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Chapter 17: Visiting Hours

Brooke was laying sound asleep, oblivious to her surroundings, until she felt someone shaking her bed causing her to quickly wake up. She shot up from her bed and felt her forehead come in contact with something very hard and looked up to see that she head butted her brother in the face. Brooke felt the pain spread across her body and looked to her brother clenching his cheek and nose.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Eric", she said quickly getting up to inspect his injury, to see if she would need to help him, "are you ok?"

"No", he said with a hiss as he looked up and inspected his hand to see if there was any blood, luckily there was none.

"I'm sorry, but you did just startle me awake, I thought it was an earthquake or something, and you shouldn't look up if it's a bloody nose", she said as she inspected him and there was just a red on his cheek from where her face hit him, and continued to rub her forehead already feeling the pain subside.

"I'll remember to never do that to you again", he said finally getting over the pain as he smiled in her direction.

"So what's up?" she asked not knowing why her brother woke her up, considering he was the one to tell her to go to sleep.

"Sheriff Stilinski just called", those words made her eyes widen and breathe cease.

"Are they…" she didn't want to finish the sentence.

"Yea, they are going to let you speak to him, but only for a while but, you only have until seven and considering that it's almost five I thought you would like to go", he said as he wrapped his arms around her as he noticed that she was on the verge of breaking down. "But you don't have to go if you don't want to"

"Of course I want to go, its Isaac were talking about. It's just I can't believe that this is really happening, for a while I thought that it was all just a bad dream, but I guess not", she said letting her shoulders drop. She really did hope that it was all a dream, she just couldn't process that her Isaac would be a prime suspect in his father's murder, and it just didn't make sense.

"Hey I already started dinner, that way you didn't have to, but do you want me to take you?" not letting her out of his hug.

"Please", she said looking up into his green eyes, "but can you not tell mom and dad about it".

"Brooke they will eventually know, I mean its Beacon Hills… things get around fast", he said.

"I know but maybe they won't find Isaac as a suspect and release him, and then they wouldn't even know, and if I tell them eventually if things go…", she didn't dare finish her sentence.

"Fine but if you don't tell them I will", he said firmly.

"Deal, so can you please take me?" she said as she looked at her brother with pleading eyes.

"Yea, let me just go turn off the stove, go wait for me in the car", he said knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist his sister when she pulls those eyes on him.

Isaac felt the effects of the moon. He could feel his wolf clawing at him for escape. It was horrible he wanted to break free and let his wolf roam free. Derek told him it would be hard to stay in control, but he never imagined that it would be this difficult. He felt his head throbbing, as he kept concentrating on staying human. He knew that there was a strong chance that he would wolf out here, but he needed to keep calm because there was no way he would give away his and Derek's secret.

As the day grew longer, he realized that he couldn't let his mind wander to Brooke, because she would actually make it harder for him to stay human. His wolf craved her, it wanted her near and if Isaac wouldn't do that, he felt that the wolf would do it himself. He remembered that he thought that Brooke was his anchor, his tie to his human side, but he realized that she wasn't. But there was something about her physically that kept him human, or rather his wolf calm, but the thought of her would send his wolf in a frenzy. Isaac just couldn't figure it out and he hoped that Derek would figure it out soon.

He felt the familiar tug of his soul. He never felt anything like this before, but he immediately knew what it was. It was Brooke. She was near. He didn't know what it was but there was something about her that he could sense, she was like a beacon, a beacon solely for him. His wolf was again in overdrive with need to have her near.

"Just through this door Miss Edwards", he heard one of the deputies tell say from outside, "just take a seat here will we go get Isaac Lahey".

He could hear their conversation as if he was in the same room but judging by the tug at his chest he could tell that she was in a room down the hall. His claws began to grow, he needed to see her, and so did his wolf. He needed to keep calm, because considering how his wolf was clawing for escape he felt that if something went wrong, she could easily be the first person that he could end up hurting.

He could hear footsteps approaching and looked up and saw the officer opening his door, "Hello Isaac", he said with a stern voice, "the sheriff arranged for you to talk with Miss Edwards, are you alright with that?"

Isaac almost wanted to backlash at him. Of course he wanted to see her, why would he even begin to question that. But he nodded because he was afraid of what sound would have come out of his mouth, considering that he could slowly feel his teeth sharpen to fangs.

The deputy smiled and stepped aside letting him go out and direct him to a private meeting room. With each step that he took he could feel his nose fill with Brooke's scent. It was overwhelming, the pull to her became stronger and he didn't even bother listening to what the deputy was directing to him because he could feel where she was.

He stepped inside the room and there sitting with her back to him, was his beacon, his light at the end of the tunnel, his Brooke. He felt his breath quicken with the overwhelming feeling of joy of seeing her.

"Brooke", he whispered out.

Immediately she turned, her green eyes landing on his cerulean ones. Her eyes widened at seeing Isaac, and immediately stood up and embraced him. Immediately his wolf was content, feeling as giddy as a puppy at her contact. This was what they both needed; there was something about their contact that just comforted both Isaac and the wolf within. Isaac like always felt human all signs of his wolf gone, there really was something strange about Brooke, but right now being in her arms was all he could think of.

"Isaac, I miss you", she whispered, "Please tell me that you didn't…." she couldn't bear to finish her sentence.

"No, I didn't", he answered her unfinished question, "but you have to leave Brooke, you shouldn't be here".

It was the truth, despite Brooke being her, he could still feel the effects of the moon, it was making his instincts stronger, he was afraid that he might end up hurting Brooke, or worse. And considering that he felt that Derek would bust him out, he promised to keep him safe, and he was his beta.

"What do you mean 'I shouldn't be here', do you not want me here?" she said pushing herself from his arms, "I thought considering that you and I are dating…"

"Brooke you really need to leave", he said instantly displeased from having her out of his arms.

"Isaac, I'm here for you", she said as she become more displeased with the situation.

"Brooke it's just not safe for you", he said feeling the effects of the full moon.

"What do you mean not safe", she said curiously.

"I just don't want you to be wrapped in this Brooke, I want to keep you safe", he said knowing that although it was the truth, he was keeping her safe from things that she didn't know.

"But you didn't do it Isaac, I know you didn't", she said placing her hand on his cheeks, and he instantly leaned into her touch "you'll see, they'll realize that it was all a big mistake and then…"

"Then what Brooke, they'll just ship me to a foster home", he said feeling an uneasiness knowing that he might be separated from Brooke, "just please leave", he said sternly.

"No, I told you, you're family for us, we won't let that happen" she said as she leaned towards his chest. "Well figure something not, just don't push me away. Please don't push me away, not like everyone else, you can't leave me, because I… I lo…" she just couldn't find the strength in her to say those three words.

She wanted to tell him how she felt. She knew that she loved him; it took all of today for her to realize that despite Isaac being her best friend, he really meant a lot to her. She knew that she loved him, there was no doubt in her mind. But she just couldn't admit it out load because her past with boys wasn't always the best one. She refused to be the first one to say that she loved him.

But all her thoughts ceased when she felt two soft lips on her forehead, her body filled with that now familiar shock that she was starting to love.

"you don't have to say it, I know, and", he said as he tilted her face up to his, "I love you too", he said placing a soft kiss on her lips sending an electric spark down both their spines. "But you have to go please".

"Fine", she said finally listening to Isaac.

"But Brooke you haven't told them about my 'situation'" he said placing another kiss.

She immediately knew that he was talking about his abuse and shook her head.

"Please don't tell them either", he pleaded as he reached for her hand interlacing their trembling hands, each quickly tightening their hold the moment that their fingers slipped into one another.

"Isaac?" she said not understanding what he was asking of her.

"Just don't tell them that you know, please Brooke, I don't want you to get involved in any of this", he said staring straight into her emerald eyes, silently begging her to just trust him.

"Fine", she said letting go of his hands and just enveloping him in a much needed hug. She wasn't sure when the next time she would see him. She knew that there was no way he killed his father, but Sheriff Stilinski was right, if they found enough evidence to make him guilty then her word would mean nothing. But even if he wasn't guilty, where would he go, she didn't know if he could stay here, since he would have no legal guardians, and for her family to legally adopt him, would take time too. Time that she just didn't want to spend far from him. She inhaled his scent, trying to imprint it in her memory, the feel of his body holding hers. She realized that she did love him, and now there was a big chance that he would be taken from her.

She felt his arms wrap around her waist pulling her closer to his body, remembering how easily she molded to his body, as if they were missing puzzle pieces. He loved this girl since before he knew what love really was, and now there was a great chance that they would be separated. He could feel his wolf stirring inside, not with anger like before, but with sadness.

Brooke looked up to Isaac's cerulean eyes; she could feel her body tingle like it always does when his skin comes into contact with hers. There was something different about them but she loved it, she wanted to kiss him, and not a soft peck like last time. She wanted to feel her lips press against his, pour all her feelings into a kiss because she couldn't say it out loud. She leaned up to him and placed her lips on his soft lips.

Isaac's body tingled as she felt her kiss. His wolf was howling now wanting this kiss to never end, and Isaac wanted that too. He thought that he couldn't pull her closer, but he was wrong, because he pulled her closer to his body to mold her even more against his body. Both could feel the tingles and electricity flow through each other with each kiss they shared.

The need for air made itself known, making them both break the kiss but kept their foreheads against one another, sharing the air that they were breathing in. Isaac could clearly see the flush on Brooke's cheeks and it made him proud knowing that it was him that was able to do this to her and not anyone else. She smiled up at him, lightly biting her swollen red lips and wanted to kiss him again, but heard the door open and immediately turned and saw her brother standing there, and immediately put space between the two teens.

"Brooke we're leaving", he said never looking at her sister but rather glaring at Isaac.

"But they said that we could stay till sheriff Stilinski…"

"Brooke I said we're leaving", she said final looking at her sister, "NOW!"

Brooke didn't know what to do, she's never seen her brother act this way, and he was usually very kind to her. But right now he was fierce, his green feline eyes reminding her of a lion ready to pounce at the boy that she loved. Brooke nodded knowing that it was no use, there was no way that is able to convince Eric to let her stay.

"Can I at least say bye to Isaac?" she said

"Just make it quick", he said never taking his eyes off Isaac, and not even stepping outside the room to give them privacy.

Brooke didn't know what to do; she wanted to kiss him, but not in front of her brother. She looked up and saw that he wanted the same thing, but what she mainly saw was the look that spelled out that he was saddened with the fact that this could be the last time that they might see each other. Brooke didn't want to accept that but deep down she knew that it was a big possibility. She went up on her tippy toes and placed a gentle kiss on his lips, placing her hand on his accelerating heart.

"I'll miss you Isaac", she whispered for him only.

"I love you Brooke", he whispered to her.

"I know", she said as she reached for his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze before her brother yanked her away.

"Eric stop!" she cried as he dragged her out of the station and completely ignored her cry, "Eric, stop! You're hurting me!" she said as she felt the tight grip on her wrist become even more constricting.

He finally registered her words and let go of her hand as if touching her burned his skin "I'm sorry Brooke, butt get in the car were leaving".

She got in the car, rubbing her now reddened wrist. She looked at how her brother gripped the steering wheel making his knuckles white with the tight hold. He refused to look at her at all and she could feel the air become thick with the tension that she didn't understand.

"Eric what's wrong?" she asked as they arrived.

"What's wrong?" he said with a joking smile, "what's wrong is that Isaac just killed his father and you seem completely calm about this" he spat out at her.

"Isaac didn't kill his father, it's a mistake!" she yelled out to him.

"really, who else would kill him, did you know that Isaac was abused be his father his whole life" Brooke stiffened, "his bike was at the scene of the crime, he had a motive, he went missing after that…"he continued.

"And that's why you literally dragged me out?"

"I just don't want him to hurt you, if he could do that to his father, his own blood, imagine what he… I don't to; just promise me you'll stay away from him until all this is cleared up. I don't want you going to visit a potential killer". He said with a sincere voice.

Brooke could understand her brother and his worry but that didn't stop her form being mad at him. This was Isaac, her Isaac, the boy that would do anything to stop a fight, he should understand that there was no way he could comment murder but she knew that there was no way to convince her brother that, because just like her, he was very stubborn.

"He didn't kill him, and you can't forbid me to see him", she snapped back.

"Brooke just listen, I get it he's your best friend, but…"

"No, I don't want to hear any more of this conversation", she yelled as she turned to walk up the stairs.

"Brooke! Are you so in love with him that you're too blind to see the logical truth", he said making her stop in her tracks.

There it was again, was she in love with him? She was beginning to get used to people asking her that question that she didn't even need to stop and think about it anymore.

"you're right, I'm in love with Isaac, but that doesn't make me blind enough to know that deep down even you know that he wasn't capable of doing this" she said before she walked to her room and slammed the door shut.

In the safety of her room, she finally let the tears fall, because even if Brooke could see the truth, Eric was right. Logically it made sense; Isaac was a prime suspect for the death of his father. She looked out the window and was greeted but the sight of the full moon, the only thing that was currently providing her a distraction from all the chaos that will soon begin to erupt.



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