Letting go is one of the hardest things to do, even more so to that a of a young child.

But a sign of growing up.

I went silence not of cruelty, no never, not to my once best friend.

It pains to remember his face, when he asked the last question, I would ever answered.

"Hey, Plank? Why does everyone in high pick on me so much? I even told them that you kick their butt and . . . they just laugh! Weird huh?"

It was for his only good, thinking of his well-being and his future.

Life is passing and he's missing out on it, hanging on to the pass.

He had to let go.

He had to let me go.

At first he was against of leaving behind, saying there was no way leaving his best buddy.

If I am his best buddy, I know what's good for him, if no one else can tell him.

His parents mean well, but they don't know what I have heard.

Along with his neighbors as well, out of all of them, I trust the smart Ed to watch over him.

To that I told him, in the gentlest way, for his sake and mine.

"Why Double D? Your my bestist bub!"

Just for when I get left hastily behind.

"What? But your always with me."

Forever have that childish way of yours, for I don't know how much longer it'll be around.

As your friend. I do it for you.

"Plank, come on. Quick messing around. Plank? Buddy?"

It does hurt.

I may oddly be made of wood, but I have heart, a heart he knew I had.

Letting go hurts.

But I did for what is right, even if it feels wrong.

For it's what friends do, even if their not real.

Goodbye Jonny, take good care of yourself.