AN: This one shot was written for whiteswan, who is an absolute livesaver. She helped me with Accounting problems for 4 hours via Facebook chat and text message when Facebook crashed. A true friend. Also, thanks to Jekkah for doing recon for me for the following prompts: a heart to heart, comfort, lunch, moving, and kicking Will's ass. Even though I am positive whiteswan got suspicious...

Aaron Hotchner sat in his office, attempting to complete yet another pile of paperwork. Becoming temporary Section Chief reminded him of why he didn't want the job: too much paperwork, and not enough field work.

Scribbling his signature onto the last file, he dropped his pen and straightened, cracking his back as he did so. He looked at the clock, and realized that it was well after noon. A knock at his door drew his attention. JJ poked her head in.

"Hey Hotch."

"Hey JJ. What do you need?"

"I'm taking a late lunch. Want to join?"

Hotch could tell that something was bothering his former media liaison.

"Sure." he said as he grabbed his coat and followed her off the door.


"What's going on, JJ?" Hotch asked as they sat at a diner down the street from the BAU.

"I need your help. I... I'm in trouble" JJ said softly.

Hotch went on alert.

"JJ, what do you need?"

"I've lost my house, Hotch."

Hotch was floored.

"What, how-"

"Will left. And emptied all of the bank accounts. I didn't have enough to cover the mortgage. I have to move out by Saturday. Henry and I have nowhere to go." JJ started to cry.

"JJ, why didn't you come to me sooner? I could have done something."

"Honestly, Hotch. I guess I really didn't want to live there anymore. I just don't have enough money to move somewhere else."

"Stay with me and Jack. We have enough room." Hotch couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth.

"Hotch, we couldn't impose on you like that. Besides Beth -"

"Beth and I decided we worked better as friends."

JJ went silent. Hotch grabbed her hand in an attempt to comfort her.

"JJ, let me help you. Please."

JJ met his piercing gaze.

"If you're sure..."

"JJ, I am very sure."


The pair left the diner and made their way back to the BAU. As they parted ways, JJ spoke again.


He turned.

"Thank you. For everything."

Hotch gave a small smile and a nod, entering his office.

He was determined to help JJ get through the changes that were coming to her and Henry's lives.

First, though, he had a phone call to make to Morgan regarding the ass-kicking a certain detective needed...