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"Well shit dude, I still think that Kenny should stop wearing his hoodie so much." Stan said.

"Dude, that would be like if I stopped wearing my green hat." I tried to apparently reason with him.

"Hmm...yeah better not do that. You'd kill too many people with that Jewfro of yours." I guess he was teasing. Subconsciously, I pulled my hat down further.

"Goddamn it Stan, why can't I have hair like yours? It takes me an hour to brush my hair, then, like a half-hour trying to pull the hairbrush out of my hair." I complained. It was true though, it was pretty much Battle of the Brushes every morning. Stan took his hat off and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah, I know I have nice hair. Too bad for you!" He teased and put the hat back on.

"We're at the park, now shut up already." I practically shoved him through the entrance. After about, maybe a minute of wandering around, Kenny came up behind us, dragging Butters behind.

"Mm hrrmmm MMMM HUMHRRMHIM!" Kenny shouted through his parka (Translation: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS HE'S HERE)

"Who's here Kenny?" Stan asked.

"HRM!" (Translation: Him) Stan sighed in exasperation.

"Butters, who the hell is Kenny talking about?" Stan asked. Butters played with his fingers nervously, glancing behind himself every once in a while.

"H-he's back...and it's only been a couple months..." Butters murmered softly. Listening to their conversation, I almost lost it.

"WHO THE FUCK IS 'HE'?!" I shouted at Butters, who flinched.

"I-it's it's...

A/N: Just a mini cliffhanger. I'm going to hope that it isn't TOO obvious who it is...