A/N: This is a drabble with little to no plot.

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Chapter 1: The Feeling of Escaping Death

Sasori didn't know exactly when the black cat started following him. Wherever he went, he would find it staring at him with those large gray eyes that seemed to be trying to convey some sort of important message to him.

"Danna? Why are you staring at that cat, hm?" Deidara pulled the puppet master back into reality.

"No reason. I was merely observing its movements for my art," Sasori commented, effectively setting his partner off.

That was right. The S-rank shinobi needed to focus on his next assignment: the capture of the One-Tailed Beast.

Almost as if picking up on the thought of his dangerous mission, the cat gave him a meow.

As it turned to leave, it looked back and sent him a hard look as if to say, "Be careful and come back alive."

Then the cat was gone. Sasori would've stood there until the end of time had it not been for Deidara, who was arguing against the puppet master's earlier remark.

"Art is fleeting, Sasori no Danna. You've got it all wrong, hm!" Deidara protested.

In a flare of irritation, Sasori sent Hiruko's tail into a deadly arc aimed straight at Deidara. Of course, the terrorist jumped out of the way easily, but the action served its purpose of bringing its master back to the task at hand.

Later, during his battle with his grandmother and the apprentice of the Fifth Hokage, he would recall the warning of the black cat and dodge the attack that would've ended his existence. Instead, Sasori was immobilized by the seal trap planted by the old puppeteer and captured.

Sasori was thrown into jail as Sunagakure and Konohagakure engaged in a battle over custody of him and, therefore, information on the Akatsuki. Technically, Sasori had already given them a crucial piece. As a reward for capturing him, Sasori of the Red Sand, he had told the pink-haired medic to meet up with his spy on Orochimaru in ten days.

As Sasori sat resignedly in his jail cell, he heard a meow and a jingle. The puppet master turned to find the black cat holding the keys to his cell.

Sasori had narrowed his childish brown eyes at the cat in distaste, "You again."

It wasn't a question, and the cat didn't treat it like one. It merely slid through the bars of the cell and quietly placed the keys down in front of him. The cat then left the cell and sat in the corridor then stared at him.

Once again, those eyes seemed to be speaking to Sasori, "Follow me."

The puppet master gazed at the cat for a while longer, wondering exactly why this supposedly stupid animal was helping him, then finally grabbed the keys and freed himself from the cell.

The moment Sasori set foot in the corridor, the cat moved down the corridor. After a certain distance, it sat down again.

Once again it beseeched him, "Follow me."

So this little game continued until Sasori had been lead out of Sunagakure through a secret passageway (, which had passed through the place where they held his things).

Afterwards, Sasori never saw the cat again, and he was left with the lingering feeling that he shouldn't have been alive just then.

He did not return to the Akatsuki.