Her face was towards the wind, her feet in the waves, feeling the soft sand.

He had been here. Yet here she was, staring at the waves, longing to be...proud and strong and invincible like before. Before he had officially broken her heart.

She wished everything was normal. She wished she didn't hate Sarah and him for being together.

Six wished she didn't act shallow.

But now the war was over. Everyone was living out the rest of their lives. And Six...she just couldn't help feeling that petty feeling of jealousy. She hated feeling this way. Dealing it in Six's way, however, she just continued smiling and getting through the pain, pretending. Six kept on trying to believe she was strong and as strong as ever could be.

Sometimes you have to fall and believe someone will catch you. just gotta trust the people that you love and care about.

Six didn't trust, though. Maybe in the end, that's what caused her to be so unhappy.

Six was fine with a living, breathing obstacle. She could deal with that. But she couldn't deal with something in her, though. She couldn't punch her emotions away whenever she was around him. How was she to? She never had felt this way before about anything. Maybe the pain she was feeling now was what all the sobbing, helpless girls in the movies cried about.

"Hey,"a voice said.

She didn't turn. She knew it was him. The one who had broken her so easily. Torn her apart.

"Aren't you busy preparing for your wedding?"she asked.

"I came to see...someone I love very much."he said.

She finally turned, eyes stormy.
"What does that mean?"

The young man took a deep breath, his blue eyes glittering in the bright moonlight.
"Listen...I know I hurt you. And...I'm so sorry. I thought...since you'd already rejected me...I thought I could just live my life forever with Sarah or something. But when that option actually became real...I realized I never stopped loving you. The wedding's canceled. I'm sorry. I am so sorry...don't forgive me now. I know...I know you hate me now. So..."he turned away, letting her bathe in her glory of winning him back.

But no. There was a stronger feeling. Love. Extreme,

Maybe he had pounded her heart and ultimately her emotions, but she could still feel. She could still believe that she loved him.

"John,"she said, her eyes soft. "Maybe one day...we'll be together. For now, wait for me. I need to heal."

John nodded, offering her a soft smile before he turned to leave.

In the distance, she saw a young couple. They were hand in hand, smiling at each other. One day, John and her would look like that. Smiling and laughing with not a care in the world.

Number Six sighed, smiling at the moon.

"I'm back. Six is back."she whispered.

I'll update the next one-shot about Eight and Marina later.. :)