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Papa Ge stormed into the house of the gods and flung open the door to his room and slammed it shut "How could I be so foolish letting that peasant girl get the better of me "he growled to himself and fell back into his chair and sighed. His dark room filled with nothing but a desk and a bed and his chair. He didn't like anything fancy just simple things but no bright colours once Erzulie, tried to come into his room and change the colours he smirked at remembering what he had done to her room the day after. He regrets doing that now she didn't talk to him for a whole month which was nothing to someone who lived forever but still and now love conquered death I am the road leading to no return his words rang in his ears he sighed again then twirled his staff around thinking about what happened.

Later on he heard footsteps and the closing of the door to the House of the Gods he knew it was his friends Agwe, the god of water, Asaka, Mother of the earth and Erzulie... He stopped snarling realising that he lost the bet to her "Well that won't happen again now will it" said a voice coming from outside the his door "Yes playing with Mortal lives is a bad idea" said another voice he turned to the door wondering who was speaking then he heard the musical tone of Erzulie, "Well I think Papa Ge has finally learned his lesson" Papa Ge folded his arms grabbing his knife he had to secretly taken off Daniel Beuxomme who had picked up the knife, after Ti Moune tried to kill him but she couldn't it was the power of love. Papa Ge hated that word being the God of Death means he has to take out the duties the other gods hated. They hate what I do they probably hate me too he thought with a tear running down his face.

He finally heard a knock on his door he called, "Who is it."
"Its me Asaka," she answered "what do you want" he grumbled not really wanting to speak with anyone now "just want to talk" she said and with that Papa Ge got up and opened the door "You can't come in here this is my room," Staring at her with his coal-black eyes "yeah well this is our house so I can come in" she said pushing past Papa Ge. Papa Ge sighed closing the door and turned to Asaka "what do you want" she turned to face him "Are you alright I saw you storm off after we turned Ti Moune into a tree you seemed upset" Papa Ge's eyes sharpened then he said "Upset!? Why would I be upset over some peasant "he said angrily glaring at Asaka who took a step back "I'm sorry but you shouldn't take it out on other people you know I don't care what you think about me or anyone else just you shouldn't be rude about it, you lost why can't you just accept that" Papa Ge's eyes widened then he looked at the floor realising she was right he did storm off angrily and he didn't talk to any of the gods during the bet wow I've been such a jerk he thought then he looked back up to Asaka "I'm sorry" he said quietly she smiled and walked up to him and whispered in his ear "I forgive you" those words burned like fire in his chest no one has ever cared enough to forgive him he stood there in shock then she gave him a quick kiss on the check and walked out with a smile when she closed the door he fell back onto his bed with a sigh and breathed "wow that escalated quickly" breathing quite fast he thought to himself did she mean the kiss as a love gesture or just as a friend. Wait why would a friend kiss him! The thought of that saddened him because he knew no one liked him enough to care or love him. With that weird and saddening thought he slowly drifted off into sleep.

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