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Am I Dead or Just Insane

Chapter 1: Not Insane but Maybe Dead

Stuff like this isn't suppose to happen, at least not in real life. Real life is boring and predictable and completely and totally safe. I've never walked into a Wal-Mart expecting certain death. Well, maybe on Black Friday but that's just a completely different thing altogether. I once saw this women get tazered over a pair of-

Okay, bit off topic. This ADHD thing sucks.

But in real life I was supposed to stuck in my dorm, studying for midterms. Not fighting monsters along side fictional characters.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

I don't remember how I found myself on a school bus. Later, when retelling this story, I would say that I pulled a 'Jason Grace', which probably doesn't make sense to you. Or maybe it does, depends on who you are, really.

Back to the school bus.

I remember that I was sitting by myself. I was kind of offended because most of the seats had three or even four kids jammed in them. Did I smell or something? I quickly smelled myself. Nope, normal.

In front of me were two boys, talking in not-so-hushed whispers about suspension and other things. I saw one, a skinny pale ginger boy with the start of a small beard on his chin, hold the other down in his seat. The so-called other had dark messy hair and deep green eyes and was cute, you know...for a twelve-year-old.

Why was I on a bus with a bunch of middle schoolers? How did they not notice the random college student sitting among them?

It was then that I realized how…big, everything seemed. I looked down at my body.

"Oh hell no." I muttered quickly. I was pubescent! I looked at my barely there breasts and lack of curves angrily. I had been very proud of my adult figure. What the hell?

So, either this was a dream, or…..nope it had to be a dream.

"What do you think Jane?" I jumped at the sound of my name. I looked up and saw that the two boys in front of me had turned. The Ginger was giving me an expecting look.

The dark-haired one was staring at the Ginger exasperated.

"Uh, I wasn't listening." I went with the safe option. Ginger boy rolled his eyes while Green eyes chuckled in that slightly high pitched twelve-year-old way.

"What do you think about the questions?" Ginger repeated. Questions? What questions?

It was then I realized I was holding a piece of paper in my hand. When had that gotten there? I raised it up to read it…only…

"Uh...not in English?" I squinted.

Green eyes laughed like I'd said something funny, but the Ginger only sighed. "Dyslexia acting up again?"

Dyslexia? I didn't have dyslexia. I loved to read. But as I further examined the paper I realized he was right, the letters jumped around on the papers before I could make sense of them.


"Students!" A deep voice called from the front of the bus. I leaned out into the aisle to see a man in a wheel chair. He had a long hair and a beard with a tweed jacket on, probably the teacher.

"We are almost there," Tweed Jacket said, "I will be taking roll call. Please answer when your name is called." I froze. My name wouldn't be on that sheet! They would know I wasn't supposed to be there.

Even worse…what if my name was there?

"Nancy Bobofit" He called.

"Present," Called out a high pitch nasally voice a few seat ahead of me. Bobofit? What kind of name is that. I shook my head. Focus.

But I was finding that hard to do. Images were swirling around in my head faster than I could process them. Every little thing seemed to catch my attention. The teacher, Green Eyes, the kid picking his nose (gross). My knee was bouncing up and down and my hands were playing with each other as if even they didn't know what to do.

"Jane Braxton?" Once again, I jumped when my name was called.

"Present," I called out weakly. Oh, God. Please be a dream. Please be a dream. I pinched myself...

God damn that hurt. Okay not dreaming. I shook my head rapidly going through every possibility for my being here while Tweed Jacket called names.

"Don Garber"

"Present!" Maybe I was in a coma...

"Sandy Hillsbery"

"Present" Maybe I'm dead! Woah, no need to sound so enthusiastic. But then again, death might be preferable to going through puberty, again.

"Percy Jackson"

"Present." The green eyed kid in front of me said. I frowned. Percy Jackson? I knew that name. My friend Sarah read these books about this kid. Something about greek mythology? Who knows.

But it's probably just a coincidence. My room mate talked about those books for months. I knew enough from her ramblings to know that it was about some greek stuff with Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and-

"Grover Underwood?"

"Present" No way. My eyes bugged out of my head. Grover? There is no way that's a coincidence.

But I couldn't be in a book. That was just insane. I was asleep in my dorm right now. Sarah must have been talking about it last night before I went to bed and this was just some sort of insane fantasy I'd created in my mind.

After all, I'd seen the movie. They were all way older in it. So even if I was in the book (which I wasn't) then none of that insane crap would happen for years...right?

I took a deep breath. Okay don't make any presumptions yet. There's still the off chance that I'm dead.

I looked to the boy sitting in front of us. He kind of looked the same as Percy in the movie, not identical or anything but the same colours and face type. Grover on the other hand…

He seemed to be a big swirling ball of nerves. He jumped ever few seconds, and then would sniff the air nervously. I wondered what he was doing. If this was Grover, then the movie hadn't really gotten him right at all.

And then I started to wonder...what else had the movie gotten wrong? Maybe I should have read those books.

No. Calm down. You are not in a book.

I jerked forward as the bus came to a stop, hitting my head on the seat. Why didn't these things have seat belts again? I hauled my short ass up and peered out the window.

I recognized it, The Met in New York. I grinned, if I wasn't so freaked out I would have been ecstatic.

Wait a minute. Didn't that thing attack Percy in a museum? Or was it a school? Or maybe a swimming pool?

I gulped. I really should have read the books.

Or maybe I shouldn't eat the cafeteria food right before I go to bed.

But I stood up with the rest of the kids and got into a line. This could be a dream, or maybe I just entered into insanity. I had a sinking feeling I was about to find out the hard way.

But either way. I loved museums.

"I hate museums." I grumbled. I didn't know what was the matter with me. I felt like I was on a super caffeine high. Like I downed one of those 24-Hour energy drinks that I used to cram for exams. I couldn't sit still, I kept looking everywhere at once, trying to take in very sight and sound. It was so busy and big that it was driving me crazy.

"Me too," Percy nodded, his hand were in his pockets but I could see them fiddling with things inside, obviously just as hyper as I was. Grover wasn't as bad, but he kept flinching at loud noises and sudden movements. He was making me very antsy and I wanted to yell at him to take a pill.

We followed the tour group. I hadn't even bother to answer any questions. If this was a dream it didn't matter, if it was real then I'd just copy Grover or something. I looked over to see if he'd answered any only to find him nervously chewing on what I assumed was our homework. Awesome.

"And here we have…" I block out the teacher, who I learned was indeed Mr. Brunner as he talked about yet another piece of ancient rock. Normally I'd be all over it, but today I just wanted to drill through my brain.

"Will you shut up!" For a second I thought it was me who had spoken, but the noise had come from behind me. I turned towards Percy, who was blushing a vibrant shade of red as the entire class looked at him. Behind him, Nancy Bobofit smirked triumphantly.

Mr. Brunner paused and turned to him, "Mr. Jackson. Did you have a comment." Percy's blush deepened. I coughed to hide my laugh and he glared at me.

"No, sir."

"Perhaps," Brunner pointed to a picture on the giant rock, "You'll tell us what this picture represents." Suddenly I pieced it together. I knew this part! It was in the movie.

They must have aged up the characters. Ha! Figures...

But if this was that part...then that meant. I scanned the room and found the other teacher. One I hadn't even noticed until now.

She was way older than in the movie, wrinklier but had the same not-so-friendly demeanour. In fact, when she caught me staring she sent me a dark glare that made me quickly look away with chills.

"-living and growing completely undigested in the Titan's stomach," I shook my head as I zoned back into the conversation. What the hell had they been talking about? Context, people. "The gods defeated their father, sliced him to pieces with his own scythe, and scattered his remains in tartarus, the darkest part of the underworld." He paused as if giving us all a moment to ponder that, "On that happy note it's time for lunch. Mrs. Dodds, would you lead us back outside."

I was very happy to follow the scary monster lady out of the museum, even if it looked like it was going to rain. I looked down at my attire. Jeans and a tank top with a ratty khaki jacket overtop and a backpack. Nothing waterproof.

I followed Grover to a fountain away from the other students. They were all acting….well like sixth graders. I sat down on the fountain, shouldering off the backpack and groaning in relief. The black sneaker's I was wearing had seen better days and it felt nice to rest my feet.

"Where's Percy?" I grunted out, rubbing my foot.

"C-Brunner wanted to talk to him." I wanted to roll my eyes. Way to almost blow your cover. I tried to remember what Brunner's actual name was, but I couldn't. Well, it started with a 'C'.

Grover looked at me through narrowed eyes, "You okay Jane?" He asked me. I shrugged.

"Sure, why?"

"You've been acting…strange today." I tried to act causal, but not look like I was acting casual….which is harder than you think.

How did I normally act around these guys? Apparently they knew me.

What was I talking about. This was a dream. It shouldn't matter how I act.

So why did I still have the incredibly strong instinct to fit in?

"Not feeling to well." I decided on. Heavy footsteps alerted us to Percy walking over to us with a small frown on his face.

"Detention?" Grover asked sympathetically. Percy shook his head, sitting on the other side of Grover.

"Nah, not from Brunner." He sighed, unwrapping his sandwich. I looked at my bag that I had carried most of the day. Maybe there was food in there, "I just wish he'd lay off me sometimes. I mean- I'm not a genius." Grover was silent, and I was to busy inhaling the victory sandwich I'd found in my bag to try and help him.

"Can I have your apple?" Grover asked Percy after a long an awkward silence. Percy didn't say anything and just handed it to him.

After that I ate, Grover ate, and Percy stared broodingly down Fifth Avenue.

Now when I discovered that we were still in New York I was ecstatic. I grew up in the city and was pretty familiar with the layout. Also I tended to get very nervous in places I didn't know. I've been known to study over floor plans and maps for hours getting to know a place before venturing out.

Sadly, it wasn't long before our quiet lunch session had to be ruined by a walking train-wreck. Nancy Bobofit, the Red-haired girl Percy had yelled at earlier, walked by us and 'accidentally' spilt her lunch all over me and Grover.

"Oops." She grinned at us. I glared while trying to peel the half eaten sandwich off my leg without getting ketchup on my pants. I was only half successful.

Then the weirdest thing happened.

The water in the foundation behind me started to bubble, as if boiling. I swallowed nervously, standing up and moving away.

The water then sprung out like a whip and wrapped around Nancy, pulling her back into the water. The resulting splash covered several students who jumped back, shrieking, but it also seemed to shield people from what had actually happened.

Okay. Freaky water powers. This is definitely Percy Jackson.

Or a dream. Or I'm crazy. Or dead. I still haven't ruled those out.

"Percy pushed me!" Bobofit cried. I looked at her like she was crazy, Percy hadn't been anywhere near her. The kids were all muttering to themselves. I turned to Percy who seemed just as confused as everyone else.

"Now, honey-" Mrs. Dodds seemed to pop out of nowhere. I jumped and realized she was speaking to Percy. She had a gleeful look on her face as if she'd been waiting for this for a long time.

Oh yeah, she probably had been.

"I know," He grumbled, "A month erasing workbooks," I would have laughed if I didn't understand how dangerous this was about to get.

"Come with me!" She snarled. Percy sighed and got up, but then I did the most impulsive thing I'd ever done in my entire life.

"Wait!" I cried, pushing in front of Percy, "I pushed her, Percy wasn't even near her."

For the rest of my life I will never understand why I did that. Maybe it was the ADHD. I mean, I was the most cowardly person I knew. You know how life is, Survival of the people smart enough to run away.

But apparently I'd gone from Slytherin to Gryffindor overnight, because I was standing protectively in front of Percy as Mrs. Dodds narrowed her beady eyes on me.

She looked me up and down, as if debating whether I was worth the effort. Any other day I'd be seriously offended, but right now I was hoping that I wouldn't be.

Apparently I was, "Both of you, come." Great, now I'd just signed my death warrant.

Please, let me be dreaming.

Grover seemed to be hyperventilating. I gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder which was probably anything but, and then turned to follow Mrs. Dodds.

Who already at the museum doors.

Okay, that's not creepy or anything.

We followed her further and further into the museum, and the reality of the situation started to set in. Breathing got harder and I started to sweat. I swallowed and I kept looking for a way, any way, out of this.

This woman was going to try to kill me.

Finally, we stopped. I was terrified. Any second now that thing was gonna pop out and straight up murder us.

"You've been giving us problems, Honey." I frowned, then realized she was talking to Percy, who looked very confused.

"Yes ma'am." He said, going for the safe route.

"Did you really think you would get away with it?" Uh oh, shit was about to get real. She seemed completely focussed on Percy, so I slowly started to back up. Maybe she wouldn't notice if I left.

"I'll-I'll try harder ma'am." I felt bad for him, but I barely knew him. There was absolutely no way I was going to risk my hide for some kid I'd just met. Sorry, no hero complex for me. I'll just go.

Thunder shook the building. I stopped moving backwards.

"We are not fools, Percy Jackson." Mrs. Dodds snarled, "It was only a matter of time before we found you out. Confess, and you will suffer less pain." Percy just gave her a blank face.


"Well?" She hissed expectantly. I started to move back again. She hadn't even acknowledged my existence. I took another step.

"Ma'am, I don't."

"Your time is up."


I watched as she transformed. It was different than the sudden burst in the movie, but this was even more horrifying.

Her jacket seemed to melt straight into her body, becoming a thick layer of leather skin. Her nails elongated into sharp yellowing claws and peeling from her back like a snake sheds it skin were two large leathery wings. Worst of all was her face. Her face tightened, looking emaciated with hollow cheeks and sharp cheek bones. Her yellow eyes were slit like a cats, and her teeth sharped to points.

I moved away quicker, tripping on my own feet and falling to the ground. I felt bad for abandoning Percy, but I was getting out of there. I was no demigod. This wasn't my fight.

I was just about to leave when something blocked my path, or rather…someone.

Brunner had somehow wheeled his chair up the stairs and through the many halls in order to get to where we are now. He gave me a knowing grin and I suddenly felt incredibly bad about leaving Percy.

He turned away from me and towards Percy. In his hand he held a pen. I fought a smirk. The pen is mightier than the sword, indeed.

"What ho, Percy!" Brunner cried out, throwing the pen towards him. I watched, mystified, as the pen switched to sword mid throw. I shakily got to my feet. The creature seemed wary of Percy now that he was armed, and Percy was looking at the sword, unsure of what he was supposed to do. I stepped away from Mr. Brunner who looked like he was getting ready to go into horse mode should this get out of hand.

Out of nowhere, the monster changed tactics. Abandoning Percy she turned towards me.

I froze.

She snarled and started to fly towards me. I didn't know what to do. Behind her I could see Percy looking at me in horror. I raised my arm, hoping to catch her talon there rather than my throat.

It worked, fortunately for my throat, not so fortunate for my arm.

I cried out in pain, and stumbled back. Leaning against the museum wall. I clutched my arm, trying not to think about the blood that soaked my shirt. I looked up just in time to see the monster come in for another pass.

I whimpered as she came nearer, then a bronze glint behind her caught my eyes. Percy had aimed, and thrown the sword. It catapulted through the air and hit the monster right in the bullseye.

The sword passed through the monster like water, and then kept going, right towards me. I screeched and dropped right as it smashed into the wall above my head. I waited for the pain of a bronze sword crashing into me.

Instead, a small ballpoint pen landed in my lap.

I was breathing heavily, adrenaline still rushing through my system. Percy's eyes were as wide as mine. He quickly walked over to me and grabbed my arm. Mr. Brunner was nowhere to be found.

I winced and sucked in a breath as Percy looked at it. It wasn't as bad as I though. A diagonal slash along my forearm. There wasn't even that much blood. But the pain was still there.

"I think you're gonna need stitches." He muttered. I agreed with him. He looked around the room, dazed, before turning to look back at me, "Did we just-" He trailed off, looking as if he didn't quiet believe what had just happened.

"Yup." I nodded. I think I was in shock.

He nodded, but he looked to be a million miles away, "I'll go get Brunner, stay here." I nodded, wincing as he dropped by arm and ran out.

Great, I thought, I'm actually stuck in a piece of fiction.

And I had no idea how I was gonna live through it.

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