The Ballad of Wulfgar's Fall

"Where now dwells,

The wielder of Ageis Fang?"

"'Neath tunnels deep and dark

By a yochlol slain."

"A hearty meal indeed,

For the waxy beast."

"Aye, to be sure,

But 'tweren't no easy feast."

"Oh? Pray, tell on,

I do so long to hear,

Tell me the story, bard,

Speak it to mine ear."

"Gladly will I tell you,

And you may others tell

Of how the brave

Barbarian youth fell.

"Wulfgar fought bravely,

Strong, and fearless, and bold,

More so than any other

Barbarian from the cold.

"The tentacles grabbed,

And the teeth tore.

Certainly, a lesser man,

Would already have died to be sure!

"But ignoring the pain

Tearing into his living meat,

He saw Cattie-brie stumble,

A tentacle 'round her feet.

"Enrage beyond all reason,

He lifted his hammer high,

And threw it at the ceiling,

Knowing otherwise, she'd die."

"No! Truly? Shocking!

Oh, sorry that I swerve

Thy story from it's course,

Please, pardon my nerve."

"No worries my friend,

No worries at all,

For with the strike,

The ceiling started to fall!

"Tons upon tons

Of dirt and heavy stone,

Tumbled down upon them

With a rumbling groan.

"Buried 'neath the rubble,

'Neath the Mithral Halls,

Brave Wulfgar fell,

Beyond his true love's calls.

"And now there he is

In a cairn all his own,

Below halls of mithral,

Rest his mighty bones."