I do not owe the characters from the TV series Criminal Minds

Little story told from the perspective of Emily Prentiss

This is my first fanfiction and English is not my first language, I hope you tell me your thoughts or suggestions thanks

I don't know when but I'm happy

I don't know when I fall in love with him and all I know now is I can't live without him anymore… oh God you must think that I'm crazy but I love his smile, his eyes, his hands anyway I love everything he does and everything he is.

I always thought to never let in someone in to my life but he just came to crash all my walls and the person how I fall was a player but that's what others say and think about him but the day when I met him and we shook our hands I just felt a current of electricity through for my all body and maybe that was the day I knew I could fall for him but I din't because I was scare I'm guilty of this charge and now I think the reason I was scared was because I'm Emily Mary Prentiss and I'm an independent woman, strong one kind of person that does not need any man but I was so damn wrong because I did not know I needed him at my side until I met him and my all world change for better of course.

When I start to remember how our lives and everything changes after one kiss our first kiss that kiss he started and I more than happy to return. it was a Saturday night, one of those nights that the team out for drinks and then the hours passed and the rest of the team leave the bar minus Derek and I and from the nothing he ask me to dance and I say yes and after a couples of minutes the song changes to a song which I perfectly recognizing and just described much my feeling and his feelings I think… that song is called "JUST A KISS" it was magical because in that moment we both feel the same care and was that night that I allowed myself to let him in through my walls and to have no more fear of love and be loved by him just him.

One year ten months and fifteen days passed and today is the day of my wedding to the love of my life to finally be officially Mrs. Morgan… Omg Who would ever think about that? ... Seriously no me!

Because I thought I was destined to live with loneliness and many cats, but the destination is like a bitch and bites you when you least expect it and I fall for Derek Morgan who became my best friend, my partner, my lover and be my husband for all eternity ... so YES I'm madly in love with him...

I'm walking down the aisle in my wedding dress that is simple as I like and not like the others wanted especially my mother and I finally see him and we were staring at each other, I remember nothing more to the Father Antonio saying I will pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride! And Derek did not take even a second to kiss me.

I am now Mrs. Morgan and I am over the moon this day was perfect and my gift to Derek's is tell him that he will be a daddy in 7 months.

The End