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I was outside Beck's RV knocking hard on his door to make it sound as loud as possible, like I do most of the time. When I heard his footsteps I started fixing my hair, combing my curls with my fingers and straightening it. Yes, Jade West cared about what her boyfriend was thinking about her and wanted to look hot for him. Seconds later the door opened, only to see my gorgeous boyfriend with his torn jeans and plaid shirt on grinning from ear to ear. He looked so sexy! I walked into the RV passing through him and dropped my stuff on the floor.

"Hi beautiful!" He said giving me a soft kiss on the lips after closing the door behind me.

"Hey handsome!" I told him biting his lower lip and smirking seductively.

"Oh! Someone's in a good mood!" he said smiling back and then he placed his hands around my waist and brought me closer. I answered giving him a hard kiss, and as soon as I captured his soft lips with mine it turned into a steamy make-out session. His hands travelled across my body touching me every way possible as I was playing with his fluffy hair. After a few minutes we broke our kiss to catch our breaths.

"That was nice!" He whispered in my ear biting my earlobe. I shivered from the contact.

"It was. So what are we going to do today?" I asked sitting on his bed.

"I don't know baby! But we have to sleep early, because tomorrow we have to go to school around 7 in the morning... to rehearse for the play." He reminded me sitting on the bed too.

"I know. The stupid play. Let's watch a movie to cheer me up!" I commented sorely.

"Ok. What movie do you wanna watch tonight?"

"The Scisorring!" I demanded.

"Again baby? We watched it last night! That would be the 25th time!"

"Beck! You know that I love that movie more than anything!" I yelled at him. But he knows that's my favorite movie! How could he say something like that?

"More than anything? What about me? Don't you love me?" He said playfully and came closer.

"You know the answer, Beck. Of course I do!" He also knows that I love him and that I don't wanna say it!

"No, I don't know the answer! Say it!" He said and started tickling me! I couldn't stop laughing.

"BECK! Stooop it!" The fact that he's stronger and was basically sitting on top of me, didn't make it any easier for me to move.

"Say it or I'll never stop!"

"Ok... Ok!" I tried to say while laughing. "I love you!" I said in a whisper.

My words made him stop and look straight in my eyes. He was still laying on me, when he kissed me again. That kiss was really sweet and full of love and lust. A kiss that made me forget everything. His tongue was stroking my lips and pecking them lightly, till he made me part them. As I did it I let his tongue sneak inside my mouth and started exploring it slowly, which made it painful, since I wanted more of him.

"You are supposed to say something too!" I said in between the kisses.

"What?" He asked like he didn't know what I meant and grinned.

"Say you love me!" I demanded.

"Say the magic word!" I hesitated and looked away. He placed his fingers under my chin though and forced me to look at him.

"That's not fair." I complained. He gave me a sad puppy face and I melted.

"Pleaseeee...!" I didn't like to beg! Anyone! But with Beck is different.

"I, Beck Oliver, Love you Jade West! I love you more than anything in the world!" He replied and left a sweet peck on my red and sore, from kissing all this time, lips. It was just me and Beck. Beck and me. Us...

He stood up and put the disc in the dvd player. Then he climbed back on the bed with me and pressed play. I rested my head on his chest hearing the beat of his heart and he hugged me and bringing me closer to him. I wish we could stay like this forever.

2 hours later

The titles of The Scissoring were on and I was left with a small smirk on my face because of the excitement of watching my all-time favorite movie, still in Beck's arms.

"Time to sleep." He told me and kissed my temple before getting out of bed. He opened his wardrobe and took a pair of pj pants out. He got rid of his jeans and t-shirt in front of me who was just admiring his toned body. Left only with his boxers on, I sat up and headed to him. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me surprised, while I was running my hands up and down his chest. He dropped the pants down on the floor and his arms were automatically attached to my back, playing with the hem of my blouse.

"Let me help you with that." Beck said in the sexiest tone and I raised my hands to help him get me off my t-shirt.

"Thank you. Can you help me with my pants too?" I asked innocently and he slid his hands down my naked torso towards my jeans, grinning shrewdly. After unbuttoning it he bended down a little, undressing me with slow moves, caressing my legs. When I stepped out of my jeans I hugged him from his waist and lifted my head to face him, our lips inches apart. I pecked his lips once and then kissed his jaw and left bites on his neck and his breathing was heavier and faster.

"I really love you." I told him, sounding so vulnerable that I hated it.

"I know you do, babe." He smiled like a Cheshire cat from my dump confession and started kissing me again, leading me to the bed. We cuddled and fell asleep.

20 minutes later

"Beck?" No answer. "Baby, are you sleeping?" I asked him. I couldn't fall asleep even if I was really tired. Insomnia sucks.

"What's wrong baby?" He asked me softly.

"I can't sleep..." I said as I turned around to face him.

"Ok. Do you want me to make you a cup of tea to calm you down?" Beck caressed my dark hair.

"Beck I hate tea! You know that! Make me some coffee!" I demanded.

"No babe, I won't, cause if you drink coffee right now you won't fall asleep for sure!"

"Fine, make me a cup of tea." I pouted.

"Magic word?"


"Yes! It's the least you can do since you woke me up!"

"Ok. Please and sorry for waking you up." I said with the sweetest voice.

"That's my girl!" He said kissing my cheek and getting out of bed hovering above me.

He made me the tea in his tiny kitchen and handed it to me. After drinking it with disgust I handed it back to him who was sitting by me and then tried to sleep again. I closed my eyes, with Beck hugging me from behind. A few minutes later I was still awake. Oh man! Why can't I sleep?

"Beck?" I said in a whisper again.

"It didn't work?"


"Ok, I'll tell you a story. When I was a kid my mother used to tell me stories to fall asleep all the time."

"But, I'm not a kid Beck!" I objected.

"Do you wanna sleep or not?" He teased me.


"Well, once upon a time there was a couple. A really beautiful couple. The girl was the most beautiful creature on earth, with dark curly hair, big blue eyes like the sky, red kissable lips and a hell hot body." He started while touching my body from my sides and stomach to my legs and butt.

"Beeck!" I laughed. "You're telling me a story."

"Ok. Sorry. I got distracted by my sexy girlfriend. Where were we? Oh! The boy wasn't that bad either. So, they used to do everything together. They were in love and no one could harm them when they were with each other. One day though, they broke up and..."

"What? What kind of story is this? I don't want to break up with you." I cut him off.

"Dude! Stop and listen! And they broke up. Because Beck didn't open a damn door. They spent some time apart until they realized that they couldn't live without each other. One day Beck kissed Jade and told her his true feelings for her. 'I've missed you.' he told her and she said 'What are you going to do about it?'. And that was the day they got back together. A couple of months later Beck proposed to Jade and she said yes while crying. She was really happy..."

"Hey, I don't cry! I never cry!" I stopped him again, trying to hide a smile. First of all, because he still wasn't over our break up and considered himself to be the cause of it and he regrets everything and second because he brought the marriage thing up.

"That's my story. And they got married and had two beautiful children..."

"Three!" I cut him off one more time smiling.

"Three beautiful children and lived happily ever after! The end" He said looking at me.

" As you can see, I'm still awake." I sat up on the bed exhausted and sleepy.

"Ok then. I'll sing to you."

"That sounds nice!" I said kissing him softly and then he started singing. He hugged me and I rested my head on his chest again.

"Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in
Lie down with me
Hold me in your arms
Your heart's against my chest
Lips pressed to my neck
I've fallen for your eyes
But they don't know me yet..."

I felt my eyes shutting down slowly as I heard his magical voice and his heart beating drifting me off to sleep.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you" I whispered while yawning. I felt him smile.

"You will, Jade!" He said leaving a kiss on top of my head.

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