Double Act

Chapter 39: Ever After

A/N: Last time, the rangers defeated Mesogog for good and all of the stuff that he brought to town. Cassidy and Devin discovered the rangers' identity, but promised to keep it secret. Kennedi sprained her ankle, so now she has that bandaged up. With the threat and their powers gone, the rangers can finally get back to their lives and enjoy prom and everything else in peace. While this chapter is the epilogue, it will not show Kennedi giving birth or anything like that as she is only 15 weeks in at this point. However, something else major does happen in this chapter (the thing Kira and Cassidy have been planning in secret). How will things turn out?

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Kennedi found herself being forced through a makeover. Cassidy and Kira were giving her one to make sure she looked "perfect for her prom night," as they put it. The dirty blonde swore they had some ulterior motive, but neither girl was willing to answer any questions regarding it. Since Cassidy had given them the tape, she seemed to be getting along better with the girls at least. The guys were still being guys and just not really caring yet caring.

The town had been buzzing with news reports about the rangers' final fight against Mesogog. The town had celebrated the next day, enjoying the fact they no longer had to run for their lives or worry about monsters popping up. One question on everyone's mind was what happened to the rangers, since they weren't showing up anymore. As expected, a few bizarre theories as to their whereabouts had popped up.

Now, however, all the seniors from Reefside High were getting ready for prom. They had all planned to take a limo together, including Cassidy and Devin. Ethan declined, considering that as far as they knew, he was sticking to his "going without a date is pointless" policy. Kennedi didn't have a date for the night either, but she would be performing for most of it with Kira. She didn't mind going without a date as she understood her boyfriend couldn't be there for a few more days.

"Is all this really necessary?" Kennedi groaned. "I don't like wearing makeup."

"Relax," Cassidy rolled her eyes. "We're not even using that much. And we're keeping it a natural look."

"Will you just let us do this?" Kira added.

They were already in their dresses and had their hair done nicely. Cassidy was wearing a magenta dress with a strapless sweetheart bodice that was ruched and wrapped. It had a full length skirt that formed an A-line silhouette and a side slit with cascading ruffled embellishments. Her hair was curled up nicely and she wore light makeup.

Kira was sporting a red dress with a strapless crossover bodice and wrapped midriff that had a broomstick-pleated skirt. Her hair was straightened, curling lightly at the tips. While the girl wanted to wear a yellow dress, the ones she had tried on just didn't seem right to her. This left her to settle for a red dress, something she knew her boyfriend would like.

Finally was Kennedi, who sat in a dress with a strapless sweetheart bodice that was cinched at the waist by a glittering rhinestone belt and lined to the mid-thigh, a sheer full-length overlay gliding downward. The top of it was a nice orange that faded into white the further down it went. Thankfully, it was fitted so it hid her pregnancy. Her hair had been pulled back into a neat bun, two braids meeting in the back. A bead embellished floral detailed tiara rested on her head, giving her hair a bit more flair.

"There," Cassidy grinned, putting the last of the makeup pouch down. "All set." Kennedi stood and looked in the full length mirror.

Then a knock was heard on the door. The girls called for whoever it was to come in, and it opened, revealing Jason standing there. The twins' mother was waiting downstairs with Trini and the boys who had come for the girls. Jason took one look at the girls and frowned. "I don't think I like this."

"Why not?" they frowned in return, startling him.

"Because it means by baby nieces are growing up," Jason gave the girls a hug. Cassidy stood out of the way of the family moment. "Can't you two go back to being little kids?"

"Uncle Jason!" they groaned.

Jason smiled and pulled back. "You girls look beautiful, all of you. Now come on. We need to get pictures before your mother and aunt kill me."

The girls laughed as they followed him downstairs.

Upon arriving at the venue, Kira and Kennedi walked off toward the backstage area. It had been agreed that they would perform for the first half before letting a DJ take over for the second half. The rangers had dinner on their way there, and they met Trent on their way in, seeing he was with Krista at the moment. Cassidy and Devin went off on their own, the blonde anxiously awaiting her cue from the yellow ranger. No one had any idea what they were planning.

Conner seemed to find Ethan right away, as he walked over to the boy, surprised. "Ethan, my man. So what changed your mind? Had all the mutant freaks you could handle for one year?"

"Actually," Ethan corrected. "I had a chance to rethink the whole prom tradition thing." At that moment, a beautiful blonde girl in a golden colored dress came to stand by Ethan's side.

"Here you go," she smiled, handing him a drink. Then she noticed Conner. "Oh, you must be Conner. Ethan's told me all about you."

"I'm sure he has," Conner turned to his friend, surprised.

"Where's your friends Kira and Kennedi?" the girl asked, turning to her date. "I want to meet them, too."

"They're backstage getting ready," Conner answered. "They're performing for the first half of the night."

Krista chose that moment to walk over and join them. "Hello boys. Angela." She nodded to the girl, having met her over at the punch bowl. "Enjoying the night so far?"

"Krista," Conner greeted. "Looking good. Where's Trent?"

"Hey guys!" Trent called down to them, waving from above. They all looked up and waved at him, smiling. Trent turned back to his conversation with Tommy, Kim, Elsa, and Anton.

"So I hear you finally asked Kira out," Krista turned to the red ranger.

"You should've seen the shock on Kennedi's face when she found out," Ethan grinned. "It was priceless!"

"Okay, let me see if I got this right," Angela piped up, trying to piece everything together. "Conner is dating Kira, Krista is here with Trent, and I'm here with you. Who is Kennedi here with?"

To their surprise, Krista answered. "Oh, her boyfriend is the only guy here with the army uniform on. I saw him standing in a corner somewhere."

"I thought her boyfriend wasn't coming back for another few days?" Ethan frowned. Krista shrugged.

A tapping noise caught their attention. Everyone turned to the stage to see Tommy standing at the microphone. The crowd quieted down as all the couples stood together. Well, at least the ones that could.

"Hey guys," Tommy greeted the class. "We've had an interesting year. We've been through a lot. More than any school should have to go through. But we've made it and we're okay. That's what's important, so let's have fun tonight." He paused to let the crowd cheer for a moment. "And to help us do that, here they are, Kira and Kennedi Ford!"

He stepped aside and off the stage as the curtains opened. Students cheered as the two girls took the stage and began playing.

Gave me something
more than
I ever thought before
we could be
falling in love
oh baby

I can picture
you and me
more than coming closer

Just a little more time
and just a little
less thinking
Just a little more time
is all that I need

Just a little believing
just a little more
let's give it time

Ooh ooh…"

The girls finished their song, being met with applause. It was a good start to the night as they continued their set.

The first half of the prom was over, as dictated by the fact the girls had finished their set. The DJ took over, giving the girls a quick shout out before continuing. The girl working the DJ booth seemed to be around the rangers' age and was from Briarwood, but she was good with what she did. Kira and Kennedi quickly found their friends, Ethan introducing them to his date, Angela. Following that, most of them hit the dance floor, Conner taking the opportunity to dance with his girlfriend as the other three boys danced with their dates. Kennedi got a few dances in with the guys as well, the girls not minding since they knew her boyfriend wasn't there. Well, they knew, but they didn't tell her that.

Hunter had remained in the back corner for most of the night, remaining hidden. He had watched his girlfriend and her sister perform for half the night. The other rangers had spotted him and waved, and he waved back, but he didn't say anything to them or make any attempt to go talk to him. People who spotted him stared for a moment before going to talk to their friends about him, whispering and wondering who he was and why he was there.

Hearing a slow song coming on, Hunter decided it was time to move. He watched as all the couples paired together and saw Kennedi moving toward the snack table. The ninja waited a moment before casually strolling over toward her. He stood behind her, aware she was oblivious to the fact that he was there. She had no idea he had come to the Prom. When he was behind her, he spoke softly, but still loud enough for her to hear him. "May I have this dance?"

Kennedi spun around, completely surprised. She heard the voice and knew who it belonged to, but seeing Hunter standing there and offering his hand out to her made the night better. The fire ninja ignored the hand and leaped into his arms, hugging him. Hunter easily caught her. "I thought you weren't coming for a few days?" she asked, not breaking the hug. Both of them could feel eyes on them now.

"No, I leave in a few days," Hunter corrected. "I wanted to surprise you. Your sister helped me pull it off." He set her down, but the two kept their arms around each other.

"She's been doing a lot of sneaking around lately," Kennedi huffed. "Though I'm glad she did for this."

"Come on then," Hunter took her hand. "Let's go dance."

Kennedi followed him, slightly confused as he led her outside. The slow song started to come to an end as they did so. On the dance floor, Kira was watching the exchange carefully. Conner noticed that his girlfriend seemed distracted and had seen why. They watched the two start to leave the building and the red ranger noticed a smirk appearing on Kira's face. "What are you planning?" he questioned, getting her attention.

"Who says I'm planning anything?" she replied innocently as the song ended. "I'll be right back." Conner watched her walk away. Kira maneuvered through the crowd, making her way over to Cassidy. "Come on. Get the camera and let's go. I'll grab Krista and meet you out there."

"Devin, give me your camera," Cassidy demanded, turning to her date. "Hurry!"

"I'm moving," Devin dug through the bag they had brought. He was confused as to why they needed the camera. As soon as he handed it to the girl, she smiled, thanked him, and took off. Conner now stood beside a confused cameraman.

Kira reached Krista, who was talking with Angela over by the punch bowl. "You got the music, right?"

"All set and ready to go," Krista confirmed, confusing Angela.

"What's going on?" the blonde asked.

"Come with us and you'll see," Kira grinned, leading the two girls out the door.

The four boys watched them, completely confused.

Kennedi had no idea where Hunter was taking her, but she trusted her boyfriend. Hunter said nothing as he escorted her outside into the courtyard that was behind the building. The orange ranger looked around in awe as the pathways were lit with twinkling lights, the trees sparkled with the same lights, and a soft, calming aura cascaded over them. Hunter grinned to himself, reminding himself to thank Kira and Cassidy for setting this up.

"It's so beautiful," Kennedi commented. "Did you do all this?"

"With a little help," he shrugged sheepishly as they came to a stop in the center of the courtyard. Both of them were a bit startled when they heard music start up.

"Every time our eyes meet
This feeling inside me
is almost more than I
can take…"

Kennedi looked around for a moment, confused as to where the music was coming from. Hunter held out his hand once more. "So, may I have this dance?"

"You may," she smiled, taking it.

Over behind the entryway to the courtyard, Kira, Cassidy, Krista, and Angela stood, watching with smiles on their faces. Cassidy had the video camera running and taping the whole thing. Of course, the two ninjas were unaware of this. Kira and Cassidy were only supposed to help set this up, not film it. Krista had brought out a boom box and put in a CD, playing the song the ninjas were hearing. Angela was filled in on what was going on as the girls rushed to find the couple.

"What's going on?" Conner's voice reached their ears.

"Shh!" the girls hissed, glaring at the boy.

"What are you girls doing?" Ethan asked in a quieted voice.

"Just shut up and watch," Kira hissed before turning her attention back to her sister. "And don't let them see you!"

The boys scrambled to hide and turned their attention to Hunter and Kennedi. The couple was still dancing, not talking at the moment. Kennedi had no idea how her boyfriend managed to pull this off, but she was glad she did. She also figured that her sister probably would've noticed her absence from the dance by now, but then reminded herself that Kira helped Hunter set this up. The song continued on slowly, the two keeping their gazes locked on each other.

"I'm really going to miss you when you leave," she spoke softly. Both were still unaware of the eight people watching them. "Do you have to go?"

"I wish I didn't have to," Hunter sighed. "But I promise I'll come back to you."

"So what do you plan on doing before you go?" she wondered.

"Tonight and tomorrow, I plan to spend with you," Hunter stated. "And then I'm going to spend time with Blake. And I know Tori's planned a party for the day before I leave, so I'll be going to that."

"It's going to be hard without you here," Kennedi remarked.

Hunter gave her a small smile. "We'll make it work. We always do. But before I leave, there's something I need to know the answer to."

"What's that?" Kennedi asked, never tearing her gaze from him. The song began to slow down.

Hunter smiled at her as he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box with a ring inside. Kennedi gasped and covered her mouth with her free hand, feeling a few tears starting to form.

"Kennedi Ford, will you marry me?"

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