The man put down the paper and smiled. The headline caught his eye that morning and he had read and reread the article at least a hundred times already.

Another one for the Crime Lab

The article outlined the efforts of the Las Vegas crime lab to stop a serial killer who used bugs to kill his victims and then dumped the bodies in mid-morning traffic. The story told of the grave yard shift supervisor, an Entomologist, who practically solved the crime single handedly. The article also went into detail about the career of Gil Grissom and mentioned the ordeal Grissom went through six years previous.

The article didn't give much information, so the man searched the internet. What he found sealed the deal. He was getting a new show piece.

The man smiled again as he switched the lights on in his museum. Groans could be heard from the many display cases, but he ignored them. It wasn't time for the exhibition yet. The people in the cases struggled upright, but a quick button on the remote in his hand forced them back down.

"Melissa, honey. I've got new addition to our collection," the man said as he walked up to his fiancé.

"Ooh, another plaything? A new one?" Melissa squealed and clapped her hands together.

"Yeah, baby, a brand new one. Get Brian to help you set up. I think we have an empty case." The man gave Melissa a kiss and with a last wave headed towards the door.

The man smiled again. 'Tonight,' he thought, 'tonight I'll have a new exhibition and it will be the biggest and best one yet.'


Gil Grissom got out of the car and walked his six year old son to his class. Zachary clung to his hand until he reached the class and his friends came into view.

"Dr Grissom," Zach's teacher greeted him as he walked in behind his son.

"Good morning, Miss Teether," Grissom greeted the teacher.

"How are you today?" the teacher asked as she eyed the handsome man in front of her.

"I'm fine, thank you." Grissom smiled as he answered the younger woman. He leaned down and gave Zach a hug and watched as the boy raced off towards his friends.

"I have to get going. I will pick him up today," Grissom informed the teacher, not taking his eyes of the little boy.

"That will be alright, Dr Grissom." The bell sounded suddenly, interrupting her, "Oh well, guess that's my cue. See you later Dr Grissom," the teacher said and turned around to tend to her charges.

Grissom turned around and left the classroom, passing other parents in the hallway. Some waved back, but some also stared. Grissom hated the times when people would stare at him; he knew he was seen as famous in Vegas, especially after the paper today. People always made a fuss about nothing, or rather, it was nothing to him – he was just doing his job.

While walking to his car, his mind drifted back to six years ago. The whole mess with Ecklie was mentioned in the paper as well. Zach was too young to understand that he almost didn't have a father. Luckily Grissom didn't have any permanent damage, except a slight limp that he would probably never walk without. He made peace with what happened a long time ago, but it always seemed to follow him. With a sigh he got into his car and was about to start when he felt a cold metal against his neck and an even colder voice say, "Move and you die."


Sara was busy writing a report, these days it seemed that it was the only thing she did. She smiled as she heard the baby monitor squeal, signalling the youngest Grissom was awake. Making her way to the nursery, she looked at the clock on the wall. Grissom left this morning to take Zachary to school and didn't come back home. He did send her a text telling her he had to go to a consult and didn't know when he'd be back. She missed him when he wasn't here. It was almost time to fetch Zachary. Griss said that he would fetch him, so Sara wasn't too worried, Grissom always made time for his children.

"Hey, little madam, what's the problem?" Sara asked the baby who was making a fuss. Taylor Grissom was born six months before and she had the entire crime lab around her little finger – her father on top of the list. Just as she reached the baby her phone rang. Muttering under her breath she picked Taylor up and took her phone out of her pocket.

"Grissom," she answered, with the phone balanced between her shoulder and her face.

"Mrs Grissom, this is Danielle Teether, Zachary's teacher. Dr Grissom said that he would pick Zach up today, but he's not here yet and well, Zach is the only one left here." The teacher sounded a little nervous.

"Okay, I'll come and pick him up. If my husband gets there, just tell him to wait for me." While she was talking she grabbed a jacket for Taylor and the diaper bag and headed for the door.

"Mrs Grissom, your husband's car is still in the parking lot and his phone was found on the seat." The teacher answered.

The words made Sara stop in her tracks; her hand half way to her handbag, the cold hand of fear gripped her heart.

'Where is Grissom?'

Hey there! A new story from the planet of Fleasia. This story has been in my mind for quite some time and I just had to write it and see where it goes. It's a kind of sequel to Reverse Justice, but you don't need to read that to know what's going on here. I guess you can call this an AU seeing as it will contain the old team. It's not that I don't like the new group; I just don't know them that well yet. I've stopped watching when Langston was there because he ruined the show for me and only recently picked up on watching it again, so please bear with me. I would still like to know what you think of this one though.

Enough babbling from me, I don't own the recognizable characters, just the new ones. Thanks to my beta, who puts up with all my mistakes and fixes them…