A little peak into the kaleidoscope

"I'm so sorry"




"Don't want you to die"




"I don't want to disappear"




"You need to find your purpose, if no; then you have to make it"




"I'm sorry"

He's worried. Moving from foot to foot in the couch, he's looking to where the rest went, isn't too far but he doesn´t dare to go to peek…yet. He doesn't know what would Sandy is going to do, but he trust the little man.

After all, he is the only one he has interacted in some but valuables occasions.

Can't say if the rest will share his feelings. He wants them to put a little more of faith in him; it's been too long without company, friendship.

But if it cannot helped, then he will not push it, he would do his duty as a guardian of that there's no doubt, he just won't interact with the rest of the guardians (well, except sandy).

He falls over the couch spread all over and tries to take a nap. Just a moment to sleep…

To drift away from the problems, for at least for a little while…

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ss

Over the canopy of trees filled with withered leaves, or without any of it.

Right and left, up and down, a blur of movement is seen.

The wind dragging whispers of laugh all over the place.

At the ground, a blur of pale pink color of a pashmina coat can be seen, moving at random directions, but somehow where the laugh is heard.

"You do know that if I manage to climb up to at least one, you're doomed!"

Rustle of leaves, dark green and brown colors mix in the air

And a chuckle

"That's a part of me that you're playing with like a yoyo!"

"Jajaja, and I have no intention to drop or lose you, so little faith ~ (fake sadness)"


ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ss

At the workplace the silent man is…not being so silent

Sandy is reprimanding North, Tooth and Bunny for being so quickly to judge; because really! Even with the small amount of time they had interacted with Jack, they should have grasped a general idea of how, even being naughty, he is true at heart and kind.

And they realize that is true, Jack has nothing but help even if he didn't want to be a guardian, he could just go away after have obtained his tooth box and came back! Even after they take him out and he had lost their trust.

Even Bunny, though it's hard for him to admit it. Given his own background and character, it's difficult to trust so easily at others; and the disaster of the Easter '68 doesn't help much. But Bunny has to give the kid some credit; he helped them, no, he SAVED them of not fading

Given final glances at each other, they agreed to it. "The last he deserves from us, is that we mistrust him" said Tooth with a sad tone; her wings for once, still and her feet in the ground. An awkward silence filled the place, they didn't know now how to approach Jack about it.

"Better start then! We can't leave him alone; poor kid must be filling his head with silly worries!" North marched to open the door, rejuvenated. Being followed by the rest; they have to make it up to "their" child, one that, until now, has been neglected.


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