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Warnings : femslash and implied yaoi

Couple : HarkerxDrácula

Explanation : This is an AU lease alternative universe , Dracula is the same age as Harker in this fic 27.

Enjoy reading :)

—All we fell Vampires lawyers— said the Count to his two sons and Liliane Quincey who affectionately called Lily with a smile on his face.

—'It's like take him in blood, his grandfather was a lawyer , his father is a lawyer— with her husband watched spellbound While this gesture is concentrated in a new case.

Aleera Moreover Lily is combing while the count is lost in memories still looking her lover , the little girl did not stop paying attention to her father's monologue .

Her brother smiled and exclaimed in a cheerful voice —Then the mother of my children will be a lawyer—

Lily quickly had shown interest by lawyers cunning , brave and compassionate character ( like his father, like her) and did not seem like a change of taste.

A whole family lawyers liked his father , his brother Quincey , his Uncle Van Hellsing ... almost all

The aunt had a taste Aleera beloved by teachers

While his uncle Arthur , well the doctors preferred to

His father had said , and she had simply ignored. So it was not his fault that every time she saw her friend Claire Sawyer "Future Lawyer " ( with the brown hair and indomitable ) him want to tangle his fingers in and pet him.

Nor that wander in imagination while writing on the bark of trees L & C , while her brother and her parents made fun just smiled .

Let alone , it was his fault that every time they spoke , I could not help but see as her lips moved and her want to silence her with a kiss.

—Finally finished all the work that had slope , just need to send this letter to Mr. Sawyer and I'll have the rest of the afternoon off —, his father replied before giving her a small kiss the vampire.

—Why do not you invite to eat one day to that friend of yours ... Claire Sawyer?— Ask the vampire with complicity in his smile.

Lily thought well in those words ... if your friend would come would have assured that they would end their reservation candy apple flavor , but no way would say noand lose this great opportunity !

I hope you have enjoyed this little vignette of my favorite couple ( Implicit ) DxH ,

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Chiara P. Edelstein