared in anger at the loss of their own and quickly moved to tear apart this foolish human.

The forest of death would echo with demonic sounding roars for hours as a blinded by rage Naruto tore his way through anything and everything he could make bleed.

*Roughly the same time, Hyuga compound, inner garden*

"… and that is what transpired at the meeting. Afterwards Naruto-sama asked me to inform all of you as he needed to be alone for a time." Haku succinctly finished her report to the gathered Hyuga family.

"Minato seems intent on making as many mistakes as he possibly can it seems." Hiashi said with anger and disappointment lacing his normally emotionless voice.

"This does not bode well for the future… We must do what we can for Naruto-chan." Hitomi stated with a hint of steel entering her normally gentle voice. She then looked at her daughters before gazing intently at Haku. "Haku-san, am I to assume that you will be staying with us for a bit longer for Naruto-chan's sake?"

"Of course. I will not abandon my Naruto-sama." Haku responded sincerely as she held the Hyuga matriarch's stare. Slowly, a smile formed on Hitomi's face.

"Good. Naruto-chan will need all the support he can get at the moment. Which means," Hitomi then took a moment to partially unleash her killing intent on both her daughters and her newest ward. "…that the squabble you three have with one another will be temporarily put on hold to focus on more important matters. Understood?" Hitomi said with a sickeningly sweet smile that oddly matched her current aura of absolute authority and pain for those that disobeyed. The three love struck girls could only nod as they found themselves resisting the urge to get on their knees and bow to the queen of this estate.

Hiashi could only look on in sympathy; his beloved Hitomi may be the sweetest and gentlest of women but that was when she was in a decent mood. When she got serious or in a bad mood, the side of her that served as an Anbu captain during the third shinobi world war emerged. And her current worry over the boy she had all but adopted as her son had unleashed that beast…

*Unknown place and time*

Naruto was floating in what looked like a sea of mercury as he found himself unable to remember the circumstances that led to him being here. At the moment he couldn't find it within himself to care as he lazily floated along. It was relaxing in an odd way.

"So, are you just going to float there or are you going to say something?" a new voice said as Naruto looked around himself for the source.

"Who are you?" He said as the sea of mercury started to disappear before flowing towards a now empty spot a few dozen feet from him. Naruto stared in wonder as the mercury started to form itself into a powerful maelstrom that gradually shrunk in on itself. Eventually the swirling mercury started to take a vaguely humanoid shape before finally becoming a woman who started to seductively stretch.

This unknown woman was of a decent height at about five foot six, she had short grayish blue hair that was cut short and covered her right eye. Her face was angular and sharp and, while incredibly beautiful, gave her the look of a veteran warrior ready for battle. But the most important part of this woman was the fact that she seemed to have a darker version of Naruto's chakra metal: her curvy frame (she had at least a c-cup as far as Naruto could tell) was provocatively covered in the metal that, in the right light, made it seem as if she were completely nude. Naruto also noted that her back and most of her exquisite rump was devoid of the chakra metal as he caught glimpses of her smooth peach tinted skin while she stretched.

"Like what you see?" She purred out at Naruto's obvious staring.

"Who are you?"

"Me? Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain. I'm not strong enough to stay together for much longer so I'll let the fox do that for me. But for now, I'll leave you with my name. Remember it well Naruto-kun…" The mysterious woman said as she suddenly closed the distance between herself and Naruto. She leaned in close to Naruto and, standing on her tip toes, placed a kiss on his cheek before uttering "… Asura." The now named Asura then lost cohesion and became liquid mercury that was absorbed into the ground.

"Well that wasn't good." Kyuubi's voice suddenly boomed out as Naruto saw that he was right next to the giant fox's cage. His mind being the same as it ever was.

"Where have you been Kyuubi?" Naruto questioned; a bit unsettled by what had just occurred.

"Me? I've always been here. You couldn't tell because that bitch had you in her grip." The giant fox said with anger in every syllable.

"Who the hell was she?"

"Remember all those years ago when we first made our deal?" Naruto nodded. "Do you remember one of the side effects the chakra metal would have had had I not interfered? The side effect of insanity?" As Naruto's eyes shot wide open, Kyuubi continued. "Well it seems that I did not completely erase that effect. In fact, by purging most of it, the strongest remnants bonded together and mutated further. That Asura was the will of your chakra metal. It's insanity and, thanks to the accidental influence of my own nature, rage."

"But how can chakra have a will of its own!?" Naruto yelled before he saw one massive vulpine eyebrow rise. The massive sentient chakra beast known as Kyuubi wondered why it had agreed to partner with the silver haired idiot sometimes. "Right… Sorry…" Naruto sheepishly said as he looked away.

"Anyways, right now Asura isn't strong enough to really do anything unless you completely give in like you did earlier. That will soon change however. Soon, she will gain the power necessary to influence you even at your most calm."

"… What can I do about this?"

"Keep better control of yourself for now. Eventually though, you and her will have to fight in order to establish who will be wearing the pants in your relationship. But for now if she ever tries to speak to you, I suggest you oblige."

"Why? Won't she just try to control me?"

"Unlike the magnificent and beyond powerful me," At this Naruto had to stifle a snort. "… she will never grow powerful enough outright control you. Just influence, a powerful influence that could drive you to madness, but an influence nonetheless. The reason to speak to her is simple; she is your chakra metal. With her cooperation, your power and control will grow exponentially. Without it, progress will be incredibly slow."

"Why must everything be so complicated?" Naruto said with a deep sigh as he wondered on the normality of having two voices in his head; one a sadistic and ancient being that enjoyed toying with him, the other a being that, in a way, was an extension of himself that wanted to drive him into insanity.

"Does it really matter? At least it isn't boring. Now buck up, someone is coming."

Before Naruto could ask who this person was, he was forcefully thrown from his mind and into the realm of reality.

*Forest of Death, bloody clearing, Unknown time*

"Wake up Naru-kun. If you don't I'm going to molest you, fufufufu..." Naruto heard a seductive and rather familiar voice say as he started to fully wake up.

"Ugh, w-where am I?" He blearily said as he opened his eyes only to stare into a pair of honey colored orbs that he was incredibly familiar with. "A-Anko-nee?" He questioned softly. His reply was a gentle kiss to the forehead that confirmed his thoughts on the identity of the person.

"Yeah, it's me." Anko said kindly as she stood up from her position of intensely staring at Naruto. "Nice job tearing up the place by the way."

As she continued to look at the boy that had found a way into her heart so many years ago, Anko could only marvel at how well he had grown. She wasn't kidding about molesting him if he did not awaken… The best thing was that now she could start a relationship with him without being labeled a pedo! All those years of waiting were well worth it she concluded. Unknown to her, Naruto was also marveling at just how sexy his Anko-nee was…

"What time is it Anko-nee?" Naruto asked as he forcefully ripped his mind from the gutter. 'Stupid hormones…'

"I'd say about noon."

"I see. So it hasn't been that long since the meeting."

"Oh, that meeting was yesterday. I returned from my mission this morning and was immediately set out to look for you since you didn't come back to the Hyuga compound last night." Anko said with a bit of glee in her voice. She couldn't help it, she was just so damned happy to have Naruto back. It was only her weakening willpower that kept her from smothering Naruto to death in a hug that could bend steel.

XX Flashback: Roughly an hour earlier at the Hyuga compound XX

"Sigh. What a waste of time." Anko blearily said as she entered the Hyuga compound. Her mission had been completed when it turned out that the noble she and her, specifically requested and all female, squad members were guarding thought that 'kunoichi' was synonymous with 'hooker'. After correcting that thought of his, he gave them the amount owed (along with a generous tip) and presumably would forever associate the word 'kunoichi' with horrible pain. She had then returned to Konoha, eager to spend her earnings on some high quality dango and sake with close friends.

Although, she noticed that it was oddly quiet at the place she called a second home. There was usually a few Hyuga entering or departing on some kind of business but right now it was empty except for the ever-present guards. As she made it further into the Hyuga compound in search of some of her favorite people, she heard Hitomi's voice coming from one of the gardens… Quickly appearing in said garden, Anko was rather confused as to why there was a few dozen Hyuga standing in neat rows while Hitomi stood in front of them like a wartime commander.

"Hey Hitomi-sama! What's with the all the ruckus?" Anko loudly asked. Even having etiquette drilled into her by Hitomi could not rid Anko of all her rough edges (not that anyone minded).

"Anko-chan!?" Hitomi said surprised. No one expected Anko to return for at least a week.

"Yo. My mission was concluded early so I hightailed it back here. So what's going on?" Anko replied cheerfully and more than a little curious. Hitomi then proceeded to explain the situation and Anko found herself going through a strange storm of emotions. Disbelief, happiness, rage and disgust being a few of the bigger ones. "If I still know Naru-kun like I think I do, then I know where he is." Anko said seriously and then left after assuring Hitomi that she would soon return.

XX Flashback end XX

"Come on now. It's lunch time after all." Anko said as she helped Naruto up. "Oh, and before I forget…" At this Naruto looked at her curiously before receiving a chakra enhanced punch that broke his nose. "That was for worrying everyone and disappearing on me for all these years." Anko said over Naruto's howls of pain before she grabbed him by the hair and forcefully kissed him. Well, it was more like she violated his mouth considering how aggressive she was being with her tongue as she savored both the kiss and the blood from her earlier attack. "And that's for coming back to me. I look forward to spending some quality time together with you. Fufufufu…" Anko said with a tone that sent shivers down Naruto's spine as he snapped his nose back into place and tried to wrap his mind around what just happened.

"If only she were a giant sentient chakra beast…" Kyuubi said with a sigh. "You better hit that, and hit it hard."

'Shut up.' Naruto angrily told the giant fox as he followed his dear friend out of the forest. He never noticed her scarlet blush and the fact that she seemed to be taking the longest route out of the forest.

*A bit later, Hyuga clan compound entrance*

"What the hell are you doing here?" Naruto snarled as he saw Minato and a small group of Anbu at the front entrance along with Hinata, Hanabi, Haku, Hiashi and Hitomi.

"I came to get you for the test of skills." Minato replied as he looked away. The raw anger in Naruto's gaze made him unable to meet his eyes. "I will allow anyone you wish to accompany you. You have an hour to get to training ground 7."

"Let's get this over with." Naruto said as he left to go have a small meal and bathe (making sure to wrap both of his arms in bandages this time…).

*Training ground 7, an hour later*

A rather impressive group was gathered at the training ground: the Hokage and his family, the clan heads who had just been informed of what was about to occur, Danzo (who was still displeased about being denied the opportunity to train the yondaime's children), several elite jonin that were there to aid in the testing and, of course, the Hyuga family plus two.

"Alright Naruto, the test is rather simple: you'll fight a trio of jonin and we'll see where you stand." Minato said as he handed Naruto his chokuto. Naruto refused to say anything and merely nodded as he went to stand in the middle of the clearing. Pointedly ignoring Kushina's wave and shout of 'hello' (though he did give Naruko a nod at her greeting).

As Naruto waited, he saw a trio of jonin appear in front him. He recognized Minato's last student Kakashi Hatake (who gave him a lazy wave which was answered with a hateful glare), an unknown purple haired Anbu with a sword strapped to her back and a rather strange looking man in a green jumpsuit with a bowl haircut.

"Hello youthful Naruto-kun! My name is Might Guy!" The now named strange man said as he smiled blindlingly and gave Naruto a thumbs up. Naruto was unsure on how to respond to such enthusiasm…

"And I am Yugao Uzuki." The Anbu said quickly, knowing that meeting Guy for the first time tended to leave someone speechless. Yugao had always wondered on the subject of her friend Anko's well known affection. And now seeing him in the flesh and all grown up… Well, Yugao had to admit that Anko had very good foresight and taste. "We will be testing you today. We will start at Hokage-sama's signal." Yugao finished in a business like tone. Naruto merely nodded and readied himself for the battle that was about to come.




Minato then threw a kunai into the air. As its graceful arc came to an end and it sunk into the earth, both sides exploded into action.

Naruto had his chokuto out and managed to block the lightening fast slash from Yugao. This lasted for merely a moment however as Guy came at Naruto's right in order to deliver a devastating haymaker. Deciding to avoid the punch, Naruto used his superior strength to violently push the now surprised Yugao back as he then sidestepped Guy's attack. This, however, lead directly into Kakashi's attack as he erupted from the ground with his kunai ready to pierce Naruto's side.

Naruto did not take kindly to this as he used a burst of speed to smack away the kunai with his chokuto before using a chakra powered jump to gain some distance. Landing a fair bit away, Naruto observed his adversaries as they did the same.

Deciding that the odds were a bit too against him at the moment, Naruto made the tiger seal as a thick mist soon descended upon the clearing. Using the Kirigakure no jutsu would give Naruto a serious advantage since Zabuza had made damn sure that he mastered it and the little stare off ensured Naruto had built up enough chakra to make it even thicker than usual.

"Shit. Kakashi, can your Sharingan see through the mist?" Yugao asked as she and her comrades immediately formed a triangle to ensure that Naruto could not easily sneak up on them.

"Unfortunately no. The mist is primarily comprised of chakra so my Sharingan wouldn't be able to pierce it. Although, with the thickness and amount created he shouldn't have too much chakra left."

"Talking is a terrible thing." Naruto's voice suddenly rang out as he appeared before Yugao with a powerful horizontal slash that she managed to block for a brief second before her blade snapped in half. She barely managed to evade being cut in half as she utilized a back step. However, she was now weaponless and had received a shallow but long cut across her abdomen. Kakashi and Guy both leapt to her side and guarded her they as took stock of the situation.

"Guy, I want you to guard Yugao. I've got something that'll be able to deal with this mist." Kakashi said as he jumped into the mist with a kunai in his hand.

"Was that really wise?" Naruto's voice boomed out from every direction as Kakashi awaited his attack.

"A shinobi must do what is necessary."

"If you say so." Naruto said as he suddenly appeared behind Kakashi with a one handed downward swing of his blade. Kakashi used his vast experience to judge the blade's course as he leaned out of the way just enough for the blade to scratch his shoulder but not enough for it to do any real damage. Expecting Naruto to disappear into the mist again, Kakashi was caught off guard by his follow up attack as a vicious, chakra enhanced jab to his ribs sent him flying back. Unknown to him, Naruto had covered his fists in his chakra metal in order to throw in powerful taijutsu attacks when his blade missed.

As Kakashi corrected himself midair and landed, he fell to one knee from the amount of pain the attack caused. 'Dear Kami! It felt like a punch from Tsunade-sama! That must have broken at least three ribs…' Before Kakashi could stand up again, he felt a blade against his neck. 'What?'

The mist then cleared to show Yugao held hostage by water clones as Guy looked on, knowing full well he would not be able to free her. "How?" Kakashi dumbly asked.

"My suiton has been trained extensively, so much so that I can use several techniques without a source of water. I didn't use any earlier in the fight specifically so you, the only one with any experience fighting me, would think my arsenal was severely limited and thus not warn your teammates. You underestimated me Kakashi and it seems you forgot my invisibility technique from Nami." Naruto said smugly. "I also made sure to target you and Yugao-san. I already had a rough understanding on how you fight and I am rather good with kenjutsu so Yugao-san was a good target. I was unsure if I could fight Guy-san toe to toe so I took him out of the equation via distractions in the mist. I will admit, had I not been able to separate you three and enact my strategy, I would have lost." Naruto finished in an analytical tone. He had been trained (tortured) by Zabuza to always examine his battles extensively in order to improve.

"I see…" Kakashi said as he realized he had underestimated Naruto. Instead of informing his teammates of his known skills he had assumed that they would win easily since it was several elite jonin against one individual. He didn't even try to use his trump card the Sharingan… This realization deeply hurt his ego as a ninja… Feeling the blade move away from his neck, Kakashi looked at Naruto only to find him staring at the approaching Hokage.

"Very impressive Naruto. The shinobi council and I have decided that your rank will be jonin." Minato said with a strained smile as Naruto merely nodded before body flickering back to the Hyuga compound to avoid speaking further to anyone he did not want to. Minato could only sigh at Naruto's actions as he looked at a despondent Kushina, who had started running towards them in order to congratulate Naruto. Minato did however note that his daughter had also disappeared along with the Hyuga and Anko…

*Spectators during the fight*

"So that is Naruto eh? The pup has certainly grown into an alpha." Tsume said as she could feel the alpha vibe coming from Naruto.

"My insects tell me to be weary of him. It seems his chakra is abnormal in some way." Shibi Aburame replied.

"Naruto-chan has always been special. Even if some people couldn't see it." Hitomi said proudly as her comment made both Kushina and Minato flinch. Hitomi may have returned to being friends with Kushina but that did not mean she wasn't still deeply angry with her… Near Hitomi, Haku, Hinata, Hanabi and Anko smiled proudly as they vehemently agreed with Hitomi.

"We did the best we could." Minato softly said with Kushina nodding next to him.

"And it is that train of thought that keeps Naruto-kun preferring my home to yours." Hiashi coldly said as everyone stiffened at both his tone and harsh words.

"What do you mean Hiashi?" Minato asked with an edge to his voice.

"Mistakes are a terrible thing Minato. But never admitting and apologizing for a mistake can sometimes be worse." Hiashi said as he gazed into Minato's eyes. It infuriated Hiashi to no end that Minato would keep trying to shift blame like this and not own up to things. Did the dumb bastard think he could sweep years of neglect under the rug by suddenly and forcefully trying to ingratiate himself into Naruto's life? At this Minato looked away and kept quiet.

No one spoke a word until the end of the fight when they determined Naruto's rank.

*Hyuga front entrance*

It seemed that the Hyuga family plus two had the same thoughts as Naruto as they all appeared within seconds of each other in front of the compound. Before anyone could say anything, a new presence made itself known as Naruko appeared.

"Naruko-chan, what are you doing here?" Hinata questioned as she noticed a strange look in her friend's eye.

"I came here to challenge my onii-chan to a one-on-one fight." Naruko replied as she refused to look at anyone else but Naruto…

*A few days later, Kumogakure, Raikage's office*

The yondaime Raikage A, was not a stupid man. In fact, even with his thuggish looks and penchant for wanting to solve most problems with violence, he was still very shrewd. Which is why he was intensely staring at a cowering shinobi under his command that had just delivered information on their rival village Konoha.

"So, you're telling me that Namikaze's son is not only still alive but back in Konoha. And not only that, there seems to be some incredibly bad blood between him and his family. Excuse me if I'm a bit skeptical." A said with simmering anger leaking into his tone. He did not like his time being wasted.

"It's true A-sama! Our spies have been keeping their ears to the ground and it seems Naruto-san will not even step foot in Namikaze-san's home. It is also well known that the villagers themselves despise him, though they can no longer show it openly. The loathing seems to be mutual on Naruto-san's end." The Kumo nin said as he handed the Raikage a folder filled with as much information as they could get on Naruto, including a rather decent photo. The Kumo nin did not mention that there seemed to be someone within Konoha that was rather eager to disseminate information on the former Namikaze…

"Hmm, go. On your way out, tell Mabui to get B and his team here." A said after thinking for a few moments and carefully looking through the rather well done file, the Kumo nin nodded quickly and left even quicker. He had seen what happened to B whenever he angered the short tempered Raikage… such a fate should certainly be avoided at all costs.




"Yo bro. You call for me? The amazing and oh so skilled Killer B!" Killer B said as he and his team entered a short while later.

"Shut the hell up B!" A angrily said as he had to restrain himself from attacking his brother. At times he wondered if B rapped for the sole purpose of irritating him to no end… "I called you all here because there has been an important change to your mission parameters." A said as everyone, even B, became deadly serious. "Originally your mission was two-fold: dominate the Chunin exams to garner an increase in clientele and knock Konoha down a peg and to survey the village in order to see if they've been keeping up their security." At this, B and his 'genin' team nodded. This mission was the entire reason they had yet to be promoted after all. "But, I've received word that Namikaze's son is alive and well. And he seems to be ripe for a conversion…" A said as he slid the file towards B, who took it and after giving it a quick look handed it to his team.

Both A and B smirked when they saw the vivid blushes that manifested themselves on the faces of Samui and Karui.

"Aww, are my little kunoichi fallin for the fishcake from the land of leaves?" B 'rapped' rather badly as Samui and Karui sent him a glare. Omoi had lost himself in a daydream about how it could all go wrong the moment they stepped foot in Konoha (which somehow involved toads, snakes, slugs, rocks, several resurrected kage and, of all things, metal coated fishcakes).

"Raikage-sama, are you sure Naruto-san would respond well to this? If he does not and alerts the Hokage then this situation could become very bad very quickly." Samui asked in her stoic tone.

"Of course. If you had read the file instead of ogling the picture then you would have seen just why I added this to your mission." A said with some humor in his tone as he saw Samui blush again. A may have been hard on his brother but he did care rather deeply for his nieces: Samui, Yugito and Karui. "At any rate, get in contact with him and give him the invitation. We may be on friendlier terms with Konoha right now but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take opportunities when they present themselves." A finished in a serious tone as he saw everyone nod. If this kid had even half the talent his father and mother did then this was well worth the risk…

*A clearing outside Iwagakure*

"It has been a long time Orochimaru. Honestly I wished it was longer." The sandaime Tsuchikage Onoki said as he stared at the snake summoning Sannin. At the Tsuchikage's back was a small army of shinobi since he knew better than to take the insane man before him lightly.

"You wound me my dear Onoki. After all the times we've tried to kill each other and yet you still treat me so coldly." The twisted snake said in a teasing tone as he stood in front of his own group of shinobi. "But on to business. You've received the information from my messenger correct? About my future plans and the return of a certain silver haired boy…"

"I did."

"Well? What is your answer to it?" At this, Onoki made a small motion with his hands as a group of ten shinobi walked forward.

"These are my contribution. If you and your little alliance fail to destroy the leaf or at the very least cripple it then I will claim no knowledge on any of this and brand them as rogue nin. If you succeed… Well, we'll cross that bridge if we get to it." Onoki said in a condescending tone. Onoki was never known for being pleasant.

"Hmm, quite a paltry number don't you think?" Orochimaru said as he narrowed his eyes.

"On the contrary, I handpicked them for this and I am certain that they have the ability to accomplish their goals: destroy Konoha's infrastructure and hunt down the Namikaze spawn." Onoki said with a smile at the thought of Minato's children being taken down by his own nin.

"Very well then. Farewell for now Onoki." Orochimaru said as he left with his own forces and the new addition of elite Iwa shinobi.

Konoha was headed for some troubling times it seems...


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