Another chapter for you all, it didn't come out quite as I had expected it to, but I still quite like it, so I hope you all do as well :)

"And that's where I went to school" Lindsay pointed out the car window to her old school.

Lucy frowned "You went to school?"

"Of course Mummy went to school" Danny laughed "Where do you think she learnt to be so clever?"

"From Grandpa" Lucy replied.

"So you were little like us, Mummy?" Joshua asked.

"Yep, I used to be a little three-year old the same as you" Lindsay told him with a smile.

"Oh" Joshua replied "I never knew that"

Lindsay laughed "You do make me laugh, Josh"

"What else did you used to do around here?" Lucy asked as she looked out the window.

"Well if you keep looking, there should be a park coming up which I used to play in with my friends after school"

"A park!" Joshua said excitedly "Can we go play in it? Please?"

"Yeah, if it's still there then I don't see why not" Lindsay smiled.

"Yay!" both children squealed from the back of the car.

Danny drove along the road and found a suitable place to park. Lindsay and Danny got both children out of the car and together they walked along the path towards the small park. "Does it have swings?" Lucy asked as she held her Mother's hand.

"It has four swings" Lindsay told her "And a slide, a roundabout and a climbing frame!"

"What about a see-saw?" Joshua asked.

"I'm pretty sure it has one of them too" Lindsay replied.

"Look! There it is!" Lucy said pointing to the small play park "Can we run to it?"

"Go on then" Lindsay smiled as she let go of Lucy's hand. Her and Danny watched as their two children raced towards the play park, both heading towards the swings. "We can stay here for half hour if you like, before heading to town for some lunch?" Lindsay suggested to her husband.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me" Danny replied as he took hold of his wife's hand "This is your day though, your day to show the three of us where you grew up, so we can do what you want, when you want, okay?"

Lindsay nodded "Okay, maybe in town we can let the children choose little gifts for Mac and the others"

"Yeah, they'll like that" Danny smiled as he opened the gate to the park and allowed Lindsay to walk through. "Any other plans after that?"

Lindsay thought for a moment as they walked towards the bench and sat down. "We can just carry on our drive after that, It's easier to show them both places like that."

Danny smiled as he wrapped his arm around Lindsay's shoulders. "Does all this make you miss Montana?"

"No" Lindsay replied quickly "I love Montana but New York is my home now. Montana will always hold my childhood memories and it's where my father and brother are but it also holds a lot of dark memories for me, where as New York only holds good ones, it's where I met you and it's where we had our children"

"Talking of your brother, are we going to visit him on this trip?"

"He's working a crazy amount but I have sent him a text to see if we can pay him a visit, I'm just waiting to hear back from him."

"Okay" Danny replied. "It'll be good to see him again"

"It would, I'd love to see them both again. I hate that George has to work away in England"

"But he's coming back for Christmas isn't he?"

Lindsay nodded "Yeah and he mentioned about his flight having a lay over in New York, so hopefully I might be able to see him then"

"Yeah, maybe we could invite him over for Christmas, your Dad and Lucas too. I bet your Dad would love seeing the three of you together again"

"Maybe, I'll speak to Dad and see what he says, I just know he likes to spend some time with Mum on Christmas day"

"It doesn't hurt to ask though, do..." Danny was interrupted by the sound of Joshua sobbing. Looking up he saw his three-year old laid on the floor crying his eyes out. "I'll get him" he said to Lindsay as he stood up and ran over to the toddler. "Hey buddy" he picked Joshua up and held him on his hip "What happened?"

Joshua sniffed "I tripped"

"You did? Is that silly pavement being mean again?"

Joshua nodded and wiped the tears from his eye.

"Does Daddy have to stamp on that pavement again and tell it how bad it's been for hurting you?"

Joshua giggled and gave his Father another nod.

Danny stomped on the pavement with his left foot "Bad pavement, you hurt my Joshua!"

"I stamp!" Joshua exclaimed.

"Okay, you stamp too" Danny smiled as he placed Joshua on the floor.

The three-year old started jumping up and down on the piece of pavement "Bad pavement! You hurted me!"

"Where did he hurt you, Josh?" Danny asked coming to kneel in front of his son.

"My hands" Joshua replied holding out his hands to show his Father the small graze that was now on his right palm.

Danny picked up Joshua's hand and planted a small kiss to his right palm "Does it feel better now?"

"Much!" Joshua grinned. "Thank you, Daddy"

"Your welcome, now go back off and play with Lucy, as we'll be going soon for some lunch"

"Okay" Joshua said before racing off to find his sister.

"Is he okay?" Lindsay asked as Danny came to sit back on the bench.

"Yeah, I think the shock of the fall scared him more than anything else"

"Bless him, he totally inherited your clumsiness gene"

"I know, poor kid"

"Well, at least Lucy escaped it" Lindsay smiled.

"Ah yeah, but she got my messiness gene, didn't she?"

"Least they both got my cute gene" Lindsay giggled.

"Oh yeah, they both definitely got that" Danny replied before planting a kiss to his wife's lips.

An hour later the family of four was strolling through town looking for somewhere to eat. "What do you two fancy having?" Danny asked the children.

"Food" Lucy replied with a grin.

"Well obviously, what else do you expect to eat?"

Lucy shrugged. "I don't know, I just know I'm super hungry"

"Can we eat there?" Joshua asked pointing across the road.

Lindsay looked up to where her son was pointing and her heart dropped into her stomach, out of all the food places in this town, why did he have to point to that one?

"Linds?" Danny asked looking at his wife "You okay?"

Lindsay nodded "I... let's not eat there"

Danny looked up and realised Joshua had pointed to the very same café in which Lindsay's friends had died in although those years before. "Yeah, let's find somewhere else, Josh"

"But why?" Joshua whined "That place looks good and it's got a giant ice cream outside"

"Because I said no, that's why" Danny said as he took Joshua's hand and began walking with him again along the pavement "We'll go to somewhere, where you can have a proper meal, okay?"

Joshua nodded with a sigh.

The family carried on and soon found a little pizza restaurant which all four were happy to eat in. Once they were seated Danny picked up a menu and began to skim through it.

"Can I have ham and pineapple?" Lucy asked.

"Course you can" Danny replied "Is that what you want to, Josh?"

Joshua shook his head "Can I have 'romi?"

"Are you sure you'll eat that? You had it last time remember and didn't like it because it was to spicy" Lindsay reminded him.

"I'll eat it, I promise!"

"Okay" Lindsay said before turning to Danny "When you do up, ask how spicy it is and if it's to spicy just get him a ham one, I'm not having him wasting a whole pizza again"

"Okay" Danny replied. "What do you fancy?"

"I'll just have a BBQ chicken one"

Danny smiled "That's what I was going to go for"

"Just get a large one then and we can split it in half, must be cheaper"

"Okay, so one large pizza and two children's ones coming right up" Danny told them as he got out of the booth and made his way to the counter to order their pizzas.

"Are you two having fun today?" Lindsay asked.

Lucy nodded "I like Montana, it's pretty"

"But New York is better" Joshua added.

"How come?" Lindsay asked.

"Cos it's got Uncle Flack in it"

Lindsay laughed "Are you missing your Uncle Flack?"

Joshua nodded "I bet he's missing me too... we should ring him later, shouldn't we? Just to make sure he's okay"

"Okay, we'll give him a call when we get back to Grandpa's okay?"

"Can I speak to him too?" Lucy asked.

"You can both speak to him when I phone him. You'll be seeing him on Sunday though"

"I know, but I just want to make sure he hasn't been crying cos of how much he misses me" Joshua explained before picking up a colouring crayon and going back to the colouring sheet that the restaurant had provided both children.