Where the Hell am I? Chapter Four

Danny opens his eyes and looks around his hotel room. He raises himself to sit hunched on the bed. With a yawn, he stretches himself out. "A full night's sleep." He looks at the alarm clock. He steps off the bed to get ready. A fist flies behind him through the wall, smashing the bed and the dresser. He wasn't paying attention to the attack, he was getting ready. He steps into the bathroom and showers, washing the odor of sweat and the lingering smell of blood off.

Stepping back out into the rest of his room, he dries off using a towel. He was already mostly dry as his pants that he put on weren't wet at all. Tossing towel behind him, he ducks another swing. He's unaware it was even there. He grabs his gloves and puts them on next. He turns around to face the monster, his amulet around his neck. "Ain't that a face only a mother could love, but that's stretching it." Danny quips.

"Be silent worm, I shall crush your inferior human body destroy you." The monster swipes at Danny again

Danny smiles. There was no joy in it. "Then you'd better be ready to pay!" He leaps over the swipe and jumps outside, landing on the concrete without a scratch. He tosses his sword into the air and flourishes his coat around him. Catching his sword as he finishes putting the black and green trench coat on, he charges at monster.

It raises its arms together and slams them down onto Danny. A flicker and Danny was on top of the arms running up them to its face. He slams the hilt of Revolt into the monstrous eye. The monster flails around mightily, trying to crush him. Danny grabs the shoulders of the beast and launches it downwards. He lands behind the deformed and mangled head. "Going up!" He tosses the monster into the air. "And he hit it out of the park!" He kicks it in the back and smashes over most of the city landing it in the lake. Thankfully, the town wasn't hit by the beast.

He rolls his shoulders and clicks his sword onto his back. "Impressive, for a demon. AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" A fist of shadows aims to crush Danny. He rolls to the side and whips around to lock on to the Titan. A slash from Revolt blocks her attack.

"Hey watch it, I'm on your side!" Danny explains, sliding the attack off the blade. He stands stationary flourishing his blade around him, deflecting and blocking the attakcs.

"No demon is on my side. Azarath Metrion Zinthos." With that she launches a blast at him. The flourish deflects it and gives him an opening. In an instant, she's back peddling. Dodging his attacks and avoiding his blade. A blast of blue energy knocks Danny back.

"You shoulda waited for the rest of us Raven." The newcomer says. He looked like an amalgamation of human and machine. "We're a team, remember?"

"Cyborg, you can't fight him, he trashed the monster that our team couldn't beat at full strength."

"Then lemme ask you what you were thinking in challenging me alone." Danny says launching a second barrage of attacks. He adapts to her defenses and manages to push her to a wall.

"Azarath Metri- Agh."

Revolt's hilt struck the side of her head knocking her out temporarily. A flurry of green energy surrounds him. "How dare you harm friend Raven." An alien voice filled with anger reproaches him.

"Relax, she's the one who started it." Danny replies unaffected by the tone. A blast singes his cheek.

"And I shall be the one who is finishing it." The alien form of energy constricts around him. A flicker and he's outside the plasma trap.

"Watch it, I just got this coat dry-cleaned!" Danny says putting out the flame on the coat. He dodges a second blast and leaps up to the flying figure and throws her to the ground, aiming for the person who shot the blue energy at him.

A giant green gorilla looks down at him. "RAAAAUUGH!" And swat Danny flips back to avoid the attack.

"And hello to you to, my name's Danny and yours is?" He pulls a bow in front of the second beast. His roundhouse kick launched the gorilla back. Its head struck the side of a building. The beast downed for the count. It morphed back down to the form of a kid. Danny lands next to the kid by choice. "Well what do you know... a literal beast kid."

"His name, enemy, is Beast Boy." The alien recovered from her landing and launches a punch at Danny's head. Which he blocks and kicks her in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her and sending her to the ground.

"You were kinda asking for that one." He walks past her, spotting a red circular flying at him. He deflects the two behind him away from both him and the knocked down alien. "Alright, Boy Blunder where are you?" He grins seeing another barrage of disks. He deflects them into the wall behind him. "Even that monster sitting in the bottom of the lake had better aim."

By the time he finished that, the entire group he had beaten into the ground stand up again. And a red pole sat at his neck, held by a walking stoplight. With a grin, he swats the stick aside and kicks him away. "I got boom, if you got the sonic." The person previously addressed as Cyborg nods. He grabs Robin by the forearm and launches him at Danny, who only smirks. He kicks Robin to the right, into the sonic blast of Cyborg. With a flicker, Danny roundhouse kicks Cyborg into a transforming Beast Boy.

Raven launched another blast of dark energy at him. Which he splits in two and drop kicks her into the ground. The alien unleashes another storm of energy at him. He flickers to beside her and swings her around and throws her into the side of a building. "Have you all seen enough yet?" Danny asked the fallen Titans. Hearing only groans and sounds of pain, Danny pulls out a flip-phone and dials 911. "Yeah, the Teen Titans got beat down pretty bad here. Send help!"

After the emergency crews arrive, followed quickly by damage control, Danny heads with them to the hospital. During the fight, whenever Raven, if that really was her name, used a minute amount of demonic energy. After spending a few hours in the waiting room, a nurse walks into the room "Is there a Danny Redgrave here."

"Here." Danny raises a hand.

"Okay, the Titans want to see you now."

"Right." Danny stands up and follows her to the room the Titans are in. Five stories up. The nurse followed by Danny, briskly walk to the room. Down a hall, hang a left. Danny catalogues all the data he can while on this walk. Down the second hall way, last door on the right. The nurse opens the door and steps in, leaving Danny out in the darkened hallway, a shadow behind the white nurse.

"Robin, here's Danny Redgrave like you wanted him." She nods to the walking stoplight. Danny steps into the brighter room and sees all the Titans jump for their weapons.

"Slow down there, I had my fight, I'm good." Danny explains having all the Titans' weapons pointed at him. He raises his empty hands as proof.

"Why'd we fight in the first place?" Robin asked, the domino mask narrowing as he glared at Danny not budging his weapon.

"You all jumped to conclusions. Raven saw me whoop that monster. She saw me a threat and attacked me. Cyborg saw us fighting and intervened on her side. Beast boy saw them get beat down and got a round house into the side of the building. Starfire saw that and took offense on her friends' behalf and attacked me. You saw me take out your team almost effortlessly and attacked." Danny explains still at weapon point, drawing breaths between each sentence.

"And why should we be trusting of you, Enemy Danny?" Starfire asks.

"Because if I really was 'Enemy Danny', why aren't you all dead? I only fought to defend myself." Danny explains. The tension hangs in the air so thick it could be tasted, touched, as the Titans debate whether to trust the stranger who beat them into the dust or not.

Seconds on the clock tick on, oblivious to the scene taking place. And then an exhalation so weak, as if it were any louder it would have been a thunderclap. Robin remove his weapon from Danny's throat. "I don't like his reasons, but they'll have to do. We did invite him here anyways."

Beast Boy relaxes next "If he's that much stronger than us, then we need him around."

Cyborg breathes out and turns his arm back into a hand. "I agree, he seems to be alright, he did get us help rather than leave us out in the open and vulnerable.

Starfire glares at Danny still. Raven still has a sword made of her magic at his throat. "Starfire, Raven, relax we have to trust him." The words of Robin don't faze either of them. Raven's forehead beads with sweat, her concentration on her magic, taking a toll.

Starfire looks at Danny's eye and sees something there obviously as she lowers her arms, her eyes still not convinced by her mind. "I don't trust enemies. If you want me to be trusting of you, you will answer my questions full of truth."

"Ask away." Danny says with a shrug.

"What'syourfavoritecolour? Whereareyoufrom? Whyareyousostrong? Howdidyougethere? Andwillyoubemyfriend?" She asks all in one breath and breathes deeply. The look in her eyes vanishing and her fists stop their fiery blaze.

Danny blinks twice and laughs once, before taking a breath. "Blueismyfavoritecolor. IliveinNewYork. Mystrengthisasecret. Igotherebybus. AndyesIwillbeyourfriend." He made it to the end of the third sentence before having to breathe again.

Starfire beams a huge smile and give Danny a crushing bear hug. "Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou!"

A meaty crack is heard before Danny drops to the ground and stands back up again. "Not... half... bad..." he says as he catches his breath. Raven still points her weapon at him. "Are you alright?" Danny waves a hand in front of her face.

He sees the look in her eyes. It says: He's still a demon, no matter how human he plays. Or something to that effect as the next words out of her mouth are "You will never have my trust demon."

Danny looks her in the eyes and stands up to his full height. "Your point?"

"I will put up with you. But if you crack even once, one slip up, I will kill you." Raven glares lowering the weapon, it vanishing instantly as it touches the ground. Raven fell to a knee there. "Because you brought us here and went along with Starfire's game, I'll trust you for now."

Danny didn't respond. He simply stood there and silently held out his hand. Raven looked at him in shock. Before accepting the open hand which helped her to her feet. "Now get some rest, once you guys are recovered, I'll be back at the hotel." Danny says raising his hand next to him as he walked out. As he steps back into the lobby, many of the people shoot him odd glances. Not for anything weird about him, short of the fact he fought the Teen Titans and won by a large margin, and didn't get thrown in jail as the news covered almost all of the story.

"Danny Redgrave here, I'd like to request a room transfer."

"Oh yes, the room that got smashed by that monster, of course, you've already paid and this is the off season anyways, I'll get you a new room key." She says as he passes the key to his old room over. "Here you go, dearie." The older lady, who looked like she could have grandkids says to him.

As Danny opens the new room, he notices that the lights are off, an unusual thing considering how this place was normally lit up like a Christmas tree. He flicks the switch a few times and it does nothing. "So you are Danny Redgrave, the person who fought the Teen Titans and won."

There was no question in the cold voice that spoke to him. "Speaking to whom." Danny replies, not to be scared by anything. His teen ghost hunter years gave him that much at least.

"Call me an... interested party. Should the Titan's ever decide you shouldn't be a part of them, I will offer a job." The voice speaks from the dinner table, where the shadow was thickest. The voice had a ragged edge to it. There was no mistaking the knife's edge in his words.

Danny smirks, "As if I'd take a job from you. Besides, you didn't answer my question."

"My name is Slade." The voice bites off every word as the form of a man walks to the door. Danny steps to the side dropping the smirk. "And you will help me bring the Titans down." A few minutes later, he hears a scream and rushes down to the lobby.

To be continued...