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Always Yours

Info: Cloud's choice after the last scene in Advent Children.

Setting: Right after ACC

Rated: K

~Always Yours~

Once Aeris Gainsborough and Zack Fair were long gone, Cloud Strife turned his gaze over to focus on that one specific person who has been with him through it all.

Tifa Lockhart.

She stood their with her arms folded against her chest and her head tilted slightly to the side, as if studying him carefully as her bright cerise colored eyes sparkled underneath the sunlight that poured it's thick rays through the open ceiling of Aeris' church.

The young women didn't move as the spiky-haired warrior strode up to her, his bright-blue mako infested eyes were gentle and she could almost make out the slightest smile on his face. It caused her to return his smile with her own.

Silently, Cloud held out a hand to Tifa. It was his way of asking her to join him in the water, were the kids who were cured of the Stigma were now splashing around and jumping for joy around them. The grown ups were no different it may have been loud but Tifa couldn't picture a more peaceful moment.

Not thinking twice about it, she gracefully excepted the ex-SOLDIERS' request.

A small gasp escaped her lips when she felt Cloud's strong arm wrap around her waist to help her down into the water with him. It surprised her even more when he held her in his strong arms, still holding her hand as he span her around in a slow circle.

Tifa could not help laughing at that.

For the first time in a long time she felt Happy...Safe...Loved...

However, she couldn't be sure on the last feeling. After all, Cloud did move into Aerith's church when he was suffering from his Geostigma.

It hurt Tifa, that Cloud never told her he was sick and just ran away. Leaving her with two children who were just upset as she was. Tifa had to be strong even if she didn't want to be, for the kids sake. She couldn't just sit in a dark corner and cry her heart out, the nights when she'd wake up alone in their bed. Cloud Strife has broken her heart several times, but it never stopped her on loving him. No matter how hard she tried. She just belonged to him.

Now, here in this moment, Tifa couldn't be upset with Cloud.

She was tired of all the stress and angst. She just wanted to enjoy this moment...here...

They didn't speak, just gazed into one others eyes passionately, they didn't have to say it.

They already knew.

Tifa wrapped her arms around Cloud's neck, tangling her slender fingers through his blond-spiky hair as he held her close to him in his arms, not caring if all his friends saw them, because all that matter to him now was Tifa.

Cloud and Tifa didn't want this moment to end. It was perfect, almost to perfect to be true.

It turns out...bad things do turn out to good things.

It seemed to soon when Cloud set Tifa back down to her feet, she shivered and held onto his broad shoulders. The water was colder than she expected as she felt the ripples dance around her midriff where the water stopped on her.

Once again, she looked up at Cloud.

He took her hand's gently in his gloved ones before giving her a small smile.

"Tifa, lets go home."

His words lit up her world.

He didn't have to ask her twice.