"Well, you're the saddest looking Tinkerbell I've ever seen," Clint said as he watched Darcy walk over to him with her arms crossed and frown on her face. He knew why she was mad, she had texted him right after she stormed out of Phil's apartment. She had told him that she didn't feel like coming to party, and she'd rather just stay home for the evening. He told her if she didn't get her ass down here, that he'd personally go to her place and drag her out by her sparkly fairy wings. After back and forth with brutal texts, she agreed that she'd come, even though she wasn't going to have fun. "Lighten up, Darce. It's not like he had a choice. You said Fury called him in, right?"

She nodded, and took the drink that Clint was handing over to her.

"What was he supposed to say to him? 'Uh, sorry I can't meet with you tonight, Director. I have a Halloween party to go to.' Somehow, I don't think that would go over to smoothly with Fury," Clint said taking a sip of his drink.

"I just wanted him to be here," Darcy said and then took a sip of the drink that Clint had handed her. "Holy crap! What's in this?" She choked on the bitter liquid that left a burning sensation in her throat.

"My own secret recipe. And, no I will not tell you what's in it." He drank it down like it was water and laughed at her as she studied the contents of her cup.

"Fuck! It tastes like floor cleaner and sour grapes," Darcy said taking another drink, and trying to swallow this time without choking. "God, I don't think I can swallow ..."

"I bet you don't tell Phil that." Clint snickered. He stopped when Darcy shot him a death look. "Yeah, sorry, that was inappropriate. Hey, you drink two of those and you'll be twerking all over the place," Clint said as he started to gyrate his body closely to Darcy.

"Eww, gross! Get away from me!" Darcy couldn't help but laugh as she tried to get away from her friend. Thank god for Clint, he could always make a shitty day better. She took another drink, it didn't taste so bad now (maybe she was just getting used to it or maybe her throat had gone numb, either way she could tolerate it now). "You know, what? Fuck it! Fuck him! I'm going to get drunk tonight and have some fun," Darcy said raising her glass to Clint.

"Atta girl," Clint said as he raised his glass to hers.

Phil walked into the headquarters at half past seven to meet with Director Fury. He was supposed to have a preliminary mission execution ready to present him with tonight. Phil had been prepping for it ever since he and Darcy got back from Shady Oaks, but more so now that it was getting closer to go time. He knocked twice on Fury's door and then entered. "Nick," he said with a nod. The other man was on the phone but nodded and waved Phil to take a seat. Phil sat down in the leather chair, crossed his legs, and rested the file marked 'confidential' in his lap.

"Have them get it done, Agent Reyes. I don't care if it takes them all night and into next week. Just have them do it," Fury spoke into the phone and then hung it up. He jotted something down on his notepad and then looked up. "Thanks for coming in, Phil."

"Not a problem, sir," Phil replied as he opened up the file and passed Fury a typed report of the preliminary mission rundown.

"This looks good," Fury said as he scanned the report. He slid his finger over the paper and stopped when he got to the roster of agents Phil wanted to take on the mission. "So you want Romanoff, Barton, and Dorchester?"

"Yessir," Phil nodded when Fury looked up at him.

"You can have Romanoff and Dorchester. Barton, I'd like to replace with Agent Ward." Fury said setting the report down on his desk.

Phil furrowed his brows a bit. "I'd like to take Agent Barton, sir. I need a good shot, and you know as well as I do, Barton is the best man here. Besides, he and Romanoff work well together. They're like peanut butter and jelly. Ward is an excellent agent, sir, but I don't need two black ops agents on my team." Phil shifted in his seat slightly, he hoped that he could get Fury to change his mind. Otherwise, he would have to do a lot of retooling to the mission strategics.

And there wasn't enough time to do that.

"Is there any particular reason that I can't have Barton?" Phil asked.

Fury placed his elbows on his desk and rested his chin on his hands as he thought for a moment. "I was planning to send Barton to Africa with Agent Sitwell around the same time you would be shipping out. But, if you can find someone to replace Barton, you can have him."

"I think I can do that, Nick," Phil said. He was feeling relieved that a complete reworking of his mission would not be in order. Finding someone to go with Sitwell should be an easy enough task. He watched as Fury picked up the report again and started to read over it again. Maybe, if Fury finished up with him quick enough, he could still make it to the party. Halloween wasn't really his thing, but he knew it would mean a lot to Darcy if he made an appearance. Ever since she stormed out of his place this afternoon, he had felt guilty and a bit sick for acting the way he did.

"... so as soon as we get conformation that de Soto has the weapon we'll send you in-" Fury stopped talking when he noticed that Phil was starting at him but wasn't paying attention. "Phil?"

"Huh? What's that?" Phil snapped out of his 'Darcy trance' and blinked his eyes several times, feeling a bit embarrassed that he had no idea what Fury had been talking to him about in the last ten minutes. "Sorry, sir."

"You alright, Cheese?" It was known that Phil's nickname was Cheese, but why he was called that no one really knew. Sometimes it seemed like it was a private joke between him and Fury. When Darcy found out she laughed so hard that she gave herself stomach cramps. And when she asked why he was called that, Phil just smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Fury leaned back in his chair and looked his friend over. "I noticed that you've been a bit off tonight. Actually, you've been a bit off since you've gotten back from the last mission. You've been keeping up with your doctors appointments, right?"

"Yessir," Phil replied with a nod. Fury might only have one eye but it seemed to make him more perceptive and aware on things going on around him. Did he know about him and Darcy? Phil started to sweat bullets just thinking about the possibility.

"Good. Just make sure you don't skip out any of them. We don't want another incident happening," Fury said with a slight shake of his head. The incident that he was referring to was when Phil returned to work shortly after his werewolf senses returned back to normal human ones. The senses might have left but they were replaced with nasty aggression side effect. One day when he and Agent Morrison had gotten into a heated argument, Phil had snarled at the man, grabbed him by his neck collar, and shoved him up against the wall. It took three agents to pull him off of Morrison. Phil was sent to the med bay and had a million test run on him. Now, he had to get shots every three weeks to balance his hormones out. Two more rounds, and hopefully, he'll be back to normal for good.

Of course, Darcy said that aggressive Phil was super hot and was hoping for a repeat of 'Feral Phil' bedroom fun-time. It didn't happen, Phil wouldn't let it.

Fury shuffled through some papers on his desk, looking for something. "Oh, and before I forget," he said finally finding what he was looking for and handed it over to Phil. "I know you said you were curious on how Miss Martin and her daughter are doing after you and Agent Lewis were pulled out of Shady Oaks. I've compiled an update for you."

Phil looked down at the file and nodded. The report wasn't really for him, but Darcy had been curious to what happened to Annie and her mother, so Phil asked if he could get a status update. Hopefully, this would win him a few points to get back on her good side. "Thank you, sir," Phil said, tucking the file under his arm.

Fury nodded and looked at the clock. "Well, I think that's enough for tonight. Are you coming in tomorrow?"

Phil hesitated. He had planned on taking tomorrow off to do something with Darcy, but wouldn't say no to Fury if he needed him to come in. "Do you need me to?" he asked.

Fury shook his head. "Not unless you want to help with the overhaul of our security systems? Stark's implementing some new upgrades tomorrow morning."

Phil smirked. "I think I'll sit this one out. I want to make a few adjustments to my mission just incase Agent Ward needs to be brought in."

"Alright, you're dismissed," Fury said with a nod. "Thanks, Phil."

"Thanks, sir," Phil replied as he left the office. He glanced down at his watch–It was after nine now. It was about an hour drive to the city, maybe if he rushed he could still get to the party. He picked his pace up and hurried out to his car.

Drinks were flowing and the music thumping as the Barton/Lewis Halloween party raged on. Around ten-thirty even more people showed up. A lot more than Darcy had expected; some of them were Clint's friends, but most of them were Tony's. There were more scantily clad women there than Darcy had ever seen in one room. Pepper looked overly thrilled that her boyfriend seemed to invite every wannabe playmate bunny that he knew. Bruce Banner was there, sans costume, he stood over in the corner of the room munching on plate of pretzels and baby carrots. Clearly, he wasn't the party boy either. Natasha (wearing kitty ears and her uniform) got into a drinking contest with two of Clint's buddies and so far she was winning. One of them had already passed out. It wasn't a bad party, but if would be a helluva lot better if Phil had bucked up and came.

Oh well, Darcy tried to make the best of it. She was already two drinks into Clint's special brew and she had a happy buzz. She wasn't twerking her ass off yet, but she was pretty damn close.

You're having another one?" Clint asked as he watched Darcy dip into the alcohol again.

"Hell yeah! It's a party," she giggled and took a drink. "When are we doing shots?"

Clint laughed. "You think you're going to be able to do shots after all those drinks?"

"I can hold my liquor, Barton," she said tripping over the rug and then giggling some more. "Opps! That'll come right out," she said looking at the green stain on the white carpeting. Darcy paused and smiled as she listened to the song that started blasting loudly. She giggled, took a drink, and started to dance.

Clint smirked, watching his friend dance around. She might not have her guy tonight but at least she was still having fun. As soon as Darcy climbed up on one of the tables, he cringed. "Uh-oh. Hey, Darce? You might wanna get down from there," he said, offering his hand to her.

"Hell, no way, Clint," she said in a slurred speech. She shook her shoulders and wiggled her behind, which elicited a few cat calls from a group of guys. "I'm having fun!" she squealed.

"Yeah, take it off, Tink!" Some guy yelled.

Tony Stark waved a dollar bill at her, and Pepper smacked his hand. "Ouch, Pep!" he laughed.

"Don't egg her on, Tony." Pepper looked at her boyfriend with a warning look. "She needs to get down from there before she falls and hurts herself."

Tony tucked the dollar back into his pocket and grin. "Let the girl have some fun. Who is she by the way?"

"Agent Darcy Lewis. She's friends with Clint," Pepper said, smoothing the wrinkles from her princess dress. "She's the one that helped organize the party,"

"Not bad," Tony said looking at Darcy again. Pepper cleared her throat and arched her eyebrow. He turned to his girlfriend and smirked. "I meant she pulled off a pretty good party. Honey, I only got eyes for one girl. And that's you. Hence, why I'm dressed up like your prince."

Pepper smirked back. "Yeah, well, when your eyes stop wandering, I'll start to believe it." She knew he wasn't going to cheat on her, but Tony still had an eye for pretty women. It didn't bother Pepper too much anymore, she knew what she was getting into when she got involved with him.

"Excuse me," Clint said as he pushed between Tony and Pepper. "Darcy, give me your hand before you fall," he said, reaching for her hand. Some asshole yelled something derogatory at Darcy, and Clint started to get pissed.

"Aww, c'mon, Clinton! Lemme dance!" Darcy snorted.

"That's not my name, and you need to get down, Darce," Clint said pulling her off the table and back down onto the floor.

"Yous is jus as fun as Agent No Fun," she poked her finger into Clint's chest. "I wanna drinky drink," she said picking up a random cup from a table.

"No more drinky drink for you, missy. You're cut off," Clint said, prying the cup from Darcy's hand. "I think you need to sit down a rest. Maybe drink some water?"

"Sheesh, I'm fine, Satan," Darcy snorted as she pointed to Clint's devil horns. "You pick a good costume."

"Come with me," Clint said waving his hand for him to follow him over away from the crowd. When he looked back Darcy was grinding up against somebody in a full gorilla costume. "Oh shit ..." he muttered walking over quickly to her and pulling her away from the gorilla.

"Hey!" Darcy yelled and yanked her hand out of his. "Lemme go!"

"You do realize you were just grinding your ass against that gorilla's crotch, right?" Clint asked. He walked her over to a chair and forced her to sit down.

"I'm jus havin' fun." She had her eyes closed, wiggling back and forth on the chair.

"Here's some water," Natasha said walking over and handing Clint a bottle. She sat down on the chair next to Darcy and placed her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Darcy, do you need to lie down?"

"It's all good. I'm all good. I gotta pee ..." Darcy laughed and snorted.

"I'll walk her over," Natasha said standing up and started to help Darcy up off her chair.

"I'm good. I just fly over. I got wings like a pretty butterfly," Darcy giggled and shook her sparkly wings. She stood up unsteadily and then stumbled, catching her fall against Natasha. "Damn, girl... You're right, Clint. She do gotta nice rack," Darcy giggled.

"Nice rack?" Natasha raised her eyebrow at a blushing Clint.

"She's drunk. Kids say the damnest things when they're drunk," he said scratching his head.

"I'm gonna pee now," Darcy giggled and stumbled off to the restroom. It took her a couple of minutes to find the bathroom and when she got there she had trouble deciding which door to go into. When she walked in and saw the urinals, she knew she picked the wrong one. So she stumbled into the other restroom and went about her business. Getting her sparkly tights back up was a bitch, but she managed finally. Darcy looked in the mirror as she washed her hands, her eyes were glassy and she had a nice red flush across her face. "You look good, girl!" she pointed at her reflection the mirror and then stumbled back out into the deserted hallway.

"S'kay ..." she glanced in both directions trying to figure out how to get back to the party. That's when she bumped into the gorilla again. He put his hands on her shoulders and held her so she couldn't move. "Listen, here, bud. I hada nice time grindin' on you, but I gotta man," Darcy pointed her finger at his gorilla mask. "S'back off! Unless you wan your hairy monkey ass tasered, bitch!" she said shaking her finger at him.

The gorilla let her go and then reach for the mask, pulling it off.

"Fuck ... no ways. Oh my god, you look jus like my boyfriend," Darcy said looking up at the mask-less gorilla man.

"It is me, Darcy. God, you're wasted," Phil shook his head a little disapprovingly, but his lips were twitching upwards slightly. They had been dating for almost four months and Phil had never seen her like this. He had seen her tipsy off a bottle of wine they would share, but never drunk.

It was quite a sight.

"Shit. For real?" Darcy reached up and placed her hands on the sides of his head. "Phil? I thought you was too good for parties."

"I thought I'd come incognito so we could spend a little time with each other. I wanted to surprise you." Phil said softly, placing his hands around her waist so she wouldn't tumble over.

"Guess I surprised you," Darcy snorted, leaning her head on the hairy gorilla suit.

"That's an understatement." Phil smirked, wrapping his arms tighter around his girlfriend. "How about I get you home? I'll have Clint drop you off at your place?"

Darcy looked up at him and gave him a toothy grin. "How about no? I wanna go to your place so you can have some wild monkey sex with me," she giggled. "That's what I want."

He had actually hoped that she'd want to come back to his place. Not so he could have sex with her, but so he could take care of her. He knew she'd probably have a rough night and be waking up to a monster hangover tomorrow morning. He wanted to be there for her. "Yeah, I think we can arrange that-"

"No way! Coulson?" Clint called from the end of the hallway. He laughed and shook his head in disbelief as he looked at the other agent standing there with a gorilla suit on. "This is epic!"

Darcy looked over at Clint and grinned. "Clint, this is Phil, my boyfriend. Phil, this is Clint," Darcy introduced the two men to each other.

"She's wasted," Clint said shaking his head.

"Thanks for keeping her out of trouble," Phil said dryly.

"Hey, I tried. I had no idea that she was pounding back the liquor so hard," Clint said taking one of Darcy's arms and putting it around his shoulder. "I'll help her to your car. Nice suit by the way. Full-on monkey man, huh?"

"Thanks," Phil said, taking Darcy's other arm and wrapping it around his shoulder. "And this was the last costume they had. Well, it was this or a pregnant nun," he said as the two men began to walk Darcy slowly down the hall.

"Fuck, are we gonna have a threesome? 'Cause I am so into that right now. We can take turns doing each other," Darcy giggled and tipped her head back, dragging her feet as the two men pulled her along.

Clint looked over at Phil and winked. "Sounds like it might be fun,"

Phil raised his eyebrow and shook his head. "Don't even, Barton. Let's just get her home."