Jack was asleep but Natasha was wide awake. Jack was holding her but Natasha wasn't the cuddling type when it came to one night stands. Slowly, without waking him, she slipped out of his unconscious embrace and made her way to her closet. It was organized but only because Pepper insisted upon it. Natasha didn't actually care about cleanliness but you did not go against Pepper Potts when it came to image.

Careful not to wake Jack, Natasha grabbed a change of clothes and headed to her bathroom. She took a quick shower, making sure to scrub herself clean of any sign of her most recent sexual exploit, before changing. It was a simple outfit consisting of a pair of torn up jeans, a sports bra and one of Tony's old grey undershirts that could have passed for a wife beater if it was white. They were the only things she could wear in the workshop and not epically ruin. Natasha grabbed her brush and quickly ran it through her slightly tangled hair before quickly escaping her room, heading straight downstairs.

Like always, Natasha dropped by the kitchen before heading to the workshop. She needed coffee and Tony needed it too. They may be able to go for days without eating or sleeping or seeing the light of day but they couldn't do any of that without coffee. "Hey Jarvis." Natasha said as she poured her brother and herself hug cups of coffee.

"Yes Miss Stark?" Jarvis replied immediately. Natasha smiled a little, remembering the Jarvis before Jarvis. He'd been human of course, their butler, and he'd taken care of the two Stark children more than their own parents. Which was exactly why Tony had named his first truly intelligent AI after him. Because no matter what the two Starks said, they did actually form attachments to people. Especially to people who had never lied to them and had tried to protect them from the world.

"Do you think we'll actually leave on time for the weapons presentation?" Natasha asked the AI, gathering the cups up in her hands.

Jarvis paused for a moment. "I have utter faith in Miss Potts's ability to keep you on schedule." He finally said.

Natasha chuckled as she walked down the steps to the workshop. "So no then." She said, smiling brightly to herself and to the AI.

Tony had yet to turn on music, knowing his sister would be along sooner or later with coffee. He wanted to hear her when she came in so he could get his cup of caffeine as soon as possible. He was running extremely low on caffeine and alcohol could only replace it for a short while. Jarvis didn't inform him when Natasha came through the workshop door without punching in the security code (she was the only one besides him who could do that) but he didn't need the alert. He jumped up from where he was working on one of his cars and rushed over, snatching his mug of coffee from her.

"Took you long enough." Tony said though he wasn't mad.

"Sorry, Mister Hemingway took a little longer than I thought he would to fall asleep." Natasha said, making her way over to one of her lovely little speed demons rather gracefully despite the millions of different things scattered over the floor.

Tony chuckled as he moved back to his own work. "I still can't believe you did a guy with the last way Hemingway." He said as if it was the most amusing thing in the world.

Natasha rolled her eyes, smiling. "Shut up Tony. At least I didn't do a chick who went to Brown." She said, over exaggerating her disgust for the college.

"Whatever." Tony said though his eyes twinkled with amusement. "Did he ever get that interview he wanted?" He asked.

"Nope." Natasha said proudly, shooting her brother a grin. Tony shook his head at her and grinned before turning back to his work. "Jarvis, turn on the work playlist will you?" Natasha said as she sat down in front of her car, careful not to spill her coffee.

"Yes Miss Stark." Jarvis said and soon the workshop was blaring with music, allowing the two geniuses to think more clearly.

There was no clock in the workshop so neither Stark ever knew how much time had passed. They could have checked, they could have pulled up a virtual clock at any point in time, but they didn't. It was a waste of time, pulling up a clock when they didn't even care what time it was. Both of them knew they had to get to the weapons demonstration but what was the point of leaving so early? Besides, Pepper always got there on time even when it seemed impossible.

Pepper's arrival was announced by the workshop door opening and the music being shut off. "Please don't turn down our music!" The Starks said simultaneously, not even looking up from their work.

"You two are supposed to be halfway around the world right now." Pepper told them.

"How'd she take it?" Tony asked. Of course he'd been alerted by Jarvis when Miss Brown had gone sniffing around their home looking for her one night stand.

"Like a champ." Pepper replied, used to Tony's random knowledge of everything by now.

Natasha cleared her throat, catching the ginger's attention. "Hey Pep, you didn't happen to see a guy wandering around up there did you?" She asked.

Pepper sighed deeply. "Natasha, you too?" She asked, sounding a little tired. Natasha didn't blame her. They were always having one night stands and Pepper was always the one sending them on their way. It was always a bit more difficult with Natasha's one night stands. With Tony's Pepper could be as sassy as she wanted but with Natasha's she had to be reasonably polite. Guys were always a bit harder to get rid of than girls. That's why Tony always told her to be careful with who she brought home. He didn't want to get in a fistfight with a guy with anger issues who refused to let a one night stand be a one night stand. Natasha nodded, not at all sheepish but feeling at least a little bad. "No, I didn't see him. I'm assuming I'll have to usher him out before you leave?" Pepper said.

"Only if I or Tony can't deal with him Pep." Natasha assured their assistant. Well actually Pepper was more Tony's assistant, something that only mildly annoyed Natasha. She wanted her brother to hook up with the ginger but unfortunately Tony drew the line at employees, even ones he trusted and liked as much as Pepper.

"So why are you trying to hustle us out of here?" Tony asked as he worked on his car.

"Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago." Pepper answered.

Natasha winced a little and pulled up a digital clock. Sure enough, Pepper was right. Hell, Pepper was always right when it came to schedules. Which meant they were in major trouble with Rhodey. Damn.

"It's funny." Tony said and Natasha let out a silent groan, sensing one of his snarky moments coming on. They were already on thin ice with Pepper, they didn't need to make it any thinner. If they did she'd make them actually do work. "I thought with it being my plane and all that it would just wait for us to get there." Tony said.

Pepper sighed and pressed her hand to her forehead. She'd had that headache for years now. It had started about a week into her job as their personal assistant and hadn't stopped since. "Guys I need to speak to you about a couple of things before I get you out the door." Pepper said, passing off the press to her forehead as her simply brushing her hair out of her face. Pepper sometimes forgot that the Starks paid a lot more attention to her than anyone else which meant they caught the little things she did.

"I mean doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?" Tony asked, as if Pepper hadn't spoke. He shifted around till he was facing her, sitting on the tire of his precious car.

"Larry called." Pepper said, ignoring him. "He's got another buyer for the Jackson Pollock in the wings. Do you want it? Yes or no?" Pepper asked.

Neither of the Starks were very into art, that had always been their mother's sort of thing, but they knew enough about it to be able to buy and sell works of art and make a profit out of it. "Is it a good representation of his Spring period?" Tony asked as he wiped grease off his hands.

"Um, no. The Springs was actually the neighborhood in East Hampton where he lived and worked not spring like the season." Pepper explained.

"So?" Tony asked.

"I think it's a fair example. I think it's incredibly overpriced." Pepper finished, knowing Tony didn't really care about the different definition of the word "spring."

Tony looked over at Natasha who smirked a little and nodded slightly. Tony turned back to Pepper. "We need it. Buy it. Store it." He told her, getting up. Pepper smiled and Natasha couldn't help smiling too, simply because there was actual affection for her brother in that smile. Usually when people smiled at Tony it was fake and that person wanted something from her brother. Pepper wasn't like that. She may want Tony to do his part of running the company but that was it. She never had any ulterior motives and she actually genuinely liked Tony. And Natasha of course but she liked Tony more simply because of attraction.

"Oh-kay." Pepper said, following after Tony who was smirking. Natasha followed after them, not wanting to miss anything. Especially since half of every decision was hers. "The MIT commencement speech-."

"Is in June." Tony said, cutting her off. "Please don't harangue us about stuff that's way, way, way down."

"Well they're haranguing me so I'm gonna say yes." Pepper said.

"Deflect it and absorb it. Don't transmit it back to me." Tony told their assistant.

"I need you two to sign this before you get on the plane." Pepper said, rifling through papers.

"What, are you trying to get rid of us? What you got plans? Tony asked curiously.

Pepper stopped working for a second to stare at Tony. "As a matter of fact I do." She told him.

Tony's face became serious. "I don't like it when you have plans." He told her, his slightly light hearted tone contrasting with his expression.

"I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday." Pepper said.

Natasha immediately started humming the happy birthday song, watching the little interaction between her brother and the ginger with interest. Their interactions were always interesting and they usually ended with a light amount of flirting or a small little moment that Natasha always tried to let last as long as possible. Good thing neither one of them ever paid attention to her during these moments or she'd be toast. She was making little faces at them, mouthing what they should say and what they should do then cursing silently when they didn't do it.

"It's your birthday?" Tony asked.

"Yes." Pepper answered.

"I knew that." Tony lied. "Already?" He asked immediately after, looking confused. Natasha chuckled, her brother's perception of time was awful. Hers was too but at least she recognized the changing of a year. There was always that annoying New York countdown thing with the big disco ball.

"Yeah, isn't that strange? It's the same day as last year." Pepper said. Natasha chuckled again. Originally Pepper had lacked sass but after a few years with them she'd developed a hardcore level of badassness that showed up at random moments.

"Well get yourself something nice from me." Tony told her.

"I already did." Pepper answered.

"And?" Tony asked, smiling a bit.

"Oh it was very nice." Pepper said, smiling back. "Very tasteful. Thank you Mister Stark." She told him.

"You're welcome Miss Potts." Tony answered. Pepper smiled and Tony downed the small cup of coffee he had gotten from the fridge. "Okay." He said, handing it over to Pepper. He abruptly left the room, ruining the moment he had created with Pepper.

Natasha groaned, rolling her eyes. "Oh god he's so dumb!" She said almost mournfully, walking over to the ginger. "Why can't you two just get together already?!" Natasha said in a whiny tone.

Pepper's cheeks flushed a light red. A few years ago her whole face would have gone bright red but not anymore. Not after so many years of Natasha's teasing and perverted jokes. "We have a professional relationship only Natasha." Pepper told her calmly.

"No, no you do not. I refuse to believe it." Natasha said. Pepper chuckled a little, shaking her head, and headed for the door. "Please Pepper just date him already. I'd love it if you did." Natasha said, following after the ginger.

"Natasha I think that's enough." Pepper said though she was smiling a little.

"Oh no it isn't." Natasha said but decided to go ahead and shut up on the subject...for now. "Do you want a birthday bonus Pep? We give you one of those right? If we don't you get one. How's ten thousand sound? Ooo no, let's go with thirty thousand. You get an extra ten if you date my brother. Buuuut if you don't want a bonus you can pick out anything you want in any store and use one of our credit cards to pay for it." Natasha said, rambling.

"That's very kind Miss Stark but not neccissary." Pepper said.

Natasha frowned at being called "Miss Stark" and opened her mouth to reply but quickly shut it. Jack was standing in the living room in nothing but his boxers with Tony very nearly sneering up at him. Tony didn't glance at his sister when she walked over but he could tell how tense she was without looking. Whenever she saw him like this she was always ready to fight. Always ready to leap in and defend her older brother. That urge to fight with him had gotten her (and him) into a lot of trouble before but Tony didn't mind it. Not that much anyways.

The reporter, freaking Jack Hemingway, was giving him trouble. He'd asked about his partner and Tony had said that she'd already left. Then he got all mad and started saying stuff about having respect for women. You know, like the guy hadn't done Tony's sister last night after barely knowing her for five minutes. Tony was ready to punch the guy especially after the look he gave his sister as she walked over.

"Nat." Jack said, smiling.

"It's Natasha." Tony and Pepper said immediately, surprising each other and Natasha. None of them let their surprise show though, they were too good for that.

Jack looked mildly annoyed with Tony and that made Natasha frown in anger. "Jack, no offense but I've kinda got to run so if you could just scurry on out of here..." Natasha said, letting her voice trail off.

Jack frowned a little then smiled. "Alright, sure. Maybe we can do another private interview sometime." He said, shooting her a wink.

"Uh, no." Tony said abruptly. Jack shot him a small glare that made Natasha shoot her own glare at him. He looked at her in surprise, backing down a bit. Natasha was scary when she was angry. "Go get your clothes and get out. Miss Potts, see to it that he gets a rid wherever he likes so long as it's not here." Tony said, his tone implying that there would be no use arguing with him.

Luckily, Jack wasn't a total idiot. He left very quickly which gave Natasha plenty of time to take yet another show, fix her hair which she pulled up into a high ponytail, and get dressed in the attractive yet sophisticated and practical business suit Pepper had brought her. When she emerged from her room she looked ready to face anything though all she wanted was another cup of coffee and another seven days of nonstop work in their beloved workshop. Tony seemed to want the same thing cause he was frowning when he emerged from his own room, looking the poster boy for all billionaires.

"Hey Nat, mind if I take your car for a spin?" Tony asked as they walked back downstairs.

"You want to race Happy don't you?" Natasha asked knowingly.

Tony shot her his most charming smile, the one that barely worked on her. "Well? Can I?" He asked.

Natasha rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, sure, whatever. But I'm riding with you, not Happy. I'm not letting you in my baby by yourself." She told him sternly.

"Yes mom." Tony said, rolling his eyes. Natasha shoved him playfully, grinning.

"Bye Pepper! By Jarvis! See you later!" Natasha called out as her and her brother left the house. Neither the AI or Pepper replied but she knew they were hoping for them to return safely. Not surprisingly, Happy was already waiting for them outside. Fortunately though so was Natasha's little speed demon thanks to her unwillingness to let her one night stand wander through the garage before reaching her bedroom. "Hey Happy, you up for a fun little challenge?" Natasha asked as she skipped happily over to him.

Happy looked uncertainly at her. "What sort of challenge?" He asked.

"Nothing big Happy." Natasha immediately said, knowing that was what he was most worried about. "Just a friendly race between you and my brother." She explained. Happy opened his mouth to say something, possibly to protest since he already had all their bags loaded up into the car, but Natasha didn't give him a chance to speak. "Magnifique!" Natasha exclaimed in French before joining her brother in her car. Tony gave her a disapproving look, holding up the keys he'd found still in the ignition. Natasha rolled her eyes at him and slid into her seat, shutting the car door as she did. "Well come on Tony! We have a weapons demonstration to get to!" Natasha said cheerfully.

"What did Happy say?" Tony asked, sticking the key back into the ignition.

Natasha grinned wickedly. "He didn't say anything." She informed her brother. Tony heard the mischievousness in her voice and smirked. With a turn of the key Natasha's baby roared to life and soon they were speeding down roadways, the purr of the engine and the wind rushing through their ears becoming the only things they could hear.