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The air was blowing against her face and her head was leaning towards the window enjoying it. She had her eyes closed with a little smile of happiness. If someone had told her a few months back that this would happen, she would have never believed them. But here she was, driving shotgun in the direction of the nearest airport because they were done with loralite stones for a while.

She turned her head lazily to the left to look at him and he caught her staring.

"Hey, don't distract the driver." He joked.

She smiled and turned back to the window, but not for long; she needed to look at him again. As she watched his handsome face trying to suppress a grin and his wild curls dancing with the wind, she felt the happiest and luckiest girl in the entire universe.

Eight was with her.


Everything happened too fast. She was dodging an attack when she saw a Mog throwing something at Eight's head. Her "Eight!" went ignored as he fell unconscious into the water.

Marina didn't think it twice; she jumped after him before he could drown. She put her arms around him to pull him up with her. Out of the water, she shouted for someone to cover her, so she could check on him. Six came running to them.

"Eight." She muttered. "Eight, wake up."

"I think you need to do CPR."

Marina looked down at Eight and with her little knowledge of CPR, she pushed down the centre of his chest three times. Then, she leaned down, holding his nose and lifting his chin, and breathed air into him. His lips were wet and when she was about to breathe into him again, Marina felt them moving against hers as if they were kissing. She quickly pulled back surprised as he coughed out water.

"Sorry, not very sexy." He smiled sheepishly.

Marina laughed.


The stars were shining in the dark sky over them. Silence reigned but it was a comfortable one that both of them enjoyed because they were in each other's company.

"Do you remember anything from the ship?" Marina asked softly after a while.

"Some things." Eight replied cryptic.

"Like what?"

Eight looked at her smiling. "I remember you."


He nodded. "You were crying." Marina blushed ashamed. "I asked you if you wanted to play and you stopped crying. After that I think we were together a lot. Do you remember?"

"Yes. I was crying because I missed my parents. I wanted to be with them." She sighed. "But you helped me forget about it. I liked playing with you."

Eight took her hand. "You know what the funny thing is?" He asked with a half smile. "I think I had a crush on you."

Marina blushed again but this time for different reasons. "Sure." She dismissed him.

"Yeah." He chuckled. "Accept it. We are meant for each other."

"Good, because you're stuck with me." She said imitating his joking tone.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."


She thought she would soon go crazy.

She could barely sleep. Her nights were filled with silence and sorrow and when she closed her eyes, she saw dying all over again. She couldn't sleep, but when she did, nightmares chased her. Eight stretching his arms out for her, crying for her to heal him but she couldn't move and he blamed her for being so slow, for not trying at all.

She had dark circles under her eyes, her skin was noticeably pale and her performance in training was worse than ever. She let all her frustration, anger and sadness out without control and for those moments, she was as destructive as a tornado but then she was tired and empty, too easy to fight.

The rest of the Garde wanted to help her but they didn't know how. John though of sleeping pills but they didn't help much. Six stayed with her at night, just like they had done with Ella. Her kidnapping had done nothing but worsen Marina's status. During the day she firmly believed that they would destroy Setrákus Ra and every day that passed she resembled more Nine's behavior. But at night, only Six saw the real damage that the war had done to Marina.

It was truly devastating to see someone with the ability to heal the wounded being unable to heal her own broken heart.



When you thought about it, it was really ironic.

Everyone around her got hurt. Everyone around her died. She was a living curse. It was so damn ironic that she had the power to save people from death but they were always taken from her in the end.

They had stopped the prophecy and it still came back to haunt them.

She was the danger. No one was safe with her near. Especially not him. His life was already badly threatened to begin with but they tried to defy destiny.

They thought they had outsmarted fate, but she must hate them. She gave them both a curse that cannot be broken. One that they foolishly tried to ignore.

In fairy tales and stories good always wins, heroes succeed and evil is defeated, but this was real life. They were fighting a war and the odds were never in their favor.

She should have known.


They had to find Ella before it was too late. After John told them about his dream while he was comatose, they agreed that they had to find her as soon as possible. They entered a Mogadorian base where they thought she could be help and made it to the cells fighting every Mog or agent that was in their way.

But Ella wasn't in the cells. Marina could barely breathe. They yelled the little Loric's name in whispers but nothing. She just wasn't there.

There was someone else, though. A husky, tired voice that made them stop on their tracks. "Hello? Someone there? Am I dreaming again?"

Marina's heart skipped a beat. She knew that voice.

"No." She breathed unbelievably.

She turned around searching the source of the voice. Part of her was scared that it was her mind playing tricks on her because she truly wanted to see him again but, at the same time, it was so real that it hurt.

She ignored the calls of the others as she ran to a cell as dark as the rest, except she could see a silhouette holding to the bars. She stepped closer and felt tears in her eyes and her throat was dry making it impossible for her to say anything. The beatings of her heart were faster than ever.

It was really him.


He had died, but he was there. Right in front of her, alive. With dirty hair, a tired expression and a damaged body but alive.

His eyes sparkled with joy upon seeing her and his face lighted up with a smile.


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