Hey guys sorry for not posting anything in a very long time. I've unfortunately decided to not post a lemon because in all honesty it's out of my comfort zone. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read my story and hope school is going well for everyone out there. The good news is that the Heroes of Olympus book is coming out soon so, yay! I will be posting another story that I feel is actually a lot better than this one so if you liked my last story please look forward to my next one. So far it's at 30,000 words so it will be a long one. I won't post it till the first of the month in October (October 1st to put it simply, i don't know why I made that last sentence so complicated.) And will hopefully be posting every first of the month. It will take a while because i'm trying to limit myself to the bare minimum of mistakes in my writing. I appreciate what everyone did for me. Thank you so much.

~B3ng3anc3/ Benjamin D. Johnson