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He came when they called. He came because he was the Hero, he would always help them. He is a warrior, the strongest...the one people shun until he is needed. When all seemed hopeless, he came and fought and prevailed in what seemed like a hopeless situation. All for them. He helped to win their war. He always tried to help them, because that's what heroes did. They don't help others for gratitude, not for fame and glory, nor respect or admiration. Heroes help those in need because they should, because they must. Because no one else seems to do so and a hero can't just stand by when he (or she) can make a difference.
Because he is their hero when they need him, he doesn't mind the times in between. The times when they forget what he has done for them, when he has helped them through war, famine, natural disaster, sickness! When they forget there are reasons to be afraid of him, of what he can do to them, what he has DONE to them when they attack what is his. (Not that he wants them to be afraid, he doesn't mind that really, but is a little respect too much to ask for?) All they seem to do is mock him, laugh at him, make fun of him!

"Hey Fatso! Shut any fast food chains down for the day!"

"No no! It's more like he ate enough to shut them down for a year! Bwahahaha!"

"No, just sit down we don't have time for your idiotic ramblings."

Idiot, bonehead, lazy, fat, glutton, pig.

He's heard all of these and more. He just smiles that oblivious smile that has them all convinced that he's an idiot. As long as they're laughing at him they don't see the hurt in his eyes.
Some days, when it hurts too much, too much to hide it, he wonders why he doesn't just stop. Stop trying to help them, stop caring what they think, stop taking the insults, just stop. It's not like they ever say thank you for what he does. It's not like they care that the insults hurt him. Why doesn't he just let them solve their own problems, and not care if they ask, no, demand his help. But he quickly shakes these thoughts away. Heroes don't do it for the rewards, (though they're nice) they do it so people, friends, and family are safe. As he thought that he smiled. As long as there are moments when he is needed, and can keep his family safe, he could handle insults and putdowns. After all, he is the Hero.