This was just a little something I thought of. A series of One-Shots dealing with the fairy-tale characters finally getting their lost memories back.

Chapter 1: Red

Ruby and her Granny were walking down the street. It was still early morning, so much of storybrooke hadn't started their day quite yet. And besides, Granny wanted to see if her supply of eggs for the week were in town yet.

Ruby admittedly was a little tired waking up at this hour with her grandmother rather than getting an extra 30 minutes before the diner opened, but after her brief time as a police assistant, she wanted to make up with her Granny any way she could to show that she was ready for more responsibility. Granny for her part had just smiled affectionately, and said that, "You'll have to learn soon enough. Might as well come now."

It was a sunny day, and despite the sadness they both had when they heard that young Henry Mills was in the hospital right now, both had to focus on what was more important: Another day of work.

Just then, a shimmering pulse of magic flooded across town, passing over the two women, who stopped and paused for a minute.

Ruby slowly turned toward her grandmother.

Her grandmother slowly turned toward Ruby.

"Red Riding Hood?" Widow Lucas said softly.

"Granny?" Red replied. "I...I remember now."

"Remember what?" Widow Lucas replied.

"I...I'm a werewolf.'re still my grandmother." Red spoke softly, and then she beamed. "And you're still one of the best people in my life."

The two embraced.

"I love you granny."

"And I love you too, Red."