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Chapter 7: If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them

The Akatsuki reunion was in no way nostalgic. All of them were actually quite wary of each other. One way or another, all of them had return to the origin of Akatsuki.

Half recognized the cat and the other half recognized the fox.

"Hey, it's that damn cat!" Hidan exclaimed as Deidara shouted, "Ugh, it's that fox, hm."

"This damn cat and that fox saved your lives!" the two animals seemed to be excreting an indignant air.

"What going on? Why are most of you alive?" Nagato's commanding presence silenced the group.

"Dunno, but it seems the reason we're alive is because of those two," Sasori stated, gesturing at the two animals.

The two animals had a scroll at their feet.

"What's that, hm?" Deidara asked and curiously picked it up.

The scroll contained a message between two minor shinobi regarding the declaration of war by Tobi. It detailed the Moon's Eye Plan and Tobi's, or Madara's, plans.

"Well, I don't want to live in a fucking illusion for the rest of my life!" Hidan immediately exclaimed after reading it.

"I could probably get a reasonably sized reward by helping," Kakuzu mused.

"I'll get to fight Uchiha, so of course I'm going! Hm!" Deidara smirked in anticipation.

"Sounds like fun. I don't have anything better to do," Kisame grinned as always.

"Maybe I can get some puppets," Sasori complied absently, probably figuring out how he was going to preserve the reanimated shinobi.

"Of course we'll help. For the sake of peace," Nagato said, and Konan nodded her agreement.

Itachi merely gave a nod, though everyone knew he was thinking of his younger brother.

None of the Akatsuki noticed the disappearance of the two animals as they decided how to join the Alliance, and neither did they notice the cat and the fox watching them with a certain light in their eyes.


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