Where the heck am I? Chapter 1

Writer: -Down from the sky he descends- I'M BACK!

Danny: What in the world took you so long?!

Writer: Actually having a life. So I've received some ideas from Devil May Cry 4 for how to redo this story. So I'll be rebooting this series (and hoping to the highest heavens that turns out better than DmC: DmC!).

Danny stands in the midst of a crowd at a speech being made by Vlad Masters. "People of Amity Park," the well dressed man began, "In the light of the outlandish attacks on our city, I've called in experts in these matters." He says adjusting his red tie. "Please welcome Devil May Cry representative Trish." he points to the woman wearing clothes that seem rather out of place. A black leather top with a split right down most of the front and leaves thee midriff exposed. The two huge guns she's carrying around though do seem to add some credibility to her.

"Thank you Mayor Masters." She says with a nod "Devil May Cry is the finest in the demon destruction business. We'll take care of the matter in no time flat." She say with a friendly smile that has an edge to it. "The attacks on your citizens are inexcusable. I'll call in some help if it's really bad."

Danny has mixed feelings about this. On on hand, he reasoned having her here will help keep those things away but it means another pair of eyes on me. Caught in the moment of deep thought like he was wont to be, the hand touching his shoulder caused a jump unlike any other. A snicker and a grin on the face of his friends, he relaxed seeing no danger.

"You okay Danny? You seemed to be deep in thought." Tucker said. "I thought some search and rescue was in order before you drowned." He says, pulling out his tech and fiddling with the settings.

Sam smirks at Tucker, "You know tucker, I could target you at any time when you are so absorbed in your tech." She says. Her look saying, You know I can and will.

"It's fine. I was just over thinking it." Danny says brushing his hair out of the way. Ever since that last attack, my hair doesn't stand up anymore. . . It's really a pain! With a final swat, he walks back home. The three friends reach the door. Turning to his two friend he asks if they can stay.

"Sorry, man I'm expecting a new PDA to arrive. It's said to function so differently, it would take even the most proficient Techno Geeks a year to figure out." Tucker says

"As much as I'd love to hang out, My parents said they'd kick me out if I didn't go to this fancy party with them. They want to spend the whole day getting ready for it." Sam explains with a shudder and a shake of her head.

Danny smiles and waves "Well, be careful. Don't want to see you guys get hurt." He watches them split and head out. He goes ghost to get through the door reverting to human, he walks upstairs. Setting down his backpack in his room he makes a beeline for the basement to work on a pair of ghost gauntlets in his own design. With his back turned on the Ghost Portal and his attention solely on his gauntlet, he misses the click and hiss of the ghost portal opening. However not everything is right with the world as the portal is a crimson red. An arm covered in an unknown form of armor reaches out and grabs his shoulder and drags him into the portal. Unable to go ghost he struggles to get loose of the iron grip on his shirt.

On the other side of the portal, the other fist knocks him out. After an unknown amount of time, he opens his eyes at the noise of harsh breathing and metal being dragged on stone. He stand up slowly and looks at his left arm which was wearing what once was a ghost gauntlet. What the Hell happened? He ponders aloud and in his head.

"Beats me kid, but it looks like you're on the menu." A strange man in red stands not far from him. "Here, catch! Maybe you'll have more of a use for it than I will!" he says and tosses a blade almost as tall as himself at Danny. With a surprising ease, he catches the blade and swings it around a few times.

"But I don't know how-" Danny complains. He swings the sword onto his back and it clicks in place. Wasn't expecting that.

The man laughs, "Well you'll learn quick kid." And takes off. Darn it, Danny cringes looks like I'm on my own!

"So I'm on the menu, eh?" Danny says swinging the blade tentatively. "Then COME GET SOME!" He says leveling his blade at the closest... thing. I guess these are demons... He thinks ruefully back to the time he told Sam he didn't believe they were demons.

An instinct triggers inside him and he rushes forwards and slashes once horizontally, knocking the foe back and leaving it open for a multifaceted slashing attack. Leaping from that downed foe, he slashes around the next one four times knocking it back. With the gauntlet on his left he pulls the foe back to himself and leaps in the air and halves it with the greatsword. Turning to the next target, he stabs four times in rapid succession, his blade almost a blur. The fifth stab was slower but seemed to shatter the demon. So that's the last of them for now, eh?

He notes the torchlight glinting off two metal objects. He picks them and finds hem to be fire arms. Well now running isn't going to do them any good, He thinks with mirthless grin. Seeing a pair of what look like blood birds, he unleashes hail of bullets. And seemingly great effect as they crash to the ground in convenient range of his charging attack.

After what seems like years, he finds an exit to the human which he takes. Standing in front of this door he steps through and into New York. The noise and the traffic are unmistakably New York's. With a stretch he drops to the ground. In the cluttered alley in which he dropped, he tries to change his form, but finds himself unable to do so. He finds a mirror and confirms that his hair is now permanently white. And no long sticking up. His time in the demon world seemed to do him well, he buffed out quite a bite. While no bodybuilder, he is certainly better to do than when he was a beanpole.

He turns to leave the alley when he hears a woman say "Not so fast! Demon." Danny flinches and spins around and looks at her like she's crazy. WHAT!? Is she nuts? I mean, just because I 'happened' to have spent a while in a demon realm doesn't make me a demon right?

"Uh, me? Because last time I checked I wasn't demon." He replies, ducking a bullet to the head. with remarkable aim and timing he blocks the shots fired by her with his own guns.

"Then you need to recheck." She says with another shot fired. I'm so glad we're in an abandoned area. Otherwise this could be bad.

Bad? BAD?! I'll tell you what's bad! I've got a crazy woman shooting at me like crazy. And... Is that-? Is that a BAZOOKA on her back? The cynical half of his brain responds. As if picking up on his distress she hefts the weapon off her back and fires a rocket at him. He pales. He slides the sword off his back and slashes at the missile once, managing to make it fly off course. She then uses the bayonet and slashes him out at the knees.

Now down on his back the woman points the rocket launcher at his face as she says three words "Good night. Demon." And pulls the trigger.


Writer: Ehahahaha! Welcome to the reboot! See you guys next time. Next time: Will there be another chapter? Has our hero finally met his end?! WILL I EVER GET MY DAMN SANDWICH?!