The requested Nine x Six drabble! It's some bonding time. Six and Nine are both physically and mentally strong in a similar way so they can understand each other pretty well if they really talk. Plus, their interactions are always gold!


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Nine is standing by the door and I know exactly what he is doing and why. Not more than a few meters from him is Marina sleeping on the couch; finally giving in to exhaustion. She doesn't get much sleep anyway because of the nightmares. Eight's death has affected her the most.

"I thought I was doing the second watch." I tell him.

"I'm alright, you can go back to sleep." He turns his head to me.

"No, you need to sleep too."

"I'm fine."

"You're not. Stop staring at her and go to your damn bed."

"Do I detect jealousy, Sweetheart?" He tries to smirk.

"No, you detect intelligence. I need you fit and ready, not half zombie because you didn't sleep when you had to." My voice is firm and steady.


I sigh. He turns back to Marina's sleeping form and I can almost hear his thoughts as loud as screams.

"It's not your fault, Nine." I try to say as softly as possible.

It's a touchy subject. How could it not be? We lost one of our own and he was killed by a traitor. I know Nine blames himself, at least partly. He exercises and trains as much as he can, sometimes he leaves a few hours a day to go punch some tree and when we fight, he's too serious, too angry.

"Mmh-hm." He brushes it off without even glancing in my direction.

"Then stop acting like it is and get some damn sleep!" I breathe. "I'll tell you if anything happens."

He understood what I was referring to. No Mog attack was worrying us; it was the kind friend that had turned into a quiet cold woman and the never ending nightmares. Marina turned around in her sleep almost as if she knew that I was talking about her.
Nine doesn't move for a moment just to make sure that she is okay before he turns around and faces me.

"I guess you're right." Another proof that he needs some rest, Nine doesn't just say these things to people. "I need some well earned sleep, you, on the other hand…" He trails off.

"Oh, shut up and go to bed."

He smirks amused and walks off. Just before closing the door of the only room we have, he stops and faces me again. His dark eyes lock with mine and I can almost taste the hatred that comes out of his next words.

"We should have killed him."

Anger, loss and betrayal infect my voice.

"I know."

I really hope you liked it! I'm now gonna go to bed because it's late and show week starts tomorrow (we are doing our musical this week and it's really exciting and terrifying but I need to sleep as much as possible so my voice doesn't suffer much).

Just to clarify Nine kinda blames himself because he talked too much and because he wasn't able to protect everyone and Eight died for him, so he's subconciously making sure Marina is relatively ok to make up for it.

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