Chapter 5: Everyone's Sense of Pain Is Different

Nagato sometimes got lost in his memories to reconfirm that what he was doing was the answer. The fox that had somehow found its way into Konan's tree seemed to think otherwise.

"Wrong!" its golden eyes screamed at him.

Nagato ignored it and thought of Yahiko to harden his resolve.

"Would Yahiko really want this?" the fox's eyes replied to his thoughts.

Would he friend really want this? Nagato didn't know. He couldn't speak to the dead.

"Maybe you should go about this the right way," the animal's presence became persuading.

But what was the right way?

"If you can't even answer such a simple question then the answer to peace is far out of your reach," the fox got up and turned to leave, but it looked back right at the exit, "Besides, why would pain be the answer? The masochists wouldn't be affected."

Nagato felt as if he had woken up from a twisted dream. The fox was right, but he was caught under Madara's thumb. What could he do?

"Who ruled the Akatsuki when Yahiko died?" the fox seemed to whisper in his mind.

That was right. Nagato was the Akatsuki leader, and Madara was just a revenged obsessed old man. He would take Konan and leave the organization. The Akatsuki would be no more.

Konoha never suffered at Pein's hand, and Naruto returned to Konoha the old fashion way. The Nine-Tailed Beast's host would have to wait for his hero status, but he would rather it be that way in exchange for the absence of the Invasion.

The remaining two of the Ame Orphans returned to their village. They would start the peaceful ideals there.

A few weeks later Nagato and Konan were surprised to find most of the Akatsuki, including ones that they had presumed dead, waiting at their village entrance along with a cat and the fox.