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Ally recovered her composure and said "Well I guess really and truthfully what bothers me, is my greatest fear-being alone. I think that this is what all comes down too. I was always afraid of being alone."

"It all started when my parents split up and I was very young, I was worried it was my fault and my mom left because of me, I know now she didn't but I was worried I would never see her again and I didn't for a while. Sure I can video chat with her and she did come and happened see me break my stage fright but at times I could really use a mom." Ally said.

"Go on." Emma said sitting next to her.

"Well in school I was not popular; my idea of recess was to sit in the library with a good book. On the playground I was used as the dodge ball. Trish was my best friend at this time; well she was my only friend. Except when I went to camp and met Elliot." Ally kind of hoped Austin got jealous at the mention of Elliot.

"Then came that day when a cute blond boy walked into Sonic Boom, trying to buy instruments, promising to pay me when he became famous." Ally said grinning.

"Trish and I became great friends with him and his best friend Dez. For the first time in my life I had a great friend, who was popular I felt like I belonged. Part of the reason I fell in love with him." Ally said.

"I see so you came here to surprise him and tell him how you felt and first thing you saw was him hugging me." Jessie said.

"Right then and there, I thought I was going to lose the first guy I really cared about in my life and am in love with. I didn't want to lose him, because anything good in my life doesn't stay around very long, makes me question my life altogether." Ally said.

"Ally, I was hugging Jessie because she has had her share of bad relationships and just broke up with her first boyfriend that she met here in the city. I felt for her, I really did, but it was condolence, not romantic." Austin told her.

"You, should live with us, Jessie will tell you all about her past breakups and go on and on and…" Emma was saying when Jessie gave her a look.

Austin confused by that remark just shook his head and went on. "Ally you ask Trish and Dez how miserable I have been on this trip, because I miss the girl that I love, I left her behind in Miami." Austin said staring straight at Ally.

"Great…" Ally's dad began to say "…I'm gonna have to buy a gun and clean it when guy's come over."

"I wouldn't suggest that this day in age Mr. Dawson." Jessie said.

"I was only kidding, Jessie." He replied.

"Guys it's been a long night and it now officially A.M. We need to get some sleep." Dez announced.

"He's right and Emma I need to get you home. Even though your parents know what happened." Jessie said.

"WHAT?!" Ally screamed. "You told them I tried to…"

Jessie cut her off "NO, no, no I told them you ran off and we had to find you.

"Jessie before you go, I have Okayed it with Trish and Jimmy Starr-Tomorrow night how would you like to perform our duet "Face to Face" at Radio City Music Hall, as a surprise act for the show."

"I would love that Austin." Jessie said smiling.

"Great it's a done deal." Austin said.

"Jessie! Oh we have got to get all the family to come see this, I have already texted mom about this and stuff, she trying to get us good seats." Emma said.

"Emma, we got to get you home." Jessie said.

"Let the bus take you guys over it will be safer than walking or riding the subway, at this time of night." Austin said.

Later that night…

Jessie and Emma arrived home Emma went right to bed but Christina wanted to know all about this Ally girl. Jessie sat in the kitchen with her and told her about New Year's Eve and tonight.

"Ally really can't handle being alone, she'd rather die than live her life alone, but why?" Christina Ross said leaning back in her chair. After a few seconds she said "Jessie Let me talk to Ally tomorrow after all I am a mother-you're going to have to point her out, can we get into rehearsal?"

"I'm part of the show, don't worry." Jessie said.

Radio City Music Hall

The Next Day…

Jessie, Christina Ross, and Emma who insisted on coming along, arrived at the rehearsal that morning. Austin was on stage rehearsing some new steps with his back up dancers, Jessie lead the girls up to the stage.

"Jessie I was wondering where you were." Said Austin.

"Did you think I was not going to show?" Jessie asked.

"I knew you would just wondering when." Austin replied.

"Very funny." Jessie said getting up on stage.

"Remember the lyrics?" Austin asked.

While they talked and started to rehearse the song "Face to face", Emma pointed out Ally to her mom.

Christina walked over to Ally who was standing off to the side watching the rehearsal.

"Hi Ally." Christina said extending her hand.

Ally shook her hand and said "I'm sorry you have the advantage over me, I don't know your name."

"Christina Ross, I wanted to talk to you for a minute in private if you can spare it." She told her.

"Sure we can speak in The Roxy Suite." Ally said leading the way back there. The Roxy Suite was the VIP room of Radio City and usually not used for casual chats, but this was not going to be a casual chat.

"So I guess you here because you heard I'm a loon?" All asked.

"No Ally, I'm here to talk to you mom-daughter, why do you fear being alone Ally?" She said.

"Two years ago my best friend Trish, had a boyfriend. So did two other girls I knew and it hit me like a ton of bricks that every one of my friends had a boyfriend but me. I went home and had a really weird dream that night. I remember seeing something about a baseball player who killed himself, his teammate said "that he said I'll see you tomorrow" then the guy went home and blew his brains out. The guy was depressed but never told anyone. I went home and dreamed that I was that player.

I was explaining to someone why I killed myself. I told them all the other guys at the end of a home game would go home, to their wives; I went home to no one. After the big game they all celebrated with their families, I went home and no one was there to celebrate with.

Do you know what it's like to go home to an empty house every night it's not fun. Well after Austin, Trish, and Dez left, I would close Sonic Boom, I would come home and dad would usually be asleep, I was coming home to an empty house, I started to suffer my own personal hell every day, I was that baseball player who had no wife to go home too. Not that I want a wife mind you, but I wanted Austin, you know to "come home" to him.

I came here to surprise him the first thing I see is he is locked in an embrace with Jessie. I lost it, I didn't want or know how to return to Miami with a broken heart, be that player who had no one to go home too. I couldn't do it." Ally explained in tears.

"Ally I understand what you're saying. Maybe "that player" jumped the gun, as you already know or maybe "that player", should have reached out and asked for help." Christina said.

"I know that now but, I got what I wanted; Austin." Ally said drying her eyes and smiling.

"Then are you happy?' Christina asked.

Ally thought a second "Actually knowing Austin has the same feelings for me as I have for him, and the fact he came after me after I slapped him and called him an S.O.B. Yes, yes I am happy." Ally said smiling.

"O.K. then Ally just remember one thing; all of your happiness cannot depend on someone else. You have to be happy too." Christina told her.

"Actually having the chance to talk to an older lady like a mom is great." Ally said.

"I'm not old!" Christina exclaimed.

"I didn't mean it like that." Ally said apologetically.

"I know I was teasing." Christina said.

Ally and Christina hugged after that. Ally had something she needed a mother to daughter talk. Ally felt much better.

The next night…

Ally opened the show at Radio City Music Hall to a great ovation. Austin rocked the place as he usually did. His duet with Jessie got great applause, and for a second Jessie was living her dream as she got to be on stage.

After the show…

"Ally I'm leaving for Miami tonight, I wanted to say goodbye to you before I left" Her dad told her. Ally and her dad shared a hug and he kissed her forehead. "I'm going to miss you while you're out cruising around the country honey."

"Dad trust me thanks to Mrs. Ross I feel like a great weight as been lifted off of me. I'll be ok." Ally said.

Afterwards he caught a cab and headed back to the hotel to get ready to head to Miami. Then Jessie and Emma approached Ally.

"Is everything ok now?" Jessie asked.

"Thanks to Christina Ross it is. You know Emma you got a great mother, respect her and Jessie here too, she loves you and your family." Ally told her.

"I know Jessie may be a little weird sometimes but she is the best nanny in the world." Emma said.

"Thanks, I think." Said Jessie.

Austin came walking up after that and said "Ally we got to go soon, Jimmy wants us to leave tonight."

Austin and Ally said their goodbyes to the Ross family as they headed out. Ally gave Christina Ross a big hug, which was returned.

"Ally, take care and behave on this trip." Christina Ross told her as she was leaving.

"Jessie don't you think Austin is just so dreamy?" Emma asked.

"Great now I have to hear about this for the next six months." Jessie thought.

Austin and Ally stood there in Radio City Music hall for a second and watched all the VIP's leave and then they were by themselves. Austin turned Ally around and looked into her eyes for a second, then after a few more seconds they kissed. Trish and Dez walked out and just stopped and stared.

"Austin I love you." Ally said to him as they broke apart.

"Ally I love you too." Austin replied.

With that they wrapped each other in an embrace and kissed once more.

The End.