So this is my new story, it's only going to be about 7/8 chapters long and will just show each day of the Messer's holiday in Montana - if you have a spare few seconds please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it :)

The Messer's had decided to take a week's vacation to Montana, Lindsay's cousin had just had a new baby and she wanted to bring her little family to meet their new relative. It was just after 9pm when the plane touched down in Montana. The sky was dark and both children were fast asleep and had been for the past two hours. Lucy was curled up on her side with her head leant against Danny's arm, while Joshua, who was also curled up in his chair had his head resting on Lindsay's legs.

The cabin crew had finally opened the plane door and were now allowing the passengers off. Lindsay placed her hands under Joshua's arms and carefully lifted him up, resting him on her hip, she reached for their carry on bag and placed it on her other shoulder. "Ready?" she asked her husband.

Danny nodded as he carefully shifted Lucy into a more comfortable position on his hip "Where's your Dad meeting us?"

"By the baggage claim" Lindsay replied as she began to walk down the aisle of the plane.

"Good, he can take Lucy then while I carry our luggage, was a bit worried about having to do both"

"I'm sure you would have managed"

"Course I would, but still its easier to do it with help"

Lindsay laughed as she exited the plane "These two are going to be so upset that they never got to meet Dad at the airport"

"I'm sure they'll get over it when they realise they are staying at his house and not a hotel like we told them"

"That's true. I spoke to Dad on the phone last night, he's so excited to see them, did you know last time we came up Lucy was only two and Joshua was just a baby"

"Really? It's been three years?"

Lindsay nodded "We need to come visit him more often, Danny, he gets lonely now Mum's gone"

"We will, Linds, I promise" Danny smiled.

They made their way through the airport and eventually arrived and baggage claims where Robert Monroe was waiting for them. Lindsay gave him a big smile when she saw him "Hey Dad"

"Hey Sweetheart, It's good to see you" He replied before leaning in to kiss her cheek.

"And you, sorry it's kind of late but Danny had to work this morning so we had to catch the later flight"

"Ah, don't worry about it, you're all here now and that's all that matters"

"Hey Robert" Danny said holding out his hand to greet his father-in-law.

Robert smiled and shook Danny's hand "It's good to see you again, son, it's been too long"

"It has, me and Lindsay were just discussing about coming up to visit you more regularly."

"I'd like that" Robert smiled.

"I think we all would" Danny agreed "Especially Lucy and Joshua, they were so excited all week about coming"

"I can't believe how big the two of them have got. how old are they now?"

Lindsay smiled, she knew how rubbish her Dad was when it came to ages and birthdays. "Lucy's five and Joshua is three"

"It's scary watching them grow up, isn't it?"

Lindsay nodded "Yeah, Lucy is starting kindergarten in September, that's scary"

"Talking of Lucy, would you mind taking her for me, Robert, while I just grab our cases?" Danny asked.

"No of course not" Robert replied, opening his arms. He carefully accepted his granddaughter, who stirred slightly but soon settled her head on Robert's shoulder and fell back to sleep.

"I'll be two minutes" Danny said before making his way over to the luggage claim.

"I've sorted out your brothers old room for Lucy and Joshua to sleep in" Robert told Lindsay as they waited for Danny to arrive back with the cases.

"They could have just stayed in with us"

"No, I'm not having no grandchild of mine sleeping on blow up bed on the floor, especially when there is two good beds in your brother's room. It just needed a bit of tidying and new duvet covers put on the bed"

"Aw thanks Dad" Lindsay smiled gratefully.

"I even went out and brought cartoon duvet covers for them, a princess one for Lucy and one tigers and lions on for Joshua"

"I'm sure they'll love them"

"Right, I've got the case" Danny called as he pulled their case behind them and carried a holdall over his shoulder.

"Come on then, let's go home, you two must be exhausted with all that flying?"

"Well I wouldn't say no to eight hours undisturbed sleep right now" Danny laughed.

Once they arrived at the car, Danny placed the luggage in the boot while Robert and Lindsay strapped the two sleeping children into their car seats. "Shall I sit in the back with them?" Lindsay asked.

"No, Linds you need to see up front with your Dad" Danny replied.

"As much as I'd love to sit up front with him, I'm not sure you'll fit between both of the car seats in the back."

Danny leaned over and looked at the small gap between the seats "No you're probably right, you sit there and I'll sit in the front"

"Okay" Lindsay carefully climbed over Joshua and settled herself in the middle seat.

"Everyone ready?" Robert asked from the driver's seat.

"Yeah, I'm all sorted" Danny replied.

"Me too" Lindsay added.

"Okay, let's go home" Robert smiled as he started the car and drove the family of four back to the Monroe house.

Twenty minutes later they pulled up outside Robert's white two-story house. "Home sweet home" he smiled as he cut off the engine and got out the car. "Want me to take the luggage in?"

"Would you mind?" Lindsay asked as she climbed out the car "It just means me and Danny can get the kids settled into their beds a lot quicker"

"No it's fine, want me to get some jammies out of the case for them?"

"No, They can just sleep in their pants and vests tonight" Lindsay told him as she undid Joshua's seatbelt and lifted him in to her arms.

"Won't they get cold?" Robert wondered.

"Nah, they're use to the cold weather with living in New York" Danny explained as he lifted Lucy from her seat.

"Okay, well while you get them settled, I'll make you both a nice hot cup of cocoa"

"You don't need to do that, Dad" Lindsay smiled as they walked up to the house.

"No I don't, but I want to. It's not often I get to see my only daughter these days, so I when I do, I like to spoil her"

Lindsay blushed as Robert opened the front door to the house that she grew up in. Walking in, she smiled seeing that the hallway was still the same as it always had been "You've still got the hight chart then?" Lindsay said pointing out the wall by the corner which had hers and her brother's heights recorded on in pencil.

"Of course" he smiled "I'm never getting rid of that, it reminds me of how small you all were once"

"We'll have to measure Lucy and Joshua against it tomorrow, see if they are as tall as you were at their age" Danny suggested.

"Yeah that sounds good" Lindsay replied "Let's get them up to bed now though before they wake"

"Okay, see you in a minute, Robert" Danny said as he followed Lindsay up the stairs to her brother's old bedroom.

Laying Lucy down on the bed, Danny carefully stripped her from her denim dress, pink leggings and her converse before pulling the duvet over her and giving her a kiss good night. He looked up to find Lindsay giving Joshua a kiss "Wanna switch?"

"Okay" She laughed as she came round to Lucy's bed to plant a soft kiss on her daughters forehead.

"Mummy?" Lucy murmured in her sleep.

"Yeah, baby, it's me. Go back to sleep" Lindsay whispered.

"In bed?"

"Yeah you're in bed now, it's night-time"

Lucy muttered something incoherent before rolling over and drifting back off to sleep.

"That was close" Danny said letting out a sigh of relief "We would never get any sleep if she woke up properly"

"No you're right, she'd be too excited to go back to sleep" Lindsay replied as they made their way out of the room, taking one last glance at her sleeping children, she pulled the door a jar and made her way down stairs with Danny.

"They settle okay?" Robert asked as he stirred the cocoa into one of the cups of hot milk.

"Yeah, Lucy sort of woke up but she soon drifted back off" Danny replied.

"Oh good" Robert smiled as he passed them each a cup. "Drink it up while it's still hot"

Lindsay sat down on one of the breakfast bar stools and took a sip of her hot chocolate "So, what do you have planned for us this week, Dad?"

"Not a lot really, I mean there's the horses in the field that I know Lucy would love to see and then my mate John has a load of tractors that Joshua will love, I spoke to him already and he said if it's okay with you two, he'll do a trailer ride with the kids but other than that, I thought you'd be making your own plans"

Lindsay nodded "Well I obviously want to see Megan and her new baby, I also want to take the children around Montana and just show them where I grew up and how it's different to New York, I know Lucy has seen it before but she was only two, so I doubt she remembers and I wouldn't mind paying a visit to the graveyard to see the girls"

"Well I guess you won't want to be taking the children to see the girls, so I don't mind watching them while you and Danny head up there at some point"

"Yeah, we can sit down and arrange some stuff tomorrow, I'm way to tired to think about anything now" Lindsay said before letting out a yawn.

"No that's fine, you two head up to bed, you've had a long day"

"Thanks Dad" Lindsay hopped of the stool and came to give her Father a kiss on the cheek. "I'm really looking forward to spending this week here with you"

"So am I" he smiled.

Danny picked up both of their hot cocoa's "See you in the morning, Robert"

"Yeah, see you then. You both sleep well"

"You to Dad, love you" Lindsay replied.

"Love you too, sweetie" Robert smiled, he watched the two of them head up stairs before going to the living room to watch a bit of TV before bed.

Lindsay and Danny went upstairs to her old childhood bedroom, putting the cups down on the side, Danny lifted up the case and placed it on the flowery bedspread that covered the bed. "Want me to get some jammies out for you?"

"Yeah, I'll just check the kids again while you do that"

"Okay" opening the case Danny pulled out some pyjama bottoms and a wife beater for himself and then a pair of pink pyjamas with small white polka dots for Lindsay, placing them on her pillow, he then proceeded to pull out all their bathroom essentials and carry them to the en-suite bathroom with his pyjamas so he could get changed.

"They're both still sound asleep" Lindsay called to him as she came back into the room, Picking up her cocoa, she took a sip before adding "Joshua is even snoring slightly"

"Aw, just like his Mummy does" Danny smirked as he came back into the bedroom.

"I do not snore" Lindsay exclaimed as she gently hit Danny's chest with her hand.

"Okay, okay, you don't snore" Danny said as he lifted the suitcase from the bed and placed it by the cupboard, ready for them to sort out all the clothes in the morning and hang them up. "Go get changed you, so we can get some sleep"

"Okay, back in a minute" Lindsay placed her cup back down on the side, picking up her pyjamas from the bed, she made her way into the bathroom to get changed.

Danny climbed into bed, pulling the duvet over himself, he laid down and waited for his wife to come back.

Lindsay exited the bathroom a few minutes later to find Danny fast asleep in bed. After switching the light out, she came to join him. Snuggling down under the covers she smiled to herself, she was pleased to finally be back in Montana with her Father. Snuggling up closer to Danny, she closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful slumber.