Rachel was 4 months pregnant with Finn's baby and luckily they have been dating for 3 years but she was scared. What would come next? She was only 16 years old! She decided to give up her Broadway dream but she was still the determined girl! Finn got accepted into a New York football scholarship but graduation was so far away they still had abut 3 years at Lima High School but Rachel is living with Finn because her dads kicked her out when they found out about the whole pregnant thing.

Rachel and Finn got back from a doctors appointment and came back to school and it was time for Glee practice! they were on time at least but when they walked in the room all the girls and well Kurt and Blain ran up to them and shouted "WHAT IS IT A BOY OR A GIRL!?" It was like the paparazzi in their faces Rachel wanted that after high school but with the baby it would never happen...

"Ok OK haha it is... TWINS! A BOY AND GIRL!" All the girls and Kurt and Blaine screamed in excitement it was the first Glee baby! except Quin's baby Beth that her and Puck kept but Beth died last year 5 months after she was born.

"Congrats Rach! I hope you and Finn's babies have amazing voices and hopefully better dance moves!"

"I heard that Quinn!"

"You were supposed to Finn!"

entered the room and Sectionals was comming up and Rachel didn't want to give birth then!

Rachel didn't want to go through this alone but luckily Quinn is pregnant again and they got pregnant the same day! they thought it was cool! not at all weird!

"Ok guys take a seat! Rachel, Finn thats enough go sit down! Sectionals is coming up we need some ideas!"

"How about My Little Pony!" Brittany was amazing at cheer leading but everything else not really!

"It's perfect ! Britt is totes S-M-A-R-T" Santana is Brittany's Girlfriend everyone got over the whole lesbian thing though.

"Ok? Anyone else?"

"How about "Firework by Katy Perry?" Rachel really liked that song it was her 4 favorite song!

"Perfect! Sectionals theme this year is inspiration!"

Before they knew it the bell rang and it was time to go home

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Glee 4 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Kurt where are you taking me?" Kurt covered Rachel's eyes and was taking her somewhere.

"OPEN YOUR EYES EHHHH!" Kurt was so proud of the nursery it was pink and blue and had swings, toys, cribs EVERYTHING!

"WOW! And you did Quinn's nursery? WOW Kurt it's amazing!"

Yet another day at school Finn and Rachel walked into the hall but everybody stared at them on Jacob Ben Israel's blog and twitter he announced Rachel Berry WAS pregnant! Kids were laughing and pointing and Dave Karofsky slushied them and slushied Rachel AND Quinn's bellies!


Finn had enough of Dave so he shoved him on the floor and started beating him like CRAZY!

Rachel was shocked of what he did and then she and Quinn got really sick and ran as fast as they could to the bathroom!

What will happen next? by the way this is my FIRST fan fiction so i hope you LOVE it and please fave and review it give me some tips and ideas and i hope you enjoyed it! 3 love my haters and my lovers!