A bit of Sherlock:

Being Human (US) version in Britain-
(H) "It was a vampire."
(W) "A what?!"
(H) "A bloodsucking sub-human."
(W) "I know what a vampire is! Sherlock, what the hell is going on?!"
(H) "A vampire killed this woman. There's nothing extraordinary about it. Government cover-up is more Mycroft's territory."
(W) "Excuse me?"
(H) Sigh, "I've known since I was twelve, and suspected since I was 11. Took me almost two years to find proof."
(W) "Vampires... are real?"
(H) "Yes!"
(W) "Are you pulling my leg?"
(H) "No."
(W) Gasp... "Why have you never told me?"
(H) "You never asked."
(W) "Why the hell would I ever ask that?!"
(H) "Why does anyone ask anything? Because they want to know."
(W) "Why didn't you just tell me?"
(H) "You didn't need to know."
(W) "Like hell I didn't need to know! What if that had been me?! What if that had been you or Mrs. Hudson?!"
(H) Nonsense, Mrs. Hudson is a bone dry old woman who hardly goes out at night, and I feed you garlic supplements."
(W) "When did you ever feed me garlic supplements?"
(H) "You eat most of your food in the apartment I live in. I was more worried you'd be infected by a werewolf."
(W) "What?"
(H) "You seem the type. Werewolves favor the traumatized and the repressed when it comes to infecting. They can smell it."