Title: Sex God
Rating: T
Disclaimer: This is Pitch Perfect Fan Fiction. I don't own it, I am only playing around in the PP world for a bit.

Summary: Fat Amy is sharing a wild tale about her neighbors in her dorm. Femslash

Having a little writers block on my other stories and thought I might try writing a one shot or two in a different fandom. Thanks. Enjoy your reading.


The Bellas were sitting together outside on the quad after a long morning practice. They had brought a cooler and a picnic basket. Each girl brought a little something and the group had a picnic lunch together. It was one of their Bellas bonding activities.

Jessica was looking through the cooler for another water, but found only juice and energy drinks. Beca stood. "I brought another eight pack of water, but left it in the practice room. I'll run and get it. Aubrey can count it as extra cardio. Be right back." She smirked before heading off.

The girls had been talking about guys, girls, sex, movies, and music. Stacie had shared way too many of her 'He's a hunter!' stories with them.

"You may call your v-jayjay a hunter all you want, but the dude that the girls in the dorm room next to mine have found a guy who must have some serious skills and a butt load of stamina. My roommate, Sheila, and I have heard them going at it most of the night practically every night for the last month. We've resorted to wearing ear plugs to get to sleep. That's not even mentioning the dreams those sounds can give." Fat Amy fanned herself grinning. "Sheila munches carpet as well as rides the swizzle stick and finds our neighbors really hot. She says Chelsea reminds her of that Piper Perabo chick from Covert Affairs only taller and Stephanie reminds her of Halle Berry in Catwoman, the hot part of the movie when Berry is in leather." The blonde Aussie took a drink of her soda. "Sheila has a serious thing for the girls next door."

"You mean this guy is doing them both?" Chloe asked.

"At the same time?" Aubrey added.

"Yeah. Sheila asked them about the noise once and they apologized for being loud, but said they couldn't help themselves. Their lover had some serious skills and could go for hours. It takes the both of them just to keep up." Fat Amy loved having juicy stories to share.

"Is he hot? I may have to look this guy up." Stacie smirked and the others groaned.

"We don't know. We haven't managed to see him yet. Steph and Chelsea says that their Mitch is totally hot and has this total mysterious bad ass vibe thing going on. I know I have heard them screaming 'Oh God Mitch!' and 'Yes Mitchie!' a lot, so the guy is doing something right." The blond looked across the quad. "Hey, there's Steph and Chelsea coming from the science building with another girl. Steph has on the purple t-shirt and Chelsea the red blouse."

Cynthia Rose and Denise spoke in unison. "Wow!"

CR continued as Denise blushed. "Those gals are seriously hot and their friend is just as hot as they are. This guy must be some kind of sex god to keep two women like them fully satisfied. None of them would have any problem finding partners."

Stacie looked slightly miffed that Cynthia Rose was ogling the other women as she often did the leggy brunette.

"Steph and Chels said they were going to keep a hold of their Mitch as long as possible and wanted to bring in their other best friend to join them. Apparently, they need a third to keep up with Mitch." The Bellas all watched as the three women stopped to chat across the quad from them.

"I really need to find out who this Mitch guy is." Stacie sure about that one.

CR smiled. "You think that girl over there with them is the third they want to join them? She has got a serious JLo thing going on and is as smokin' as her friends are. This Mitch is one lucky dude."

Chloe smiled. "It sounds like the girls are pretty lucky too!"

Everyone burst out laughing.

Beca came up as everyone was laughing and began dropping the waters into the cooler. "Alright, what did I miss?" She quirked a brow.

Aubrey smirked. "Amy was just telling us about a local sex god." They all began laughing.

Beca shook her head at her fellow Bellas. She looked at her watch and groaned. "It has been fun guys, but I have class soon and gotta run. I can't skip today since I have a test. I'll see you all at practice in the morning." Pleased she had missed Amy's sex god story. The DJ was never quite sure what was true and what was made up when Amy told her outrageous tales. Beca waved as she headed off towards the science building unaware of how a few of the girls' gazes followed her.

The Bellas watched as the three women they had been talking about earlier waved Beca over.

"Hey Shorty knows my neighbors. I wonder if she has met Mitch." The Aussie pondered.

Steph and Chelsea enthusiastically greeted Beca. The young women each clung to one of Beca's sides as she put an arm around each of them before kissing each one deeply.

"Okay she knows them really well." Amy added.

They watched as the ladies introduced Beca to their JLo friend. The small group of girls chatted for a bit before sharing a final kiss and stepping apart. The third girl stepped into Beca and the DJ's hands automatically went to the girl's hips. The gaping Bellas watched as the sexy Latin woman whispered something in Beca's ear before giving her a light kiss on the lips and moving back. They all noticed Beca didn't blush once during the whole exchange. The women turned heading closer to the Bellas as they crossed the quad, but paused turning back towards Beca. "See you tonight Mitch!" They called together.

Beca smirked and only nodded before sauntering off around the science building to her next class.

Cynthia Rose broke first. "Beca Mitchell is now officially my idol. I want to grow up to be just like her, but taller and black."

That broke-up the staring as the others began to laugh.

Stacie smiled. "I serious think I need to ask short stuff to come over and study with me soon, maybe work on some dance moves for the Bellas or something."

"It seems that I was very wrong when I said there was only one lesbian in our group. Lesbihonest, I figure more than half of you are currently fantasizing about shorty right now and I know you were all checking out her ass as she walked away, because I was too and I am totally into guys."


Just a short little something that came to me and I wrote out in a matter of minutes. For now this is a one shot, but I might add another shot or two to it. A few ideas have come to me. We will just have to see. Let me know what you think, as always I love hearing from my readers. Until next time…Holly