Pain Comes With Pregnancy

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A/N: TD never happened there in high school, seniors to be exact, out of character told in Courtney's P.O.V. I know this story is long overdue for an update but my inspiration is back so here is the next chapter. I also read the reviews taking in each and everyone's point of view so I hope you enjoy.

The numbers on the phone stared at me and I stared back. I didn't want to call Duncan but there was nothing I could do besides this is all his fault! Why am I feeling bad? I dialed his number waiting for him to pick up, thankfully he did because if he didn't I would hunt him down. "Hello?" I heard his voice that dumb voice that I loved to hear.

"Uh Duncan..." I became nervous and lost for words.

"Hey Princess how ya doin." Duncan's smug voice asked. I can only imagine that smug little smile he did every time he talked to me. "I mean after that night." His voice turned seductive.

"About that night. We need to talk." This is going to go left I can tell, I can't tell him over the phone. Without warning I hung up the phone embarrassed slapping the phone against my forehead.

"Well thanks a lot." Came the voice of Alejandro. The last thing on my mind his Alejandro and his problem with Heather.

"Why didn't you tell her before?" I asked still on the floor. Alejandro helped me up still angry at me for saying something that should have already been said.

"Do you honestly think if I would have told Heather I slept with you before, she would like you?" Good point. I didn't really know how to answer I normally have a comeback for everything but now I'm speechless. "I'm sure she'll come around?" Alejandro is really an idiot.

"Ha! Don't count on that." I snorted Alejandro gave me a raised brow while I cleaned up the vomit, "Why did you tell Heather you were a virgin?"

"To make her more comfortable." That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Alejandro has taken Heather's virginity, sure Heather and I are friends but she'd never tell me about her sexual life.

"Well way to go moron." Being pregnant makes me more crabby than usual. Bzzzzzzz. Alejandro's house phone buzzed I knew it was Duncan trying to get in contact with me but I bit my bottom lip and pretended not to notice. Alejandro looked at the number. "Please don't answer it."

"Duncan huh?" Alejandro asked my face immediately heated at the sound of the punks name.

"Long story..." I dragged out keeping my face to the floor scrubbing the vomit covered rug. "We have a lot of history together and things just got out of hand one night and well..."

"...Now your pregnant?" Alejandro's voice didn't even sound the least bit surprised as if he expected it. Does everyone think I'm a hoe or something? This wasn't planned this was an accident waiting to happen. "It could be worse."

"How?" I kept my tears at bay trying to remain strong. Nothing can be worse than anything that's happening around me right now, I'm pregnant! With Duncan's child who knows what will happen when I tell him.

"You could have not know who the father is or worse you could of had an STD or something." Leave it to Alejandro to make a pregnant girl feel the pressure of anything else that can be wrong with her.

"Gee thanks." I rolled my eyes picking myself up from the floor and gathered my things. Talking to Alejandro isn't making me feel better it was actually making things a whole lot worse. Thanks Alejandro.

"Where are you going?"

"Anywhere but here." I lied. I needed to see a doctor to tell me everything that's going on inside me, before I left I turned to Alejandro, "If you want to win Heather back you might want to stop being so smug."

"Note taken." Alejandro called out to me.

I didn't want to go back to my house my parents were probably waiting for me ready to shove questions down my throat like where were you? Do you know what time it is? Blah, blah, and more blah. My phone wouldn't stop ringing with that same number on the screen. Duncan's number.

Every time I see his number I feel uneasy and my stomach begins to twist into knots. "Oh god." Where am I going to stay? I can't stay with Alejandro because Heather would kill me, and Heather's parents are so strict that if I showed up uninvited they'd call the cops on me, then there was Duncan... My phone kept on ringing. With a deep breathe I answered my phone, "Hello?"

"Nice of you to finally pick up my calls princess." That voice of Duncan's put made my mind spin.

"Look Duncan we-"

"Way ahead of you. I figured we would have to talk sooner or later so why don't you swing by tomorrow." Tomorrow! No way I'm sleeping in my car. Nope.

"Actually I need some place to stay." An awkward pause happened between the two phone lines, "Just for tonight and I know your parents are never home." I face palmed myself. Why would I say that now he's going to think I want to do something with him.

"Geez babe if you wanted seconds all you had to do was ask." I could tell Duncan's smirk was plastered all over his face right now. That same smirk is what got me here in the first place.

"No its not like that." I blushed madly.

"Sure. See you in a few princess." Princess. I hate that nickname he gave me I'm not a princess nor do I act like one I wonder how he would like it if I gave him an annoying nickname. With a few more turns and miles I stood outside of Duncan's house, I mean it was basically all his, his parents were never home. I contemplated on rather to knock or ring the doorbell. Judging from the loud music coming from his bedroom window I should ring the doorbell.

I rang the doorbell when the music stopped my heart pounded this would be the first time I've seen Duncan since we slept together.

Next thing I know my world went black with a flash of white

R&R. Well I'm back and as you can see this story is more focused on Courtney and Duncan... For now at least the Alejandro and Heather bit is secondary. Don't worry Gwuncan fans I have a treat in store for you but first who would you, the readers rather see together:

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