I'm pissed. I just wrote this yesterday, and all of a sudden, it disappeared! So I rewrite this...enjoy the fluff :)

Marina watches the beautiful crashing waves below her, feet dangling over the cliff.

"Don't jump off the cliff on me, Marina,"a voice behind her jokes. She turns around and sees the handsome young man with the green eyes she has come to love. "Oh, please, Eight. I wouldn't get hurt anyway,"she replies with a snort.

He sits down next to her, cupping her face and gently pressing his lips to hers. An electric shock runs through her. "I'm serious,"he murmurs, "I would commit suicide if you ever died."

A tear traces her cheek as it falls down onto the back of his hand. "That's what I felt like when Five killed you,"Marina whispers. Eight wipes her tears away, concerned. "Shh. Don't cry, please,"he pleads. Marina turns away, the pain building up. "That time...I just couldn't...I blame myself. I couldn't help you, and I'm the healer!"

Eight hugs her to his chest. "Listen. Marina, no one will EVER blame you, because it's not your fault. It was Setrakus Ra's fault. He corrupted Five."

Marina sobs, the emotions rolling off of her. She bit her lip. "I can't help it...I'm sorry,"she replies. Eight hugs her. "You know I love you...I'm right here. I'm not leaving you ever again,"he says, comforting her.

Marina nods quickly, smiling through her tears. After a moment, she replies, "I love you, too."

"I know,"the young man says, grinning. Marina tugs at his unruly curls, smiling fondly.

"Oh?"she asks. "Oh,"he agrees, leaning onto the ground.

"You love me because I'm just lovable. I'm amazing like that,"Eight says. Marina laughs, patting his chest.

"Cocky, are we now? I hope Nine isn't rubbing off on you,"she replies. Eight shrugs, smiling at her. "Maybe. What if he is?"

Marina raises an eyebrow, slugging her boyfriend in the shoulder. "Uh huh. If you are, I won't like you anymore. Six may like cocky guys, but I don't,"she teases.

Eight clutches his chest, looking wounded.

The couple talk about everything, enjoying each other's company. Marina plops down onto Eight's chest, sighing. Eight protests, acting like his chest has been severely wounded.

"Oh, stop it, Eight!"Marina says, grinning, "you make me feel fat when you do that."

Eight gives her a solemn look. "If you're chubby...Nine is chubbier,"he says seriously.

Marina giggles, standing. "For once I thought you would say something intelligent!"she says. Eight stands, too, looking at her accusingly. "Are you saying I'm not intelligent?"he asks, arms crossed.

Marina smirks, and a blush rises up in Eight's cheeks. He's glad it's dark right now. "Oh, you're intelligent,"she replies,"you just look mentally retarded."

Eight's face flushes in embarrassment. Marina winks at Eight. It's hilarious when she gets to tease him.

Without another word, Marina dives into the crashing waves below her.

"Oh, she's going to get it..."Eight mutters to himself before diving into the ocean after her. He breaks through the crystal blue water before popping up, not seeing Marina's head. Fear rockets through his heart. Where is she? Suddenly, realization crosses him. Oh, yeah, she can breathe underwater. Eight smiles. She's tricky, he thinks.

Eight changes into the form that Marina first met him. "Hm..."

He sees Marina swimming deeper. "Turtle guy, again?"Marina mouths, smiling.

He grins, pulling her up to the surface and then changing back. "You're so mean to me, you know,"Eight says, wrapping his arms around her waist. Marina looks into his eyes, a buzzing feeling in her chest. She smiles softly. "I'm sorry,"she whispers, moving a strand of wet curly hair out of his eyes. He captures her fingers and kisses them.

"I love you,"he whispers, kissing her.

Marina grins. "I love you more."

Eight teleports to the beach with her, watching the waves lap up the sand. "I doubt it,"he says, fixing her with a smoldering look. For once, Marina doesn't argue with him.

Short and sweet, right? Too cheesy or what? Tell me what you guys think! Who should I make a one-shot for next?