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"Now remember, baby Evie is only little, okay, so you need to be quiet and gentle with her" Danny reminded the children as he lifted Joshua out of the rental car that they had finally got round to getting yesterday afternoon and placed him next to Lucy.

"We will, Daddy" Lucy replied.

"We'll be super quiet!" Joshua added.

Lindsay came round from the passenger side and took a hand from each child in hers "Come on then, let's go meet Evie"

"Yay!" both children exclaimed together.

Danny locked the car and the family of four made their way up the path and to the front door of Megan's house. Danny rang the door bell, a few seconds later a petite, brown-haired woman with green eyes appeared. "Lindsay?"

"Yeah Megs, it's me" Lindsay smiled.

"What... when... Uncle Robert never mentioned you were coming"

"No, I wanted to surprise you"

"Well you've certainly done that"

"Can we meet baby Evie?" Lucy asked with a grin.

"Lucy?" Megan asked looking at the five-year old in shock "When did you get so big?"

Lucy shrugged "I dunno, I think it's cos Mummy and Daddy keep feeding me vegi-bubbles"

Megan giggled as she moved back from the door "Please come in, Thomas is going too be so shocked when he sees you all"

The four Messer's made their way into the house, each taking their shoes off in the hallway as not to ruin Megan's hardwood floors. They all then went into the sitting room where Megan's husband Thomas was sat with baby Evie in his arms.

"Tom, look who's here" Megan announced.

Thomas looked up to see the four Messer's enter. "Wow, Lindsay Monroe, I never thought we'd be seeing you again after you moved to the big apple"

Lindsay smiled "Oh Tom, you knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from Montana forever"

"Is that the baby?" Lucy asked pointing to the pink bundle in Thomas's arms.

Thomas nodded "Would you like to see her?"

"Yes please!" both children replied as the ran over to see the baby.

"She's sleeping at the moment, but she should be up soon for some food" Thomas explained.

"She's so cute" Lucy whispered as she gently ran her finger over Evie's forehead.

Joshua looked at Evie in awe before finally tearing his eyes away, he looked up at his parents "Can we get a baby?"

Danny laughed "I don't think so"

Joshua pouted "Why?"

"Because me and Mummy are happy with just the two of you"

"Oh... but maybe you could think about it?"

"Okay, we'll think about it" Danny smiled before turning his attention to his wife "You okay?"

Lindsay nodded as she watched Lucy and Joshua interact with Evie.

"Adorable isn't she?"

Lindsay again nodded.

"Linds? You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, It's... don't worry"

"No, I am worried now" Danny took Lindsay's hand and pulled her through the door which led into the empty kitchen "Look we're alone now, tell me what's wrong"

Lindsay sighed as she pulled out a chair from under the table and sat down. "It's just something my Dad said yesterday"

Danny knelt down beside his wife's chair and held her hand "What did your Dad say?"

"He wants me to visits Mum's grave"

"What's wrong with that? You can do that"

"I can't Danny, I can't see her like that"

Danny frowned "What do you mean? Surely you saw her like that when you attended her funeral"

"That's the thing, I never went to her funeral" Lindsay whispered as she looked down at their entwined fingers.

"What do you mean? Me and Lucy dropped you off at the airport when you went to attend her funeral"

Lindsay sighed "You did, but Dad's next door neighbour wrote the invites and I don't really know what happened, maybe the ink smudged or something but the funeral was on the thirteenth but on my invite it..."

"Looked like the eighteenth" Danny said finishing of her sentence with a sigh.

"Yeah, so by the time I arrived I had missed it"

"So, you've never been back to visit your Mum in the whole four and a half years since she died?"

Lindsay shook her head "It's just easier to think of her as alive, dancing and singing around the kitchen."

"Linds, you need to see her, you need to say a proper good-bye" Danny told her as he stroked his thumb over the back of her hand.

"I know I do, but I just can't"

"You can, we can do it together"

"I don't know if I..."

"Mummy, where are you?" Joshua's little voice called from the sitting room.

"We're in the kitchen, Josh" Danny called back.

Joshua pushed open the kitchen door and walked in "What are you doing in here? Are you making a new baby for me?"

Lindsay let out a small giggle "No, sweetheart, me and Daddy are just talking about grown up stuff"

"What sort of grown up stuff?" Joshua asked inquisitively.

"Just stuff" Danny replied as he held out his arm and pulled Joshua towards him for a cuddle "Where's that sister of yours?"

"She's having cuddle with Evie"

"Did you not want a cuddle?" Lindsay asked.

"I had one" Joshua explained.

"And now you're getting cuddles with us" Danny smiled as he sandwiched Joshua between him and Lindsay.

"Mummy and Daddy cuddles are the best!" Joshua exclaimed.

The kitchen door opened again and this time Megan came through, she stopped as she spotted Danny, Lindsay and Joshua "Sorry, I hope I'm not interrupting anything"

"No, of course not" Lindsay smiled "This is your house, we're the ones who should be sorry for disappearing"

"No, don't worry about it" Megan smiled "I was just about to make some lunch while Thomas feeds Evie her bottle, would you four like to stay for some?"

"Can we stay for lunch, Mummy? Please?" Joshua asked as he looked up at his Mother with his big blue eyes.

Lindsay leaned down and kissed his button nose "We'd love to stay for lunch, Megan"

"Good, are sandwiches okay?"

"Cheese and ham ones?" Joshua asked.

"I'm sure I can rustle you up a cheese and ham sandwich" Megan told him as she made her way over to the fridge.

Half an hour later after Evie had been fed and put in her cot, the four adults, Lucy and Joshua sat round the table to have lunch.

"So, how long are you here for?" Megan asked

"Only until Sunday" Lindsay replied "As we both work together it's hard to get a longer amount of time off work"

"Oh, you both work in the crime lab don't you?" Thomas asked.

"Yeah, they fight crimes like superheroes!" Joshua exclaimed with a mouthful of sandwich.

"Joshua, don't talk with your mouthful" Danny reminded him.

Joshua swallowed the bit of food before apologising to his Father.

"It's okay, just don't do it again"

"I won't, Daddy"

"So, it must be so interesting working in the New York crime lab" Thomas said trying to carry on the conversation.

"Yeah, it has its days" Lindsay smiled "What is it you do again?"

"Oh, I'm just a delivery man, nothing as exciting as your job"

"So you deliver presents?" Lucy wondered.

Thomas nodded "Sometimes"

"So have you met Santa?"

Thomas smiled "No, because Santa delivers all his presents himself, doesn't he?"

"Oh yeah" Lucy giggled "I forgot"

"When will Evie be back down to play?" Joshua asked as he reached for his drink.

"Not for a while yet, she has a good long nap after her lunch" Megan explained.

"But she was napping when we got here"

"I know, but she's only little so she needs lots of sleep" Megan smiled.

Joshua pouted "Can we come see her another day?"

"That's up to your Mummy and Daddy"

Joshua turned and looked up at his Mum "Can we Mummy?"

"We'll see, okay? We've got other things we need to do but if we get a spare hour, we'll come back and see Evie"

"Okay" Joshua replied happily.

The family spent another couple of hours with Megan and Thomas before they headed off to the local supermarket to grab a few items that Robert had asked for before they had left that morning.

Joshua and Lucy walked along, each holding one of Danny's hands while Lindsay pushed the trolley. "I remember coming to this place every weekend as a kid"

"Yeah?" Danny asked

Lindsay nodded "I'd always come down here with my Dad and Lucas while Mum stayed in to make the Sunday lunch"

"Sounds a bit like me, but my Dad would take me and Louie down to park to play some ball while Ma cooked lunch"

"Maybe you need to carry on our families tradition and start taking our two out every Sunday while I cook dinner"

"Will that be before or after I finish my shift at the lab?"

Lindsay laughed "Yeah, I guess we don't have the right sort of job to carry on that tradition"

"Mummy, can we get this?" Lucy asked holding up a packet of jelly.

"You want to make some jelly?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, I did it with Auntie Jo and Ellie the other week and it was fun"

"Okay, put it in, me and you can make it for Grandpa for pudding"

"Yes!" Lucy grinned as she chucked the jelly packet into the trolley.

"Can I help?" Joshua asked.

"Of course you can help, we can all make it" Lindsay told him.

"I like helping"

"I know you do and you are a very good little helper" Lindsay smiled.

They carried on walking around the supermarket, chatting to each other and putting the items in the trolley that Robert had requested when suddenly Joshua stopped.

"Hey buddy, what's the matter?" Danny asked kneeling in front of his son.

Joshua pointed up at one of the shelves "Look!"

"What?" Danny asked looking up to where Joshua was pointing.

"They got diapers"

"Yeah they do, but you don't need them any more, you're in big boy pants" Danny smiled standing back up "Come on, let's finish shopping"

"No Daddy!" Joshua said grabbing hold of his Father's hand.

"Josh, what is it?" Danny asked with concern in his voice.

"If they got diapers they must got babies, right? Can we get one?"

Danny heard giggling and turned to see his wife stood by the trolley with a smile on her face "You can explain that one"

"Josh" Danny began as he knelt back in front of his son "Babies don't come from shops, they come from Mummy's tummy"

Joshua frowned "How?"

Danny groaned, he wasn't going to have that conversation with a three-year old, not even one as clever as Joshua. "Erm.. well it's kind of magic"


"Yeah me and Mummy make a magic potion together and boom a baby is made"

"And they live in Mummy's tummy?"

"Yeah, that's where they have to stay for a little while to grow"

"Oh" Joshua said as he thought about what his Father has just explained to him.

"So me and Joshua are magic?" Lucy asked coming over to join her Father and brother.

"No... well, sort of" Danny mumbled "I mean you can't do spells and stuff but you're made of magic"

"Come on you two" Lindsay said coming to Danny's rescue "Let's carry on shopping or we won't have anything for dinner tonight"

"Okay Mummy" Lucy said skipping back over to her Mother.

"Carry me, Daddy?" Joshua asked his Father.

"Come on then, lazy-boy" Danny said as he picked Joshua up and carried him over to Lindsay and Lucy. "What else do we need?"

"Just some sugar and milk and then I think we're done" Lindsay replied.

"Okay, well I think we went past the milk earlier"

"Oh, come on then let's go back and get it" Lindsay said as she turned the shopping trolley round and began to push it towards the milk aisle with Lucy holding the side of it.

Ten minutes later everything was brought, packed away in the car and the family of four was now heading back to Robert's house, so Lindsay could pack the shopping away and help her Father cook dinner, while Danny played with Lucy and Joshua in the garden.