GUYS I HAVE A SMALL CHAPTER FOR YOU! I've been listening to Once on this Island a lot this week so I was like HERE YA GO have a chapter while I think up some evil plans.. I MEAN some lovely flower and rainbow plans yeah..

Papa Ge carried out his normal duties a family on the side of the island away from the peasants have recently died in a house fire. He sat on a hill staring blankly outwards when he heard light singing behind he sighed and turned his head to see the ghost of Ti Moune standing on the hill smiling at him. She waved at Papa Ge before slowly walking over to him sitting down by his side "what have you been up to?"
"Nothing much, a soul to collect here and a soul to collect there… No big deal," he replied looking at her. She looked down at the ground before back up at him "you have been acting very strange lately… And you never visit me anymore," she said a hint of anger in her tone. Papa Ge was startled "I have been busy," he spoke up.
"With what, there hasn't been any disasters you should be fine," she said slightly rushed.
"I just am," he snapped back.
"You aren't a very nice friend."

"I'm the God of Death do I look like a nice friend?"
"Yes, you do just… You've got to make time for your friends," she said returning to her normal happy tone. He sighed "I've just been busy with stuff that's all you need to know," he said quietly looking away.

'Only if he knew what I knew,' she thought to herself, before turning to her old village sighing, "It would be their time soon wouldn't it?" She asked turning towards Papa Ge. He looked at her then to the village before his gaze finally fell onto the floor "Yes, Julian and Eurlie, there time is nearly up Ti Moune, I'm sorry," He said looking away.

Ti Moune put a hand on his shoulder and smiled "It's not your fault," she said with a small smile. Papa Ge turned his head towards her with a small smile "I'll try and make it that they leave this world peacefully." He said looking towards the terrain, "I would like that very much," Ti Moune said quietly leaning her head on his shoulder. He closed his eyes 'Asaka, what was that day about,' he thought to himself.