Title: Sex God
Pairing: Aubrey/ Beca/ Chloe
Rating: M

Do not read this update where you might get into trouble for reading racy things. Lol you have been warned. I mean the name of the story is Sex God, just saying. Enjoy, I hope…


Chapter 21

Stopping in front of the door of their apartment before entering for the first time after their wedding Aubrey and Chloe had dropped the bags they carried and scooped up a surprised little DJ and carried her over the threshold together.

"Welcome home sweetheart." Bree enthused as the duo sat their lovely wife down in the living room. "You officially live here now."

"Well at least for the next couple of weeks anyway until we all three move into the RA apartment in Bella house." Chloe teased before kissing her new wife senseless, something that had become a favorite pastime of hers and Aubrey's. "I hope you aren't upset with us, but we had the few things you had left in your dorm room moved in her while we were at the hotel. Your moms did all the packing so no strangers messed with your things, but we wanted you fully living with us when we came home for the first time after our beautiful marriage ceremony."

Beca pulled both women into her for a tight hug. I'm more than okay with it. Besides it really wasn't all that much to move anyway, my stuff has been gravitating into your apartment for weeks now." The brunette shared a loving kiss with each of her sexy wives before reluctantly pulling away. "God you two are so beautiful and incredible that I could lose myself in you forever, but we all have class today. You two have a class starting pretty soon and we can't miss anymore classes this close to end of term and your graduation." Beca's grin was infectious as she shooed the seniors away with her hands. "Now go on and get ready for class before I can't control myself any longer."

The older girls chuckled as they did as their spouse bid. It felt the same yet completely different coming home as married unit and they all three reveled in the feeling.


The Bellas all cheered for the trio and teased the plenty at the first practice after the wedding, although the teasing went on for the rest of the school term and probably would continue for a long time to come. The group loved to emphasize the trio's married state at all opportunities making especially sure to call Aubrey and Chloe by their new soon to be official last name of McAlester.

Aubrey and Chloe loved the emphasis on their new last name letting people know they belonged to Beca as she did them. The seniors had even enlisted their friends to get the word out that "Mitch" was now happily married and off the market and had scary ass wives who would fuck a bitch up if they messed with their woman.

The last weeks of school were pretty hectic for the newlyweds with the last few fundraisers the Bellas performed at, end of term papers due, finals to take, and preparing for the seniors graduation, not to mention Beca's always hectic schedule with her club DJ gigs now added to it. Nevertheless the girls made it to the end of term.

Beca sat with her moms and Nana on one side of her and Chloe's parents and Selena on her other side with all the rest of the family and friends in attendance at Bree and Chloe's graduation scattered wherever they could find seats as they watched the two seniors graduate. The short woman found it odd that her wives were sitting next to each other as they waited their turn since Posen and Beale were not next to each other when the order went alphabetically. She shortly had tears in her eyes when her wives' row rose to head up to cross the stage to receive their diplomas. The clapped and whistled for her girls as she fought to hold back proud and heartfelt tears as her ladies names were called. The blonde and redhead had made sure they were called across the stage as Aubrey McAlester and Chloe McAlester surprising their badass wife who was a total marshmallow inside. Beca was outrageously touched by the gesture.

The brunette was the first on to reach the new college graduates after the ceremony hugging them both tight. "You two didn't have to do that. You earned your degrees as Posen and Beale."

The two taller ladies smiled down at their love. "Yes, but we are going to conquer the world with you as McAlesters so we thought we would start now as we mean to go on." Bree declared before pulling her little wife into a loving kiss uncaring who saw.

"I'm never going to get tired of seeing that." Chloe chuckled at her formerly uptight best friend's more open and relaxes manner with life and especially with their wife. "I personally relish in any opportunity to hear someone call me Chloe McAlester or Mrs. McAlester or even Mrs. Red Lady Mac like the people do when I have dropped by the Southside Community Center a few times with you since our marriage."

"I like it too. I don't mind being called Mrs. Blondie Lady Mac either." Bree giggled as her wife was snatched from her to be thoroughly kissed by the redhead as well. "I totally agree with you Chlo, watching you two together will never get old." Her bestie had never had a problem showing her affection no matter where she was.

"Alright Ladies McAlester break it up and let the rest of us have a chance to hug the new college graduates." Jeremy Garrison beamed at the loving trio. He was really happy for his young friend that he now thought of as a little sister. She had found that special and strong love that many wish for. He had also grown much closer to Beca's loves while he helped plan the surprise wedding.

"I guess I can share their hugs for a little bit." The little fire dragon stepped back with a smirk as the grads were quickly pulled into numerous boisterous hugs and congratulations by a large group of family and friends.


That night a big graduation celebration was held in the VIP section of Beats with Beca spending a little over an hour in the DJ booth much to the crowd's enjoyment. She was quickly becoming a crowd favorite at any of the clubs she spun for. Chloe and Aubrey loved to watch their sexy wife in action in the booth at the clubs she worked at. It never failed to turn them on. However they weren't the only ones affected in such a way and the duo was very glad Mr. Carter made sure they were on the VIP list at any club Beca worked at so they could protect their sexy talented lady.

The duo starting making their way to the booth at the signal they had worked out for Beca to send them when she would soon be wrapping things up. The club security guard who had to be put on the booth door when popular DJ's spun waved the girls through the crowd of mostly female fans of DJ Lady Mac.

"Congratulations, I heard you two graduated today with pre-law and pre-med degrees, impressive." The big muscular man wiggled his dark eyebrows at the pair. "Lady Mac is one lucky lady to have both a sexy future doctor and a sexy future lawyer on her arm."

"Thanks, Tomas we think we are pretty lucky ourselves." Chloe beamed.

"Hey why do they get to pass the velvet rope? You said no fans could pass." One bleached blond in a barely there dress with huge fake boobes about to fall out of it complained.

"Because we are Lady Mac's ladies." Aubrey frowned at the crowd as she and Beca held up their hands sporting the wedding rings that Beca had placed on them weeks earlier.

Much groaning was heard from this and as always the herd thinned a bit when those only wishing to seduce the DJ found out they had no chance.

"I love it when you guys do that." The guard chuckled.

"I do to." Beca said as she had just opened the door to hear Aubrey. She clapped Tomas on the shoulder. "Thanks for having my back once again dude."

"Any time Lady Mac."

"Yeah thanks for watching out for our lady." Chloe said as she pulled her incredibly hot leather clad wife into her before giving her a quick kiss. "You were aca-awesome as always, Becs."

"Thanks, I played some of you and Bree's favorites and I also had some new ones that I created with the two of you in mind." Beca blushed as not only did her ladies think she was a sweetheart, but so did a few of those waiting for her on the other side of the security rope.

"You are one badass sexy marshmallow sweetheart." Bree teased before also pulling the shorter woman into her for a hug and kiss.

"Whatever." The DJ grumbled as she returned the hug and kiss eagerly.

Another guard arrived to escort the girls back to their area while Beca shared a few words with her new fans. Dominic Carter was truly happy with the following the young woman was accumulating confirming that he had made a good decision when he had signed the DJ on under his management.

"That was awesome Shawshank." CR bumped fists with the new Bella captain. "You are going to kill it when you go to LA someday."

"You totally had crushed it DJ Hobbit." Fat Amy yanked the smaller girl into a crushing hug. "You totally ruined your ladies panties."

"Thanks Amy, but could you let me go now so I can breath and maybe go take care of said ladies."

"Sure Hobbs, I sometime forget my own strength. I have awesome muscles hidden under my well-earned curves."

"I won't argue with that." Beca murmured as she took in a deep breath once she was released.

"Come on let's dance Becs. We have a serious need to feel you up close and personal between us." Chloe spoke low in her girl's ear as she put her arms around Beca from behind.

"And whatever Red just said totally ruined the little dragon's undies too." The Aussie was exuberant as always. "Those three will probably be leaving the club soon."

"If I was Shawshank I would be all for leaving too. She has two hot ass women who want her sexy little ass and she wants them just as badly. Hell I would already have the taxi on its way to the club to take us home." The pink haired girl grinned when her short friend and captain winked at her over her shoulder as her wives pulled Beca onto the dance floor. Seemed the sex goddess had already called for a ride home probably before she even left the DJ booth, as often was the case Lady Mac was one step ahead of the game.


"God you are so hot when you rock a club especially while wearing leather." Aubrey's husky voice tickled against Beca's ear as the blonde pulled her lover close on the dance floor and began kissing along her neck.

"Totes hot in leather." Chloe agreed as pressed against Beca's back kissing the other side of her girl's neck, both older women reveling in the erotic moan they drew from their girl. The two always enjoyed revving up their goddess's engine whenever possible especially when they had nowhere the needed to be the next day and could sleep till noon or later if the wanted.

"I may have to invest in more leather outfits if it works you two up so much. I am loving the two of you in those tight little dresses that are almost too short and show off your incredible legs. I can't wait to have them wrapped around my waist later and thrown over my shoulders." Beca smirked as she elicited erotic moans from her lovers with her words.

The trio continued to dance close and were practically making out on the dance floor when Beca felt her phone vibrate in her pocket with what she hoped was the VIP doorman's text telling her their taxi had arrived. It took a bit to get her phone out of her tight pocket, but she was happy to see their ride had indeed arrived. "Ladies let's get out of here so we can continue this celebration in private with less clothes and even more touching."

"Hell yeah!" Aubrey was almost to the point of no return and about to drag Beca to a dark corner instead she grabbed her hand and started making her way towards the VIP exit.

"Woohoo!" Chloe shouted as she had the brunette's other hand and the two grads cut a path through the partying crowd with their girl begin pulled along in their wake.

"You go Cap!" Stacie hollered as the trio passed starting up much whistling and ribald comments from their friends, family, and even strangers as the three made their way out of the club and into their cab.

Beca barely was able to inform their driver of their address before Aubrey had claimed her mouth for a deep kiss while Chloe was leaving love bites on her neck. The three were about ready to explode by the time the cab pulled up in front of their building.

"Have fun ladies!" The cabby shouted out his window after the trio had paid and climbed out of the vehicle before quickly drove away.

"Apartment now." The blonde demanded pulling Beca rapidly into their apartment building and up the stairs. The smaller woman was tightly holding onto Chloe with the other hand pulling her along as the redhead giggled as she brought up the rear of their little train.

Aubrey unlocked the door and practically shoved the other two women inside in her haste for privacy and slammed the door shut clicking the lock home before grabbing Beca and pressing her against the door and devouring her lips faster than a snake while Chloe stood behind her still giggling as she gave into her voyeuristic side and enjoyed the erotic show.

It took Beca a second to gain control of enough brain cells to begin giving as good as she was getting and she was getting some damn good. The two women's hands and mouths were all over as they shared wild kisses and worked to drive the other mad with lust and passion.

"Which do you want first Bree?" Beca huffed out with an erotic groan into her lover's cleavage. "Your legs around my waist or over my shoulders?"

The blonde clutched the back of the smaller woman's head still pressing Beca into the door as the brunette continued orally diving into her cleavage. It took a second to register the question enough to give an answer. "Shoulders! Oh God shoulders!" The words were barely out of her mouth before she found herself turned around with back to the door as her wife practically ripped her ruined panties from her body and pushed her dress up to her waist.

"Your wish is my command." Was reverently stated before a talented tongue slid between drenched folds and one long well-toned thigh was thrown over the DJ's shoulder. "Hold on love and use the wall for support and don't worry I would never let you fall." Beca commanded before bringing Aubrey's other leg up over her other shoulder and standing up opening her woman even further in the process making it easier to get her tongue, lips, and occasionally teeth where she wanted them. She stood a little bit away from the door making the blonde lean her upper body back against the wall for support as she began to cry out in pleasure as the sex god feasted.

Chloe could only stare as the sight before her as the blonde was plastered high up against the door and wall nearly delirious with pleasure and their incredibly strong warrior wife held the woman aloft like it was nothing while gorging on her delightful treat. She became more and more turned on at the sight and sounds before her and knew it wouldn't take much for her to explode in her awfully wet panties. The redhead was tempted to finish off herself, but decided her pleasure would be more powerful if she waited for her incredible lover to do it for her.

By the time Beca knelt back on the floor the blonde was almost a wrung out wet noddle from the multiple orgasms she had not to mention the force of them. The brunette held her tenderly as she picked the spent blonde up and carried her to the bedroom with the redhead hot on their heels. She laid the taller woman on the bed before slipping the remainder of her clothing from her body giving her a quick kiss before her attention turned to the redhead who was already shucking her own clothes off.

Beca's eyes devoured the sight before her as she quickly removed her leather vest and bra leaving her topless in leather pants something that apparently Chloe found incredibly hot as her eyes dilated at the sight.

"God Becs, fuck me just like that please." Chloe moved close bending slightly to run her hands up leather clad legs until she was able to fill her hands with a tight leather clad ass as her eyes indulged in the sight of full heaving breasts and incredibly well defined abs that flexed under her scrutiny.

Practically shaking with her own arousal Beca reached into the drawer by the bed and pulled out a strap on that she could fit over her pants. "Your wish is my command." She repeated with a smirk as her lover became even more turned on. She loved how much her wives enjoyed her fit body and she loved pleasing them with it.

It took only a few moments to get into the harness especially with Chloe's eager help. "You are so hot right now." Chloe kissed her wife deep as she was backed up towards the bed by the smaller yet much stronger and more powerful woman.

"So are you love." Beca returned the kiss taking control before pulling away and spinning her delicious redhead around bending her over the bottom part of the bed. "How about I take you in one of your favorite positions?"

"God yes!" The blue eyed grad cried out as the dildo that she thought of as her wife's cock began running along her drenched folds collecting her own moisture before Beca began rested the head of it against her entrance. Oh how she loved it when Beca took her from behind.

"Look to the left Chloe is that what you wanted to see?" The younger woman continued to tease around her loves entrance as her lover looked over catching sight of them in the full length mirror Aubrey had in the corner of her room.

Chloe nearly came at the sight of Beca behind her in only leather pants and boots with a black strap-on coming from her crotch with the tip disappearing between Chloe's porcelain thighs. "Oh God fuck me now!"

Beca gladly did as she was bid reveling in her lover's cries.

Aubrey laid limply watching the passionate scene before her knowing that if she was so well satisfied she would be joining in. She never realized she had a voyeuristic streak running through her until she and Chloe began sharing Beca, but it was a commonality that she and her bestie shared and indulged in at every opportunity where their sexy wife was concerned.

After several orgasms Chloe was limp and near passing out and Beca and the bed were doing most of the work as the redhead felt one last incredibly strong orgasm building. "Come with me Beca, please!"

It always ramped up Beca's arousal when one of her women begged her to come with them especially after she had brought them to rapture repeatedly. She knew it would be a pain in the ass getting her leather pants off of her sweaty body, but it was worth it to please her amazing lovers and wives. She felt Chloe tightening up again as the dildo became harder to move and knew she was close to her final explosion of the night. She sucked her thumb into her mouth coating it well before pressing it against the redhead's rear entrance as she felt herself also coiling with impending climax.

Chloe shrieked as she came harder than she had all night. She smiled into the bedding as she heard Beca shout her completion as well before let the darkness take her and slumped well spent into the mattress.

Beca leaned against her lover's back for a few seconds after saturating her leather pants with her own offerings. She hoped her lovers didn't want her to keep her leather pants on often when they had sex because though it was fun during the after removal and clean-up was going to be a bit of work. She might just have to invest in some sexy crotchless leather pants for use during private times if her girls were developing such a fetish for her in it. Once she had her legs back enough she stood and eased her thoroughly spent lover up onto the bed beside Aubrey.

"That was utterly hot Beca. If I wasn't so well pleased I would have you jump me again this time with my legs around your waist, but we do have all day tomorrow for that as well." The blonde smirked as her love moaned out in anticipation. She loved how much her wife always wanted her and Chloe. It was a great ego boost.

"I look forward to it." Beca smiled at the thought of taking Aubrey the next day as she worked to remove her harness, boots and pants. After some wrangling she headed into the bathroom to clean-up a little before she climbed into the bed in the spot the blonde had left open for her between Aubrey and Chloe. It was the DJ's favorite place to be.

Aubrey spooned up against her back pulling her close and Chloe moved in her sleep cuddling up into Beca's chest. It was the threesome's favorite sleeping position and it never failed to make them fall asleep with pleasant looks on their faces.

Beca sighed in happiness as she felt both of her loves settle into a deep sleep. They had a hectic week in front of them filled with packing and moving into their new apartment before the end of the month and then they would be heading to Boston the following week and Beca would legally marry Aubrey to protect her from her crazy ass relatives and renew her vows with both women for all of her Boston family who couldn't make it to Georgia for her original nuptials. She snuggled further into her women's embrace with another sigh of contentment and happiness before she joined them in the land of loving dreams.


I wrote this in a limited time span so I hope it wasn't too poorly written. I hope you enjoyed this latest update and thanks for reading. As always take care. Until Next Time… Holly.