"Class, this is Carlos Garcia. He just moved here from Florida, and he's mute. That means he doesn't speak. I expect you all to make him feel welcome! Carlos, you can go take a seat next to Kendall. Kendall, please raise your hand."

Carlos surveys the room, as a guy with blonde hair lifts his hand about two inches in the air. He hates this. Moving so many states. Sure, his life in Florida wasn't that good, but at least he had friends. He knew people. Here, he's the new kid. The outcast. The loner. He wills his feet to move, and they carry him over to the empty seat next to Kendall. He can tell that the blonde doesn't look at all happy about the situation. Kendall's glancing at two other kids, both brunettes, one with longer, chestnut hair, the other with darker, spiked hair, a look of desperation on his face. It's not like this is new to Carlos. He knows that people don't usually take kindly to him. Because he's different.

He drops down into the chair, watching as Kendall looks at him, distaste written all over the other boy's face. "If you hadn't already figured this out, I'm not happy about this. Don't talk to me, don't look at me, and don't try to become my friend. You're weird. No one would ever be friends with someone like you." Kendall's words pierce Carlos' heart. Why does everyone think that just because he doesn't speak, he's not allowed to have emotions? He feels sadness, depression, heartbreak, just as much as any other person.

He's just misunderstood.

"You little brat! I told you to clean the floor until it sparkled!" Antonio Garcia's voice echoes through the Garcia household, as he glares at his youngest son. The boy is 8 years old, and already proving to be a troublesome child. He's disobedient, rude, lazy, and just plain worthless.

"Papi...I'm sorry...I tried my best..." Carlos stares at his father pitifully. He doesn't understand what he did to deserve this. He's always been a good child...at least he thinks so. He's never gotten in trouble- his parents have just tortured him, ever since he was about 4 or 5. He hasn't had the chance to even be a troublesome child. He's just...is it wrong for an right year old to hate his life? Is it wrong for an eight year old to wish he was dead?

Because that's how he's been feeling.

"Just get out of my sight! I can't bear to look at you!" The words chip off a piece of his heart, but at the same time, free him from his father's evil clutches. He rises to his feet and dashes out of the room, a tear falling down his cheek.

Carlos felt someone shaking his shoulder, snapping him out of his flashback seeing the teacher's worried look shown on her face as she asked "are you okay Carlos?" He quickly nodded his head and ducked his head down as he heard Kendall laughing at his far away look, "so stupid, he's mute and pathetic" was the words Kendall muttered quietly only for Carlos to hear.

Kendall left the room silently chuckling as he met up with his friends, James and Logan, to everyone in the school, they were three hockey players, yet bullies to those who have tried to throw them off the ice, Kendall is the leader of the group, James and Logan are nothing like him but follows in his bullying ways, the reason is they're scared of what he'll do to them if they try to leave him.