One night it hit him. He hadn't had any visions since he met the other Loric. Eight brushed it off quickly with a shrug and turned around to get comfy.

After all he had defied the prophecy on the wall, or Marina had. But either way it was over thanks to her. He owed her more than he could ever do. With these thoughts he drifted off to sleep again.

Which was good because the next night he didn't get much. Marina hadn't come for dinner because she had been watching over Ella but when someone else had their turn (they had to make turns or she wouldn't have left her side), she didn't appear in the kitchen or say a word to anyone. She was on Six's bed quietly pretending to get some sleep, but her eyes were open looking into the darkness of the room until she was so exhausted that her eyes closed by themselves. Not being able to save Ella was destroying her day by day and knowing that she had awful dreams like the vision she saw did not help. That was the main reason she waited until sleep came. If she closed her eyes and tried, she would see the dead bodies covering the city, the blood painting the streets… She would see her friends in pain and Eight stabbed with a sword, only this time she couldn't save him, no matter how much she wanted to move, she was paralyzed.

Light entered shyly when Eight came in with food.

"Thank you."

"It's alright. Couldn't let you starve." He half-joked. "Good night, Marina."

"Good night." She whispered. "No, wait." He stopped his tracks. "Could you…could you stay? For a while. I don't feel like being alone." She glanced down at her plate before their eyes met.

"Yeah, sure." He smiled.

That night she slept better and he thought that maybe he didn't have more visions because she was there. That maybe somehow his sixth sense knew that it wasn't needed anymore.

He was wrong.

This is for everyone who reads it because it was Valentine's day and because you are all awesome people who read my stories and for that i thank you. This ends with a bit of a sad ending. I imagined that he hadn't any more visions because he was going to die so he couldn't see the future anymore cause he wouldn't be there. Anyway, lets concentrate on the fact that Eight makes Marina feel better and the other way around too. Happy love day everyone!