Hey everybody so this my first fanfiction and it starts off right at the end of "The Titans Curse" by Rick Riordan. So just so you know there are a few things you should know: first instead of happening almost right after "TLO" The Heros of Olympus series will happen over a year after "TLO." Thats the main thing, there are a few others throughout the story and i encourage you to send me a message about anything. The first few chapters are kinda short and I'm sorry for that but they get longer as you read. I mainly wrote this because one of my fav. authors is finishing his story and it gave me the courage to write my own. Ok so thank you for looking at my story! Here's the 1st chapter.

Chapter 1,

A Single Tear,

Thalia's POV.

"Thalia," Artemis said. "Daughter of Zeus. Will you join my hunt?"

I groaned inwardly. I was dumbfounded completely shocked. Here Artemis was asking if I could become the new lieutenant in her hunt. Not very many people get this chance and by not very many I mean practically none. Half of me wanted to cry out in joy and giddily jump around. I wanted to thank every God in the room and grasp that offer by its throat. The other half wanted to cry in agony and frustration. To slowly beat my head against a wall and curse the cruel fates for putting me through this. There is a reason for the for my indecision, it was, of course, him. This particular person was the bane of my existence; he was terrible, horrible, dense, arrogant, stupid, cute, charming, sexy, sexy son of Poseidon. His father and mine didn't get along so why should we? Oh I don't know Thalia possibly because he's practically the best guy on the planet. He gave me a glance and I caught his beautiful sea-green eyes. I remember being greeted the first time I woke up after my "incident" by those eyes. He was the first one to actually make sure I was ok and care for me while everyone else was just sat there awe-struck. He had made sure I was alright and comfortable in the beginning and was always there if I needed him. He was a big support when I found out about Luke… It was infuriating but it also was very kind and I developed a "crush" on him. I sat there seeing what he would do, and he slowly turned away from me and looked at my best friend. It was like ripping out my heart and carelessly throwing it into an incinerator. Did he even CARE? Of course not! He probably didn't even know I liked him! But I had been trying to hide that from him… Maybe if I had just told him… No, maybe this was for the best, Annabeth would probably make a better girlfriend anyway. I turned back from Artemis; it's amazing how time seems to practically stand still during big moments in your life.

"I will Malady." A single tear fell from my eye, I hid all my sadness behind a smile. No one saw or heard my tear fall, but to me that single tear could be heard from halfway across the world it was like all my dreams for Percy were bound within that tear, and fell away with it.